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While choosing a new smartphone, you should always select a phone with better battery backup than the one with slightly better hardware. If you don’t have a high-speed Wi-Fi connection at your home, then perhaps you should take backup of apps before uninstalling them. It goes without saying that a phone with stock settings will perform much better in almost every aspect than the one with customization. Launchers and wallpapers do not suck too much battery juice while your phone is asleep, but they do consume a lot of battery power when you are using the phone. You also prevent Google Play from auto-updating apps, and auto-adding new widgets on the homescreen by changing the settings.
Some of the most battery hungry processes are Screen, Android System, Android OS, and Google Play Services. You should always couple Greenify with any battery saving app like BatteryGuru, DU Battery Saver, Deep Sleep Battery Saver, JuiceDefender, etc. If you checked the battery consumption graph as I mentioned in point #2 then you would have noticed that the screen uses the most battery. Another display customization that will have a huge effect on the battery backup is the Screen timeout settings. You should always disable the touch sounds and vibrations by going to Settings > Sounds. You might have noticed that your smartphones loses battery at a rapid rate while you are travelling. Have you ever noticed that your phone’s battery drains quickly at your friend’s place than your home? So, when you choose an operator next time, make sure that it provides good network connectivity in areas where you’ll be using it the most. Mind your location services: Location services help you get relevant cards at a relevant time and place on Google Now, and also from many other apps and services. However, we would advise you to use the high-accuracy mode only when required as turning on GPS will consume a lot of battery. The Lithium-ion batteries inside our phones and tablets are designed for the operating temperature range of 0? C to 35? C. The best practice for improving the battery life of your phone would be to avoid using the heavy apps and graphics intensive games under high temperature ambience. These are the best practices and tips that you should follow to increase battery life of your Android device significantly. In case you still want more backup out of your phone, then you should consider buying a phone with good battery backup. Get only the best breaking Gadget News & Mouth-watering Offers!Yes, we will send you only the most interesting and breaking gadget news and offers to die for! How to Increase Battery Life of Smartphone – Fast battery drain is a common problem with smartphones both Android and iPhone even Samsung and other brands.
What most people simply do is plug in their smartphone for charging as soon as they reach their office or home. Do not use your smartphone while charging: Using your phone while charging is harmful to you and the battery of your smartphone. When to charge your smartphone: When you buy a new smartphone, it is not necessary to charge it full before use. Never leave your smartphone on charging overnight: This mistake is done by most people around the world. Always use external SD Card for storage: This will also help to improve and increase life of the battery. If you have any other tips, ideas or suggestion on How to Increase Battery Life of Smartphone then please share via comments. Santosh left his job in 2014 and started his own Private Limited Company that deals and supplies PCB Assembly and Rework Tools, Equipment and Consumables. As now days the smartphones are equipped with powerful mobile operating systems like Android, iOS, RIM, Windows Phone, etc. Instead of being waiting and waiting for the hardware development to catch up with this problem. This is the thing with which the Display screen of a smartphone will become little awkward and tricky. When you’re entering somewhere, Where you will get very weak signal or you will get no signal put your smartphone on airplane mode or switch it off. The energy is consumed while the functions like Bluetooth, Wifi, GPS is running on a smartphone. ABOUT USThe Gadget Square Welcomes You it works closely with entities like Google, Microsoft, Apple, Lenovo, etc to stay ahead of the news curve. We generally see that after using the laptop, users fold the battery’s wire too tightly.
Generally the laptop users, use Bluetooth for sharing things and WiFi for the Internet connectivity on the regular basis.
While using laptop always remember to decrease the brightness level of the LCD screen of your laptop near 50 to 60%.
Open the task manager in your laptop and check out how many applications and processes are actually running in the background and draining your battery life.
I started All Useful Info (AUI) in December 2012 as a passion but it's now empowering thousands of daily readers. All Useful Info many times featured as one of the top 50 and top 10 technology blogs in India. Generally, we forget to turn of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity after sharing file and using internet connection. This is the one area which also uses too much battery, so when you are using your window phone indoor, then lower the brightness of screen to save battery.

Generally lock screen is set with 1 minute automatic time out, but to save battery you can set it to lower value. If you have activated push email notifications on your mobile phone for getting email, then select manual sync from email setting menu in case of low battery.
Close or uninstall unwanted applications that are still running in the background, to save batter life. Cellular Data connection (HSDPA or LTE) consumes lot of battery, so when you are using internet connection your battery falls down quickly. Following above mentioned tips and tricks, you will definitely boost up battery life also you can enjoy more features of such high end device.
Next Story → How to receive Facebook, Gmail & Twitter notifications on Chrome browser? It's an amazing release and - all of its strengths considered - it's definitely one of the best handset releases this year; Enough for us to give it the TechPinas Badge of Excellence as well as our recommendation. Anyway, if you own this phone or if you're thinking about getting one this amazing model soon, here are five things that you can do should you want to extend the uptime of the device while you're away from an electrical outlet for charging.
So, when its memory started to get full, you began noticing system lags and other performance issues.
I would also advise you to not use any app or notifications settings which consume power without any good reason.
Now, why would anyone want to flash the LED constantly while they are talking on the phone? Widgets for Weather Report, Google Now, Gmail, etc fetch data from the internet continuously, and hence eat up precious battery juice even without you doing anything. If it is an app or a game that you installed, then you should either get rid of it immediately or greenify it.
Anything you suspect to not have any part in the core functionality of the phone should go away. Greenify improves the battery life and performance of the phone by hibernating the selecting apps. This is because of the reason that the cellular modem inside your phone searches for network signals continuously even when there are none. This is because of a simple reason that your operator doesn’t provide good network coverage at your friend’s place. You can even enhance your experience by turning on Satellite location (High-accuracy mode). Even slightest use of the phone while charging stops complete charging cycle of the battery and can even damage the battery. Learn how to fix and save a wet mobile phone with water, rain or any other liquid like tea or coffee. These Smartphones are also allows you to listen to music, Click pictures, have access to the internet,  stream videos and to play games. The Smartphones provides you the wide range of services but battery life has always been a concern for developers, manufacturers and the users themselves. If you turn your phone ON in these conditions Smartphone will consume more power to work in these conditions rather than in normal conditions. Portions of this page are modifications based on work created and shared by the different projects through Creative Commons License.
According to majority of laptop users the bad battery life is one of the main problem occurs with old laptops.
Such users must be aware because the permanent charging can cause a huge damage to your battery life. The reason behind this is that the high level of the brightness can also lead to the damage of your laptop’s battery. Do you know that all the components or external devices in your laptop needs power to function? So, it’s not just the hardware that juice up the battery but also these background running apps and processes plays a vital role. At present, the mobile technology has reached big levels, but unfortunately there has not been any progression in burning up of phone’s battery. When you on battery saver in your phone, it will automatically turn off all unnecessary features running in the background and increase the battery life. Keeping the Bluetooth turned on for all the time will consume more battery, so turn off it after using it.
To change the synchronization setting, you have to tap Email+Rccounts, choose your email account, and download new content and then change the time interval.
Many of us do not know that theme can also effect on battery life especially on super AMOLED display. All Windows Phone 8 have balanced battery life for HSDPA, but on the LTE mode utilizes maximum battery life.
All things considered, it is head and shoulders above its main competitors -- but if there's one department where could be better, for me, it's in terms of battery life. That said, however, I still see this release as one of the best smartphones of 2015 -- and I'm sure many ZenFone 2 owners will agree. Turn off Auto-Sync Data - You may not notice it but with auto-sync turned on, your smartphone constantly uses energy to regularly update your email and social networking accounts in the background.
Lower Screen Brightness - Along with connectivity, a phone's fired up display is the biggest energy hog. Use Asus' own Power and Boost feature - This is a built-in feature in all current Asus ZenFone models.
Limit the number of apps running in the background - Each application running in the background eats up your phone's juice. Free up storage - Loading hundreds and thousands of thumbnails when you open the Gallery can also be taxing on your phone's battery life. Detect battery draining apps and update or delete them - You can turn on this feature by going to your phone's Battery settings.

Always check for the latest software updates - Asus is always doing its best to address short battery life issue using software optimizations. The system has to keep the microphone ON at all times and do voice processing constantly to enable that cool “Ok Google” detection from all screens. In my opinion most of the displays are good enough for reading at 30-50% of maximum brightness. You can argue that Bluetooth 4.0 LE and NFC don’t use much power, but why waste power for nothing. So unless it is a highly-critical app, I would recommend that you set its refresh interval to more than an hour. If you happen to live in a tropical country like India, then you will easily cross the operational temperature range of your Li-ion battery. If you have any other tips that can improve the battery up of Android smartphones even more, then please do share them with us via the comments.
This is completely wrong and can damage the battery of your smartphone or decrease its life. According to experts, high capacity chargers can charge up to 70% more quickly but it can also damage the battery if charging is not done properly by using duplicate chargers.
When the voltage of the battery reaches its desired capacity, it automatically stops charging. So, here it comes 4 simple but very useful tips to increase the battery life of your laptop device. While folding the wires too tightly, stretch occurs at different points of the wire that can lead to the breaking of wire from inside. So, in the task manager just check out which apps and processes are uselessly running in the background and then simply end those tasks to free up the RAM and improve the battery. From my point of view, you must start applying these tips from today onward as a daily routine while using your laptop so that your laptop’s battery could be protected from the further damages and you can use it for a long period. Battery life problems are not only with android or iOS devices, but now it’s happened also in Microsoft’s latest OS Window 8. It stops updating the live tiles, also turn off all running apps, stops automatic syncing of mail and calendar. Wi-Fi connectivity also consumes more battery as well your internet data, so save from such unwanted expense by turning off it.
So, prefer dark background theme for your phone and maintain your battery life for a long time. Do this when you're on the road and you're really low on battery but you need to be able to send and receive text messages.
You may install applications like 'Shut App' that automatically closes apps as soon as you leave them. Make it a habit to regularly transfer videos and photos in your smartphone to your portable storage device or to the cloud. This will send you notifications whenever it detects apps that zap your phone's power in the background. By always getting the latest firmware that's available for your smartphone, you can be sure that your handset is enjoying the most advanced power-saving software features that Asus has for your device. Be it online shopping, ticket booking, watching TV, live streaming, virtual tours, gaming, etc. You should greenify all non-critical and non-IM apps that run in the background without your consent. Let us now discuss some very useful and simple tips on How to Increase Battery Life of Smartphone.
Moreover, connect it again to charger when your laptop starts displaying that you battery needs charging. This cannot be noticed from the outside and can cause huge damage to the battery while charging it. In fact, remove the unneeded peripherals (like a USB mouse or external drive) and turning off the biggest power hogs, like graphics processors and unused optical drives. Generally, people use smartphones to watch videos, play funny games, chat with friends, and more…all these consume more battery power than of talk time. Most of the people brag about their phone’s hardware specifications but not many talk about its battery life. But you should try to not use resource intensive launchers, live & parallax wallpapers. When playing graphically intensive games never charge your smartphone because it increases temperature of your smartphone and harms the battery. You can remove the unused devices and other peripherals from device manager in control panel. It’s being irritating when battery power ran out in the middle of an important meeting or during a long flight, so it’s become necessary to maintain your battery life for a long time. Under such circumstances, it is extremely important to take note of points and practices that can increase and improve battery life of your smartphone.
The ideal temperature to charge your smartphone battery is between 20 to 30 degree Celsius. To boost up your battery life, find out all settings and option that can give your battery life a serious boost.

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