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It really does not matter whether you are setting up your iPad Pro as new or restoring from backup.
Yes, after paying some handsome amount of dollars on a tablet we expect it to use on its full capacity.
Check you device signal, if it is running on a poor LTE connection then the radio will try its best to get better signal. For a lot of users - including us here at iGB - iMessage often goes berserk and doesn't work at all.
Pangu, the well-known Chinese hacking team, has asserted at this year's Mobile Security Conference 2016 (MOSEC) in Shanghai that jailbreak is still alive. As an iPhone 6s or 6s Plus owner, you should already be familiar with the 3D Touch feature. Like most iPhone users who have tried out iOS 10 beta, I'm quite happy with the latest operating system. How improve ios 8 battery life - iphone, ipad & ipod, Drastically improve battery life ios 8. Tips improve iphone ipad' battery life ios 8, Tips improve iphone ipad’ battery life ios 8 [video] posted gautam prabhu sep 17, 2014 comments (5). Disable wifi. Obviously there are times that having wireless internet is required, but for your next presentation or writing marathon, save your battery (and your focus) by turning it off.
About Abdulazeez IdiaroBy the way you can view my Biographical Summary to know more about me, after you've left a comment below. While some of the new features are fabulous, and others are making us crazy, there's one thing we can all agree on: iOS 7 is not helping our battery life. This is another old one, but remember that if you're moving around and not using your WiFi or Bluetooth, these things are using up your battery. Your iPhone now downloads app updates from the App Store automatically, draining your battery. Your iPhone wants to learn the places you often visit to give you "provide useful location-related information." This is takes up a lot of battery life and may also make you feel uncomfortable privacy-wise. The new moving backgrounds that iOS 7 offers are super cool, but they will totally kill your battery. The Google Nexus 7 is a great Android tablet and, while battery life is pretty good out of the box, there are a few things that can be done to improve it. While having Google services personalized based on location can sometimes be useful, it’s also a serious battery eater. In order to do so, go to your Nexus 7’s Settings menu, choose Location Access, then make sure these settings are off. If you have noticed that your tablet’s battery life has become shorter since you’ve installed a certain app, you can check and see if you’re right.
While awesome to use, a live wallpaper that shows streaming water, leaves, flowers, or the cool aquarium types, is a serious battery eater. If you already use one or if someone else has put a live wallpaper on your screen, hold the finger on your Nexus 7’s desktop, choose wallpapers and select an image you like from Wallpapers or Gallery.
If you like to play games on your tablet, you’ll probably ignore this advice, but I’ll say it anyway.

Below are some tips to improve iPad Pro battery life if you are facing battery drain issue. When we have a new gadget in our hands, we keep messing around all the time to test its performance, graphics, and install different apps.
There might be some background process which may have gone rogue and eating up your battery without any productivity.
Head in to Settings > Battery; here you will find the list of apps along with their battery consumption. We keep all the features enabled to experience the ultimate technology, but that keeps draining your battery. They have more room to put a power source in a laptop than phones or portable media players. If you rarely unplug your laptop, you’re leaving it in a state of perpetual charge at 100 percent. If you store a copy of data you need on an optical disc, copy it to your laptop’s hard drive or a flash drive before traveling. A laptop with blocked air vents will generate more heat thus reducing the life of the battery.
As Ars Technica discovered, iOS 7 kills battery life faster than iOS 6.1 on every device you can use it on. All you have to do is pull down on your Home screen and you can search pretty much every part of your phone, from notes to music, to mail.
You can change exactly what Spotlight looks in when you use it for search by going to Settings, General then Spotlight search. Instead of going through Settings to get to your brightness, you can change your screen's brightness from the Control Center.
This feature also automatically downloads purchases from iTunes and the App Store you've made on different devices to your iPhone, which you may not want.
I’m also pretty sure it’s useless for most of the time, so my suggestion is to just turn these services on only when you need them (for example, when using GPS navigation). When needed, if the app that needs them doesn’t prompt you to activate GPS satellites access, you can always re-enable them from here.
It allows you to turn off, with one click, a lot of power-hungry things – the Wi-Fi connection (you could do that if, for example, you’re reading a book or watching a movie), the Bluetooth connection (a safe thing to do, as it’s not used most of the time and can pose a bit of a security threat), the GPS locator (the tip above allows you to turn off GPS and Wi-Fi and mobile network location), as well as synchronization. Click the app you want to uninstall in the graph, and in the screen that comes up, click App Info. It is a general psychology that we observe minute details and often feel that it is not up to the mark. It is often observed that it takes a while for your iPad Pro to settle down with regular tasks. Check battery levels again, if it has decreased by a percent or two, it is perfectly fine and working as it should. Restarting your iPad Pro will put all pieces in its place and also it will clear all temporary files and cache, resulting in buttery performance. If you find any app that you don’t use but is draining your battery, then double tap home button and flip that app away.

Re-install apps that you seriously need, don’t download unnecessary apps that keep using your CPU and battery.
If you use your laptop in a well lit area or outdoors on a sunny day, try setting it at two or three bars. Keep vents clear and don’t put your laptop on a pillow or other surface that will cover vents and trap heat.
You can set the computer to effectively balance features like auto-sleep and screen brightness to make sure you’re productive at your laptop all day without worrying about the battery.
Also, using more memory might mean using more swap or virtual memory space on your laptop’s hard drive.
Thanks to our flexible approach towards the development of new solutions, we have often been at the inception of digital revolution and incorporating the most recent technologies. The aspect of iOS 7 that makes everything look a little bit 3D and makes your background move around behind your apps. To stop this and just update your apps and music manually, go to Settings, iTunes & App Store, and scroll to Automatic Downloads. It should already present on one of your Android desktops, but if it’s not, you can find it in the widget list (accessible in the full application list, via the button on the top left side of the screen).
As far as the latter goes, if you’re ok with checking for new email yourself and don’t need notifications every time someone likes something on Facebook, you can certainly turn it off. You can also switch it to auto, which will have your screen adapt to the lighting around it. So give couple of days to your iPad to settle down with indexing and then try to observe battery life. You have the option to restore from your backup, but I wouldn’t suggest that, because restoring might bring the bug which you were trying to get rid of.
You can dim the brightness of your screen using the function keys on your notebook to greatly reduce battery consumption.
There you can also turn off Location Based iAds (ads from Apple based on your frequent locations). If it has been more than two days and you aren’t getting enough battery juice, continue reading below. Instead of leaving multiple applications and windows open, use only what you need at any given time. Focusing on quality, reliability and design of our products and services has brought us customers and partnership with local and Multinational Companies such as United Bank for Africa Plc (UBA), Interswitch Limited, Stanbic IBTC Bank Plc among others. Try to use your Mobile phone or MP3 player, rather than playing songs on your computer while on battery. If your laptop has plenty of memory, then keep multiple applications open to avoid loading repeatedly from the hard drive. Close all the applications that run in the background on your computer like your PDA syncing software or USB hard drive backup software.

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