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WTNH NEWS8 provides commenting to allow for constructive discussion on the stories we cover. In order to troubleshoot a no-start problem, you need to start at the beginning of the line, the battery, and work your way back. Bad Ignition Switch: If your battery checks out, but the starter is still silent, it may be a faulty ignition switch.
Bad Starter Connection: Corrosion can not only keep your battery from connecting, it can affect any electrical component, especially the ones exposed to the elements like the starter.
Cold weather slows the chemical reaction inside car batteries, which can leave you stranded with a dead car battery in the middle of winter.
If you think your battery may be drained from sitting unused for several days, shut the car doors and turn off all accessories (such as the heater, radio and lights).
To exercise your battery, turn the key to start and hold it for no longer than 10 seconds (because overworking the starter can cause it to overheat). If the car is close to starting but still seems sluggish, take a break from exercising the battery and then try again. After trying several times, if the starter is still sluggish, you might need to heat up your battery. If your vehicle is older than about 1985, gently pushing on the gas while still parked can deliver a small amount of fuel to the intake, which can help start the car.
When winter strikes, starting your car can become a challenge, but following the steps above can help you achieve a successful cold-start and get you where you need to be. MY CAR WONT START IS IT THE BATTERY OR ALTERNATORYesterday i replaced alternator install in excess. When you go to start your car and you don’t hear anything, more than likely you have a problem with your battery cables. If starting your car isn’t the problem, but keeping your car running is, you may have different issues! Whatever the reason may be that your car won’t start, have it brought in to our Toyota Service Center in Orlando! What laptop tablet battery won’ charge, Occasionally we receive a question on makeuseof answers about a battery that refuses to charge.

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Some of these tips may seem like common sense, but when the temperatures get this low it can affect your vehicle, regardless of whether you keep it in a garage or not. When you start up your vehicle in the morning, AAA recommends you let your engine run for at least one minute before you drive off.
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Starting problems can be very frustrating because there are so many things under the hood that can keep a car from starting.
Some tests for a no-start problem are simple, others are a pain in the neck and a technical nightmare.
This corrosion breaks the connection your battery has with the rest of the car, and it won’t start. If you have a battery tester that can measure cranking amps, test your battery to see if it’s weak. If you have a helper, you can test the connection by holding a circuit tester lead on the wire that engages the starter. To do this, you can remove it and bring it inside, but you may see a fault indication for a little while after you reinstall it. Most owner’s manuals include instructions for getting the vehicle to start in cold weather, usually instructing you to use a small amount of throttle to help with a cold start. Nothing is more frustrating than rushing to work or to drop off your kids at school and your car won’t start. The cables have a tendency to come loose and your vehicle won’t get the power it needs to start. If it has recently rained and there is a lot of moisture in the air, that moisture can get in the distributor cap. Cold temperatures cause oil to thicken, batteries to weaken and the car to lose compression. If while you’re idling in traffic, your car shuts off, the spark plugs may be going bad or you are facing fuel injection problems.

Commenters who violate these terms, including use of vulgar language or racial slurs, will be banned. If you can’t test it yourself, you can test the battery indirectly by jump-starting the car. If the red warning lights on your dash don’t light up (and your battery connections are clean), the ignition switch is bad. However, if you have driven your car recently and it still won’t start, you may need to exercise the battery for a while before attempting to start the vehicle again. If the car still won’t start after ten or twenty seconds of exercising the battery, stop and wait several minutes before you try again.
Removing the battery won’t harm the vehicle, and allowing the battery to warm up for a few hours can help increase its available ampage. If you are driving and the car quits running, the carburetor could be malfunctioning and causing you this problem. Be sure no part of your body is near the moving parts of the engine – it could still start at any time! This gives the battery some time to recover and warm up a bit, and also allows the starter motor to cool down. Our friendly Toyota service technicians in Orlando have compiled a list of reasons why you’re having trouble and your used car won’t start! Unfortunately, the cables could also be corroded or damaged which requires replacement at our Orlando auto service center! If the spark plugs in your engine are bad or malfunctioning, the car won’t start because the engine cannot. When you try to start the car, the lights should either dim (a lot) or turn off completely.

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