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You can watch hours of action movies on devices with low-energy 4th generation IntelA® Corea„? processors. One reason for this increase in battery life1 is that newer laptops are far better at conserving their power than older computers, even those from just four years ago. Many new laptops such as the Ultrabooka„? 2 in 1 device, which is a tablet when you want it and a laptop when you need it, are equipped with solid-state drives, long-life batteries and energy-efficient screensa€”all designed to minimize power consumption.
So whether ita€™s The Hunger Games or True Blood you cana€™t wait to sink your teeth into, a device with longer battery life is the key to getting laptop performance that can keep up with your work, creativity and play. Ever think about all of the fun things you can do when youa€™re not tethered to the wall by your laptop power cord? To enjoy the maximum life out of any laptopa€™s battery, the rule-of-thumb is to use what battery power exists as sparingly as possible. Windows 8* users can learn more about selecting power plans as well as read answers to frequently asked questions here. Simple adjustments to a laptop's power settings can keep its battery running for longer and even reduce your power bill. It's well worth the time to make a few key adjustments, especially if you frequently use your Ultrabook or laptop on battery power. And for those who cana€™t wait to get up-to-date on the future: Read Inside Scoop for cutting edge thoughts and insights on technology, life and culture. Trojan’s deep-cycle gel batteries are completely maintenance-free and require no watering. Deep-cycle gel batteries provide customers long lasting runtime and battery life for the most demanding applications. Utilizing a proprietary gel formulation, Trojan’s deep-cycle gel batteries provide longer cycle life than other gel or AGM technologies in heavy-duty applications, making it best in its class. Trojan’s deep-cycle gel line is a great complement to our flooded line where maintenance-free is a must, or environmental regulations mandate its use.
With Trojan deep-cycle batteries, I can rely on the fact that our machines will run the whole shift, every shift, seven days a week. So finally your craved choice of smartphones is in your hands, and you’re satisfied with it, except for battery backup.
However, if you see any thing else but screen on the top, it’s time for you to troubleshoot and fix that. I am unable to see the contents of internal memory and sd card on my pc after the update.Can u pls tell me some solution of it. Connect phone to pc and then on mobile, Go to setting > storage and then tap on option button, disable and enable mtp connection. Hello, I read most of the problems and it seems majorly related to battery or battery backup.
I want to transfer some data from my phone memory to usb storage but every time i try to to do this i get this “This operation requires elevated permission . As read somewhere in blog, I’ve changed the runtime option from Dvanik to ART(android run time).
Yesterday mobile got charging and i switched off the mobile to insert my sim card and again i switch on yureka mobile the battery level decrease to minimum percentage that is 5%. You should first report here after checking battery usage in setting as what is draining Yureka battery? My Yureka AO5510 got replaced after 4months just before the warranty expire and the phone I got is not charging anymore. These are 18 best tips to improve battery life of your electronic devices like Laptop, Tablets. Most of the electronic devices like laptop, mobile phone, tablets and other rechargeable devices have a good battery backup at the start. Tip #2: If you don’t use your laptop for a continuous period it’s recommended to remove your batteries completely from the laptop and add it back when you plan to use it. Tip #3: Use power management features offered by your laptop which would make the computer run at lower processor speeds when the power is down and automatically manage the complete system. Tip #4: When you are using your laptop on battery make sure you set your display to lower brightness using the FN key combination. Tip #5: Settings up Automatic Hibernate feature to make sure the laptop automatically saves all your running documents and applications and hibernates when you are not using the laptop for a given amount of time.
Tip #8: When you are running your laptop only on batteries than avoid running multiple applications because even though your laptop can support huge applications at the same time because of the heavy configuration like processor, RAM etc it eats battery.
Tip #9: WI-FI and Bluetooth should be turned off when not in use because it drains your laptop battery in search of signals and wireless router. Tip #12: Defragment your hard disk drive regularly to make sure it processes everything quickly and this in turn leads to lower hard disk spins and less power usage. Tip #13: Uninstalling useless software’s and applications which are running in the background, because these applications would use your notebook’s resources and drain its battery. Tip #14: Try to maintain your laptop stay cool with a laptop cooling pad or playing it on a cooler area rather than on your laps or bed because that way it can get heated easily and laptops operate efficiently when they are cooler.
Tip #18: Clean your battery regularly to make sure its contacts are clean and the battery works more efficiently. Smartphones have otherworldly specs these days, so it's relatively uncommon that you hear someone complaining about display resolution, build quality, or general speed and performance. Over the past year here at Gadget Hacks, we've covered lots of awesome ways to squeeze a bit more juice out of your Android device, but these tutorials only focused on one particular mod or another. Quite a few Android smartphones use AMOLED displays these days, which are different than a traditional LCD screen in the sense that each pixel emits its own light, so no backlight is needed. But you can actually take this concept a step further and intentionally black out extra pixels on your screen to save more power.
If that concept sounds interesting to you (it totally should, by the way), make sure to check out our full guide on turning off pixels to squeeze out a bit of extra battery life.
Aside from your screen, one of the biggest data-sucking functions on your smartphone is its data connectivity radios.

That's exactly the concept behind an app called LeanDroid, which lets you choose exactly how and when you want your data radios to be active.
Keeping your hardware in check is definitely a great way to save battery life, but making sure your software is set up properly is equally important.
If you have a few minutes and the gumption to delve into your device's settings menu, you stand to save a significant chunk of battery life with these 7 Android settings that will boost battery life.
To take advantage of these next three battery saving options, your device will need to be rooted. Like Stamina Mode, this module very aggressively cuts back on battery-draining functions while you're not using your device, which means you get the benefit of extra battery life while missing out on practically nothing.
Some potential battery-saving Android settings are buried deep inside of your kernel and other system files, so these aren't as simple to adjust as poking around in a menu. L-Speed Mod is a flashable ZIP that automatically optimizes several kernel settings on most Android devices, then provides you with a terminal interface for making further tweaks. Last but not least, if your device has a QHD (1440p) display, chances are your graphics processor is wasting battery life by refreshing pixels that you can't even see with the naked eye. Rather than wasting juice powering pixels that you can't see, consider lowering your software display resolution. The first step in taking care of your battery is to fully charge it before the initial use. As with cellular phone batteries, batteries for e-cigarettes are designed to be used on a regular basis. It is unknown how long each charge will hold, so it is essential to pay attention to the performance of the unit to know when it’s time for a charge. One of the fundamental points of increasing the life of your battery is to know when to charge it. Storing an electronic cigarette battery in a protective case significantly protects it from the evils of the world such as heat or damage from a drop. When your battery is done charging, it will likely show a green LED light to signal to you that it is ready to be removed from the charger.
After using your vaporizer for a period of time, dust, grime and even small amounts of e-liquid will build up on and in your battery. See how different and fun life becomes when you have a device that keeps up with you on the go! With a slightly dimmer screen and manually adjusted sleep settings, a computer can often get 20 percent or more battery life.
Plus, if you know ita€™s time for a new device, why not visit the IntelA® Product Finder today? Battery life is impacted by numerous factors including system architecture, battery size, and processor energy efficiency.
Trojan deep-cycle gel batteries deliver rugged durability and consistent performance, offering a versatile alternative for use in equipment requiring sealed batteries.
The robust design makes Trojan deep-cycle gel batteries ideal for use in health and safety sensitive environments such as schools, hospitals, airports and office buildings.
You dreaded for it before buying, you had concerns about its battery life, yet you put your trust in YU brand, and now you’re considering whether you made the right choice. I did find this problem but also a new addition to this my battery gets drains after attached to my PC or any other external device such as pen drive via OTG.
The battery drained by 10% in just 15 minutes even when I wasn’t doing anything, and the phone wasn’t connected to the internet! In Lollipop version of android, ART is the default runtime, but Cyanogen Kitkat version may not be best optimized for ART.. My battery not charging i don’t know what is happening i am facing this issue from the date of purchase my mobile. The phone is taking time to charge at least 5 hours to full its battery bt fading out in 3 hours without using my cell.. I keep it plug in for 2hrs but instead of charging it get reducing and now it is 0% charge I don’t even switch it on now. Even if it’s not using the device, the battery drains therefore you should completely remove it and store in a cool place and at a 40% charge rather than 100% charge. A Feature which can save up your battery life when you are not using your laptop for a set specified time after which it automatically hibernates.
This is because while you run any of these kinds of applications your inbuilt sound speakers would drain huge amount of battery and instead you can use earphones to listen to music while running on battery because this uses very less amount of battery. You can use the hardware switch available in the laptop’s side to disable your WI-FI or disable it from the Network Connections option available under your control panel. These drives spin at high speeds and need a good amount of power to complete their process.
If you don’t Defragment your hard disk then the laptop would have slow loading programs and frozen applications.
At best, these are secondary concerns, with the number 1 issue almost unilaterally being battery life. Truth be told, keeping battery life in check often requires a multi-pronged attack, so today, we'll highlight some of the best battery-saving mods that can be used in conjunction with one another—whether you're rooted or not. By itself, an AMOLED display is more power-friendly than an LCD screen, since any black portion of your screen is really just a set of pixels that aren't receiving any juice at that moment.
There's a very useful app that will do this for you by overlaying a black "mesh" on your screen so that every fifth pixel or so is not lighting up and wasting battery.
Think about it—these have to constantly scan for the nearest cell tower or Wi-Fi hotspot, and when they're connected, there's always at least a little trickle of internet traffic going that adds a bit of burden to your processor. Your phone's just sitting there in your pocket chewing through battery to make sure that you'll be fully connected to the internet the instant you decide to take it back out. So if you're in the market for some big battery savings, be sure to check our complete data automation guide.
By default, Android is set up to where even grandma can use it, but many of these one-size-fits-all options are not needed by all users, so they only serve to deplete your battery.
First up is an Xposed module that will basically give you Sony's exclusive "Stamina Mode" feature on any Android device.

Initial setup might seem a bit complicated, but it certainly won't be if you follow our guide for mimicking Sony's "Stamina Mode" feature. If you have a custom recovery installed, though, L-Speed Mod gives you a nice interface for adjusting some of these options, while automatically optimizing a few others. To get the full rundown, be sure to check out our guide on boosting performance & battery life with L-Speed. We're at a point in the smartphone specs race that several manufacturers are pushing the limits just for the sake of it, and in the case of maximizing pixel density, your device's battery life may be significantly worse off as a result.
Chances are, you won't be able to tell the difference other than the additional battery life you'll be getting. Let us know in the comment section below, or drop us a line on Android Hacks' Facebook or Twitter, or Gadget Hacks' Facebook, Google+, or Twitter. The lifespan and efficiency are greatly benefited by regular use because it allows for an easier power flow through the cells of the battery. Things like battery age, outside temperature and power and length of inhale will change how long each charge will last. When a battery is fully drained, it takes twice as much power and time to charge back up again. Many people store their batteries in pockets, which can be damaging mainly due to coins and keys coming in contact with the cell causing it to short out. If you don’t unplug the charger, an overcharge can happen, and over time, it will damage your battery. Under the threading are two small holes that can get clogged, which lower the efficiency of both the battery and the unit. You can rest assured that following these simple tips will increase the life of your battery significantly, saving you time and money. The kit includes your choice of ProVari Classic or ProVari P3, as well as all the accessories and batteries you need to get started. Here youa€™ll find all the latest laptops, tablets and 2 in 1 devices built with extraordinary battery life in mind. After successful reset, setup your phone with Google and Yu account and do not install any other app. Distressed, I searched for solutions to the problem, and I came across one that told me to delete all the files of the format that the Android system didn’t support.
So here are some tips you may have to follow for maintaining battery backup of your electronic devices for long.
The display system takes 33% of your available battery and lower brightness would ensure you more battery life. So instead of losing battery life while you're not actively using your device, wouldn't it be cool if these radios would turn themselves off when you turned off your phone's display?
For newer lithium-based batteries, that length of time is not necessary but it is recommended to at least charge until the battery is full. While it isn’t necessary to use your e-cigarette daily, it is beneficial to not let it go unused for long periods of time.
If you store it with little or no charge, when the next charge time comes, the battery will have to work harder and longer, lowering the lifespan. Make sure you use the proper charger and one that has protection built-in to help prevent over-charging. Very low battery backup issue for some users on Yureka is mainly due to software based problems. Battery usage is vividly depicted in form of percentage corresponding to apps, services and hardware.
If you’re not using 64gb card, your existing memory card might have corrupted data sector. Charge your phone fully and then check battery usage when the battery meter goes half empty i.e. After choosing powersave mode, if your phone reboots automatically, select balanced mode again. So I deleted some movies, as whenever I copied any movie from my PC to my smartphone, it showed “Your phone might not be able to support this kind of format. While each model is getting better, improper use can damage even the best battery, causing many problems such as low performance. It is recommended to charge e-cigarette batteries when they reach half of their energy life potential. To be on the safe side, it’s always best to unplug the charger when the batteries are full and the charger is no longer in use. Whatever memory card you are using (32gb or 64gb or any other size capacity), erase and format your memory card (using pc if possible with FAT32 filesystem).
You can also easily toggle between the performance modes by adding a toggle button in notification toggle window for performance settings. While you can certainly drain the battery all the way down for maximum use, you will just need to replace your batteries more often. Most of the users are content with the battery backup and hope to see improvements in near future as Cyanogen updates its OS for Yureka. Ideally, it should be screen on the top eating majority of battery and then other apps and background services. Charge your phone again to its full capacity and then check battery usage when the charge drops to below 30%. After deleting the movies, my Battery is as good as new and it has been functioning perfectly. Switches can be moved out of place or e-liquid could leak inside, which is extremely harmful to the battery.

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