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Smart key for Hyundai I30, car keyless entry, push button start stop engine, remote start engine, releasing the trunk by remote controller.
When you parking and walk away from the car, take along the smart key, just simply press the button of handle to lock the door and enter arming. When you approach the car with smart key, the system will automatically identify the driver who has a valid smart key. The immobilizer of smart key can provide the user with the most comprehensive protection against vehicle. When parking on curb and get off temporary, sometimes will have an accident when open the door, but after install this system, the light will flash for warning the rear car and person when open the door.

Once user go into the car and try to start engine, the immobilizer will verify the driver's smart keys. You can remote entry ACC & open the air condition to change the fresh air in host summer, then you can enjoy the cool air during driving. Also will lock the door automatically after the driver parking and away from the car with smart key, more safe.
Anti-rob function: When robberies, hold on "lock" button of the smart key in the effective distance, the smart key system will entry anti-rob function, the car will sound and flash the light long time, to make the passenger note and frighten the gunman.
Central lock automate: After start the engine 15 seconds, step on the foot brake, central lock will lock automatically, will unlock after stop engine.

If a valid smart key is identified, the LED light will turn off and allowing the driver to start engine & drive the car.

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