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While choosing a new smartphone, you should always select a phone with better battery backup than the one with slightly better hardware. If you don’t have a high-speed Wi-Fi connection at your home, then perhaps you should take backup of apps before uninstalling them. It goes without saying that a phone with stock settings will perform much better in almost every aspect than the one with customization. Launchers and wallpapers do not suck too much battery juice while your phone is asleep, but they do consume a lot of battery power when you are using the phone. You also prevent Google Play from auto-updating apps, and auto-adding new widgets on the homescreen by changing the settings. Some of the most battery hungry processes are Screen, Android System, Android OS, and Google Play Services. You should always couple Greenify with any battery saving app like BatteryGuru, DU Battery Saver, Deep Sleep Battery Saver, JuiceDefender, etc. If you checked the battery consumption graph as I mentioned in point #2 then you would have noticed that the screen uses the most battery. Another display customization that will have a huge effect on the battery backup is the Screen timeout settings. You should always disable the touch sounds and vibrations by going to Settings > Sounds. You might have noticed that your smartphones loses battery at a rapid rate while you are travelling.
Have you ever noticed that your phone’s battery drains quickly at your friend’s place than your home?
So, when you choose an operator next time, make sure that it provides good network connectivity in areas where you’ll be using it the most. Mind your location services: Location services help you get relevant cards at a relevant time and place on Google Now, and also from many other apps and services.
However, we would advise you to use the high-accuracy mode only when required as turning on GPS will consume a lot of battery.
The Lithium-ion batteries inside our phones and tablets are designed for the operating temperature range of 0? C to 35? C. The best practice for improving the battery life of your phone would be to avoid using the heavy apps and graphics intensive games under high temperature ambience. These are the best practices and tips that you should follow to increase battery life of your Android device significantly.
In case you still want more backup out of your phone, then you should consider buying a phone with good battery backup.
Get only the best breaking Gadget News & Mouth-watering Offers!Yes, we will send you only the most interesting and breaking gadget news and offers to die for! Micromax is one of the biggest phone manufacturers from India and they have more than 25% market share in India. These days smartphone vendors are competing with each other on adding new features to their products.
First and foremost, a simple way to reduce the battery usage is by turning off the vibration.
Do not minimize the unwanted apps.Instead close all the unwanted apps, otherwise it will run in the background in turn using more battery power. Instead of installing apps to increase the battery power,use a task killer to kill all the background running apps. Try to use the background internet for all internet based application or turn off the internet when not in use. Freeware SQUAD is a daily updated blog on free tools for Windows, Mac and Linux and daily updates from the Mobile world. How to Increase Battery Life of Smartphone – Fast battery drain is a common problem with smartphones both Android and iPhone even Samsung and other brands.
What most people simply do is plug in their smartphone for charging as soon as they reach their office or home.
Do not use your smartphone while charging: Using your phone while charging is harmful to you and the battery of your smartphone. When to charge your smartphone: When you buy a new smartphone, it is not necessary to charge it full before use.
Never leave your smartphone on charging overnight: This mistake is done by most people around the world.
Always use external SD Card for storage: This will also help to improve and increase life of the battery. If you have any other tips, ideas or suggestion on How to Increase Battery Life of Smartphone then please share via comments.
Santosh left his job in 2014 and started his own Private Limited Company that deals and supplies PCB Assembly and Rework Tools, Equipment and Consumables. Although there are basic tips like decreasing brightness and switching wi-fi off are pretty basic steps in saving your battery life. Now your Lumia device wont be continuously looking for Wi-Fi Devices and this will save your Battery life.
Now you may want to disable this based on how frequently you want content from email to be check. There is no Doubt that Backup is important for your Phone but continuous back up drains your phone heavily. By disabling automatic update you will be able to save the battery mind it we will be turning off the download not the notification by this way you will get notification when ever there is an update but you can download it based on your preference manually.
Step 2: Laptops and TabletsThe iPod section says that turning the screen brightness lower can help improve battery life, and that also apply's here. When reception is restricted (like in concrete buildings) phone may use more power for transmission.
2] An early digital camera that used 4 AA's and would take only 10 pictures on Alkaline, but was ok on Nicads. Practical experience with Nicads and NiHi cells shows they don't hold their charge over long time.
Not unless I wanted to keep on my toes with recharging them, and it would be a real chore to have to wait 18 hours for them to recharge before I could change channel on my tv.

Or, you could do what I do and just buy old, half broken solar hard lights and hard-mod the solarpanels in so that almost everything I own is 100% or 10% solar powered.Agreed, rechargeables would be the ideal solution here.
True to the extent that many will shut down at a preset voltage of usually 60% of nominal, but alkalines will go below this threshold much faster than any recharegeable. Disposable batteries are not best for these applications either, despite that the internal resistance of such is greater than that of rechargeables. For the money you spend on disposables in 10 years, you can buy a century's-worth of batteries for you and all your friends, and still have enough to make a down-payment on a house.
Just as well, many digital cameras still take AA batteries, and this should be a motivation for buying them, so you are buying new rechargeable batteries, instead of the same batteries shrink-wrapped into a plastic holder and paying more than 300% of their actual value. Suddenly you are talking about servos, and unless you are employing AA-cell Ni-Cad batteries on a large portable robotic device, that argument has no merit. Maybe you better find out for yourself what an amp-hour is, because no AA alkaline in existence is capable of 3AH, and only the most expensive rechargeable can manage 2.9AH. As far as convenience goes, I find popping them in the charger overnight to be far more convenient than having to get replacements at the store, even if recharging is done every few months instead of replacement annually.
I once read about a rural fire brigade who had all their hand held two way radios converted so they could be run on disposable alkalines.
All in all a pretty good tutorial, I already do most of this stuff already but I hadn't thought of emptying the cd tray on my laptop if its not in use. I actually thought of that idea because, for my science fair, I couldn't find any batteries to use, and I dug up a few old ones in my room and I tried those in my camera. Originally Posted by jschu22 I don't think map or navigation accuracy is good enough with just that setting. Posted via the Android Central App You can change it to the more accurate setting when you're turn by turn navigation.
Last Post: 04-23-2015, 01:31 AM How can I surf the internet while talking on the phone at the same time? So, when its memory started to get full, you began noticing system lags and other performance issues.
I would also advise you to not use any app or notifications settings which consume power without any good reason. Now, why would anyone want to flash the LED constantly while they are talking on the phone?
Widgets for Weather Report, Google Now, Gmail, etc fetch data from the internet continuously, and hence eat up precious battery juice even without you doing anything.
If it is an app or a game that you installed, then you should either get rid of it immediately or greenify it.
Anything you suspect to not have any part in the core functionality of the phone should go away. Greenify improves the battery life and performance of the phone by hibernating the selecting apps. This is because of the reason that the cellular modem inside your phone searches for network signals continuously even when there are none. This is because of a simple reason that your operator doesn’t provide good network coverage at your friend’s place. You can even enhance your experience by turning on Satellite location (High-accuracy mode).
But one important feature which people are keen about is the battery backup of their handsets. We also cover a variety of tips, tricks and tutorials on Windows, Mac OSX and mobile phones. Even slightest use of the phone while charging stops complete charging cycle of the battery and can even damage the battery. Learn how to fix and save a wet mobile phone with water, rain or any other liquid like tea or coffee. Remember continuous check like every 15 minutes uses more energy and drains your battery much faster. Supports device such as Lumia 520, Lumia 525, Lumia 920, Lumia 925, Lumia 1020, Lumia 1520 and more. Keeping 12 nicads fully charged before going flying was a complete chore and with a cheap charger that one is likely to buy, prone to overcharging them. That focuses on the one singular point that ThinkDunson makes, its their convenience for low power applications or occasional use.
First, you may notice that the amp-hour rating is never stated on an alkaline, but in actual tests the overall power output is far less. The Lithium or NiMH rechargeable will retain voltage as long as it can, until it's charge is spent, whereas alkalines will degrade on a relatively linear curve.
The manufacturers are desperately trying to protect their investments in disposable battery production. Sure, the open-circuit voltage may be higher, but the voltage-drop is less under lead-acid, which is what you should be using for higher-load devices.
Your disposable will be down to 1.2V in short time anyway, so this argument also has no merit. Do you have a brand-name to verify these alleged values, so I can buy some and hook them up to my power-supply loader to verify your proven claim?
I just know that there is no logical or feasible excuse for disposables over rechargeables when the device is recoverable and not sealed. All you are really left with is the case of low-drain devices, but for me that still does not hold water, and your claim of convenience is easily-dismissable.
At first, they didn't work in my old digital camera (AA batteries) so I thought they were dead. You can still get good location features with this, but with much more improved battery life. The system has to keep the microphone ON at all times and do voice processing constantly to enable that cool “Ok Google” detection from all screens. In my opinion most of the displays are good enough for reading at 30-50% of maximum brightness. You can argue that Bluetooth 4.0 LE and NFC don’t use much power, but why waste power for nothing.

So unless it is a highly-critical app, I would recommend that you set its refresh interval to more than an hour. If you happen to live in a tropical country like India, then you will easily cross the operational temperature range of your Li-ion battery.
If you have any other tips that can improve the battery up of Android smartphones even more, then please do share them with us via the comments. Their phones run Android and they have phones in multiple series like Canvas Doodle, Canvas Elanza, Canvas Power etc.
Here we will discuss some tips to increase the battery backup of Android smartphones mainly Micromax handsets which have low battery capacity of 2000 mAh for most of its devices. This is completely wrong and can damage the battery of your smartphone or decrease its life. According to experts, high capacity chargers can charge up to 70% more quickly but it can also damage the battery if charging is not done properly by using duplicate chargers. When the voltage of the battery reaches its desired capacity, it automatically stops charging.
Well, if you think you're battery life stinks, use some of these ideas.Many of today's intricate and cool phones have special features like animated wallpapers and the like. Black and other colors are made with covering the lightsLEDs have never been widely used in cell phone screens. NiMH batteries hold voltage nearly constant as the battery discharges, then relatively suddenly, loses almost all power, where alkalines just go downhill from the start.
The illusion is because alkalines drain on a more constant gradient, instead of rechargeables which deplete more like a fuel-cell.
There is simply no excuse for using a disposable over a rechargeable battery with exception to this one rule. Regardless of usage, a rechargeable battery is almost always the best choice, unless you do not expect to recover the device again. I'd sure like to see a 3AH alkaline, since last I heard such a small amount of alkaline compound was not capable of producing that amount of current without out-gassing sulfates. I have done robotics for awhile, and never found a disposable to be worth the effort economically or logically. You should use some kind of cover for it or at least put in some bag.It is a pretty good point. Be it online shopping, ticket booking, watching TV, live streaming, virtual tours, gaming, etc. You should greenify all non-critical and non-IM apps that run in the background without your consent. Let us now discuss some very useful and simple tips on How to Increase Battery Life of Smartphone. The real bottom line is that you are recharging the batteries for your remote, instead of replacing them and dumping them into landfill. They are obsolete technology, but if you choose to dump these ecologically-harmful chemicals every time you need a new battery, instead of simply recharging one, I suppose I cannot convince you otherwise. The pressure would become weaker as it is used so the device would need to work harder or have the efficiency be reduced (like a paintball gun). I accidentally used some of those batteries for my project and they worked (just to run some LEDs).
Terms & Conditions Android Central Connectedly CrackBerry iMore Windows Central Tesla Central VR Heads A mixed Xperiance Reviewed: Sony Xperia X Performance The next generation Phone nerds, it's time to start caring about Huawei Unlocked!!! Most of the people brag about their phone’s hardware specifications but not many talk about its battery life. But you should try to not use resource intensive launchers, live & parallax wallpapers. When playing graphically intensive games never charge your smartphone because it increases temperature of your smartphone and harms the battery.
I turned off the wallpaper and I notice a bit of extra time on my phone battery.The screen backlight time, again is a huge influence. LCD screens with LED backlights are possible and have been done, but they are expensive and very far from being perfected. The first thing i did after getting it out of the box and charging it was to put it on GSM only.
Under such circumstances, it is extremely important to take note of points and practices that can increase and improve battery life of your smartphone. The ideal temperature to charge your smartphone battery is between 20 to 30 degree Celsius. Set it to a lower time, because I highly doubt you can use your cell phone while you are talking on it.
Then it would keep a constant pressure and stop working altogether when the pressure reached a level too low to work properly.
The only possibility is that you have a headset, which most of are Bluetooth, which brings up the next section.Bluetooth can eat a HUGE amount of your battery. I usually get just over a day of power when using it for a music player etc with UMTS only, but on GSM only it more than doubled its battery lifeGreat tutorial. Great idea about using the residual power in batteries for low power consuming electronics. You can usually only get 10 or 15 charge cycles out of a disposable alkaline, but for low draw devices its great. I spent $35 for all the equivalent number of rechargable batteries and a charger 5 years ago, and haven't bought nor thrown a battery away since.
If you get 6 months out of the batteries in a remote now you can get 60 months out of the same batteries. However for 9V batteries or lantern batteries it may be a good idea to put some tape or something over the terminals so that they can't short out.
Good job!When our kids were young and had battery toys I sometimes bought a battery holder from Radio Shack.

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