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Welcome to Audirevolution!To gather some more information about this issue, what was the reason for replacing the harness? If your getting the incorrect software version code and your able to communicate with all the modules like you just showed his coding is causing you issues. The email address entered is already associated to an account.Login to post Please use English characters only. The starter clicks hyundai car start, The starter clicks on my hyundai but the car won't start.
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2005 hyundai tucson car alarm wiring schematic, Whether your an expert hyundai tucson car alarm installer, hyundai tucson performance fan or a novice hyundai tucson enthusiast with a 2005 hyundai tucson, a hyundai.
2011 hyundai sonata remote start - youtube, If ' chicago area; call grayer auto accessories car . The whole harness was replaced because the wires were black on the inside, and the car did not start anymore.
However, the audi specialist who was working on it (after I hit a roadblock, I gave it to him) tried coding something, but I'm not sure what exactly (I can ask him).

I went into engine coding, and noticed that multitronic was selected as the transmission!!!
The temperature is at a halfway point the whole time probably because my radiator fan doesn't turn on.
When there was water damage in the relays by the ECU, the fan would start without the car running.
The first way is to start the car and turn on the AC most of the time the fans will kick on if you have the AC running. Try going into the measuring blocks of the TCU and see if your able to get feedback from the gear information and the tq converter status.
In addition to that, the manual selection of the gears does not work.Sounds like you need to try and push the air out of the coolant system. Now the code rarely shows up (maybe after some driving).Shifter- if I put it in D, the whole display (PRNDS) gets lit up.
From the accident (my guess), something made a whole in the black box where ECU sits, and 3 relays (2 of them are relay 614). Will it even click and switch the heads up display from PRNDS to 123456 when you push the gate over.

If not let the car run let the car get to temp so the thermostat will open and try to bleed it again at the heater core.
I'm not sure if anything was supposed to happen when I did the output test on Coolant Fan Control Module (J293).
Or is it a problem with the magnets that some people seem to have?The second problem is my cooling. The first time I put antifreeze in the car, everything was fine (I ran the heater on high, and waited until the fluid started coming out of the little hole in the hose, by the battery).
Now when I filled it up again ( because one hose came off and leaked a lot of coolant out), the coolant doesn't seem to circulate through the whole system.

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