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Connections on relay isolators are very similar regardless of brand and installation of them is actually pretty simple.
It is good practice to always install an inline fuse between devices, so I have one in between my main battery and my isolator and another in between the isolator and my second battery (each within 2 feet of the batteries). The power line then connects directly to the batteries power terminal and that terminal connects to a distribution block in order to wire the devices on the rear circuit of the vehicle. It?s important to make sure the battery and every device has its own clean ground connection. You will now be able to run your stereo, or other electronic devices with the car in accessory mode without fear of not being able to start your car. In order to recreate the exact same setup but using a quick (dis)connect for the second battery you would have to connect or disconnect the second battery, which powers the stereo, every time you turn the car on or off, or each time you want the battery charged.
The added bonus to having 2 batteries connected like this is that they act as one larger capacity battery while the circuit loop is open allowing you to have more instantaneous drain without seeing a significant drop in voltage.
A relay isolator is essentially a switch which is wired into your existing electronics to increase the ease of using your system to its utmost efficiency. Basically, yes it CAN be considered unsafe but if you are going to argue that, you could also say that getting into a 3000lb moving object is not safe either. And hypothetically, lets just say I wanted to add another yellow optima of the same kind to the diagram above.
The Kicker amp may be getting replaced by a bigger amp (at least 3000+ rms), so that is why I'm looking to get more power.
Forgot to mention if it wasn't clear: the Duralast battery in my diagram just represents my starting battery under the hood. Perhaps you would take the time to briefly explain your process in a new thread for others? Please Select Username to appear on public areas of the site like community and recipe comments. Generate power for corded tools anywhere you go without the cost and hassle of a gas-powered generator by wiring a power inverter to your truck battery.
Inverters, coolers, radios, warning strobes, laptops, battery chargers, printers and other necessary accessories put a big drain on any pickup’s stock electrical system when the truck is on a jobsite with the engine off. Even with the engine running the amp load needed to power such an array of accessories can put a strain on the stock electrical system of today’s half-ton pickups. Add a plow , connect to a weak trailer battery, or flip on auxiliary driving, fog, or work lights and the battery is going to take a hard hit. In preparation for adding an inverter, warning lights, and a few other work truck “necessaries” on Project Bedrock — our 2011 GMC Sierra 1500 Crew Cab 4×4—we decided it was a good idea to double-up the batteries.

Odyssey 78-PC1500 AGM battery, Cole Hersee Smart Isolator and SmartStart low-voltage disconnect are the heart of GM 1500 dual-battery upgrade.
The factory AC-Delco Group 48 battery is unique to GM trucks, and it’s rated at 615 CCA (Cold Cranking Amps) with 110 RC (Reserve Capacity).
The Odyssey is far more receptive to deep discharging and resistant to the hard pounding from off-pavement use than the OEM battery.
To connect the two batteries properly, we selected a Cole Hersee Smart Battery Isolator (#48530) designed to work with today’s electronic charging systems. For example, you pull the truck in to a jobsite, turn the engine off and leave all the warning lights on. When you start the truck, the charging system brings the cranking battery back to 13.2 volts (full charge), then the isolator closes, the red status light turns on, and the alternator now recharges the auxiliary battery. We also installed a Cole Hersee SureStart Compact Low Voltage Disconnect Switch (#48513-01) on the firewall to use as our “hot point” between the auxiliary battery and future strobe lights and accessories. One minute later it automatically disconnects the battery it’s connected to (we will use it with the auxiliary) from whatever accessories are attached to it.
Automatically isolating the auxiliary battery in this way keeps it protected from total discharge, which could be the case when running lights or other accessories when one is away from the truck for a period of time. This easy battery upgrade sets Project Bedrock up to handle any electrical need we might encounter in the field. If I run positive to positive and negative to negative while battery one is grounded to chassis wouldn't this get me 24V? Edit: Unless the 2 batteries are sitting right next to each other and there is no way the Wire could ground out. The fuse blows and there is no longer current flowing through the Wire and 2nd battery is safe. I have two Optima Yellow Top deep cycle batteries separated by a relay isolator powering my aftermarket stereo as well as all of the standard accessories in a 4th gen f-body.
There will be a couple larger posts that connect to your power sources (batteries), and there will be two smaller posts, one for ground, and one that powers the switch. This has been extremely useful as someone who likes to pop the hatch and provide tunes during tailgates, car shows, a picnic, or just hanging out around with some friends. You see this issue often with very powerful amps and hard hitting bass drops, people will often solve it with a capacitor to relieve the sudden increase in drain; dual batteries also allieviates that issue.
Optima's usually do not need to be vented like traditional batteries or even some gel-based deep cycle batteries.
The venting ports on the top of Optima batteries is for emergency venting only and will only open if the battery is charged improperly or there is a serious malfunction with the battery.

The only advantage I see with my optima is that a) top and side post terminals (although the top aren't being used) and b) it is smaller and easier to mount in my trunk.
I just found that picture so that is not my exact one, mine is nothing too tremendous or special. I think folks will always get better support if they put a little effort in to their request. I really prefer this to trying to understand 18 run-on sentences with no punctuation or regard for grammar. There’s also an unused battery tray on the driver’s front corner; there’s no TP2 (dual-battery option) for the 1500s, so it’s bit of a mystery why it’s there.
So we chose an Odyssey 78-PC1500-A AGM battery as the auxiliary, which delivers 880 CCA and 135 minutes RC. When the isolator senses the batteries reach 12.7V it opens the solenoid relay to separate the two batteries and turns off the status light.
Isolated setup with dual charging or draw Power from both batteries with no Power if both batteries get drained. A relay isolator allows a set amount of current to transfer freely between two or more batteries while it is open but is capable of closing the circuit to stop the free transfer when designated.
If this is the case, the battery will be ruined and cease to function properly so it will be known that something happened and not continue to occur. The marine battery seems better in every category, and is less than half the price of the optima. This separation protects the starting battery while allowing the auxiliary battery to continue to power the auxiliary loads. When the car is switched on, you open the circuit which allows the alternator to charge up both batteries and power all connected accessories, however closing the circuit will prevent unnecessary drainage of both batteries due to a potential difference or uneven voltage. Your switch power will trigger an open or closed circuit based on if that line is receiving 12v power (on) or not (off); I recommend connecting this line to your ignition wiring so that it receives power while the car is in the ?on? or ?start? position but will not receive power when the car is in accessory mode.
While your circuit is closed you can run your accessories off of the second battery without having the fear of draining the battery and it will allow you to start your vehicle, recharge your batteries, and be on your way whenever you need. Hence it is "next" to the amp, and will be of low ESR type and need not be a deep-cycle type.
F.ex - in the aforementioned MasterCraft Official Dual Battery Thread, wouldn't that overcome many concerns?

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