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Ventile’s energy efficient battery will be charged by rush of wind which will be turned into power via a motor. Snap in Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor with High Voltage and Huge Capacitance, is designed for E-car, Electric vehicles, Inverter, UPS, Winder Turbines, Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Inverter, Clean Energy, Green Energy, New Energy and other Electronic Devices. A more popular alternative, and also the most common type of alternative fuel vehicle is the hybrid car. Auto engine exhausts contribute to about half of the atmospheric pollution in most industrialized cities. However, the uptake of alternative fuel vehicles in Singapore is still rather low, with only 200 out of Singapore's private car population of 401,000 being comprised of these "green vehicles". Further, owners of alternative fuel vehicles also enjoy a Green Vehicle Rebate of 40% of the vehicle's Open Market Value.
Hybrid cars have better gas mileage, as it uses both the engine and motor it converts gas to energy and it automatically stores in the rechargeable battery. If you purchased a Hybrid after December 31, 2005 you may qualify for a tax break up to $3,400, so ask your accountant or tax professional for more information. Hybrid cars give many advantages like for environment, cost, save energy, and for the economy. Also- it is true that the same energy that is being stored in the cars’ battery needed to be generated by chemic energy. On the continuum that is hybrid technology, we typically break things down into strong, mild and micro-hybrids. Hybrids are a great idea but for the price different between regular cars and hybrids and the different in actual fuel economy does not justify the cost increase that comes with owning a hybrid car.
It is amazing to think hybrid engines can recapture energy from the car when braking, rather than just having the energy lost as heat applied to the brakes. Gas price has gone up and the price of a hybrid car is still high especially for luxury hybrids. This is just fantastic I always knew that there were great benefits to having a hybrid, but didn’t know about all of these, I truly believe that more of these cars have to be produced and we all should rather convert to them, any thing to save on the environment. My car didn’t qualify for the Cash for Clunkers thing ?? otherwise I would have gotten a hybrid car. With all that in mind I’d rather purchase a gas car for long rides and EV for short distance rides. By using Hybrid cars and other vehicles we can save fuel, because in hybrid vehicles engines are made by using some advance technology. One feature of hybrid cars is that the gas engine shuts off automatically when the car stops moving. An alternative fuel vehicle is a vehicle that runs on fuel other than traditional gasoline or diesel petrol. A hybrid car is a vehicle which combines a conventional propulsion system (a traditional petrol-powered engine) with an on-board rechargeable electric motor. Common reasons for this include a lack of awareness on how alternative fuel vehicles work and uncertainty over their maintenance. For example, the 1.5-litre Toyota Prius comes with the hefty price tag of $94,488 with COE. As far as hybrid cars are concerned, cutting down on fuel consumption is not only beneficial to the environment, but also reduces the costs of petrol.
When you completely brake or make a full stop using the brakes the Hybrid car recreates energy into electricity storing it in the battery. The cool thing about it is that the pollution can be outside of the city and not in the city.
Hybrid cars are really awesome if only they are priced a bit cheaper, then more people would choose it over the regular petrol cars.

By the time you add in the fuel savings, you would need to have driven for 10 years to make up the cost. You would have to own that car for a lot longer then a few years that they typical a person keeps a car. We need more better mileage cars as the oil crisis is probably on it’s way back again.
They call it regenerative braking since you are regaining energy from the gasoline motor when you brake.
The reason it was so high last year was because of the distortion in the commodities markets. It really depends how long you drive the car and whether it’s all city or highway driving. Especially now that we can have a plug-in hybrid car, that can also be topped up from a plug. Tax break would be very useful, especially when you will find out that batteries must be replaced once in awhile (in 2 years approximately). They should use this kind of technology in other types of car, this would cure our economic crisis with fuel. You can get a high efficiency vehicle that gets very good gas mileage for over $10K less than a hybrid.
Usually, we use it to replace the 24V Lead acid battery, this is why we called it 36V battery. With all the hype from the media, more and more people are starting to realize the importance of going green and making lifestyle choices that are environmentally responsible.
Typically, the hybrid car uses the electric motor for low-speed cruising while the petrol-powered motor is used for longer, faster journeys. Environmental Protection Agency, driving a car is the single most polluting thing that most people do. Most hybrid cars reduce fuel consumption by around 50 percent compared to regular cars of the same size. Several commentators have called on the government to signal its commitment towards reducing carbon emissions by increasing the Green Vehicle Rebate to 60% of the Open Market Value, and by implementing a carbon dioxide emission tax, similar to that in the United Kingdom.
In addition, there is less emission produce in hybrid cars opposed to conventional automobiles, which is better for the environment and the economy. Like any other car the engine and motor forces the vehicle to move forward, backward and so forth.
If you’re buying a hybrid, buy one lower priced like the Honda insight, or wait until hybrid prices come down as technologies get perfected.
I like the Fisker, though that is developing a hydrogen fuel cell assist for their electric car. The resistance that your brakes normally provide is instead send to the drive train causing the wheels to slow down. Depends on your need and figure out your approximate fuel cost for a year, then you will be able to find out whether purchasing an hybrid is right for you. At the moment it has an edge on a 100% electric car – it is autonomous and mobile, once you run out of electricity, the petrol engine kicks in.
If it were, OPEC would have kept its mouth shut and quietly pumped more oil to make more money (exploiting the high oil prices) until the wave of speculation ended. Having two engines you have twice as much chances to have one brake and this would definitely cause the car to stop driving, whichever engine is down. Alternative fuel vehicles help to alleviate this problem by reducing the emissions per vehicle. Similarly, compressed natural gas gives roughly the same mileage per litre of fuel, but costs only about half the price of regular gasoline.

Should these measures be adopted, alternative fuel vehicles may soon become as commonplace as any other family sedan you can find on the streets.
While cruising in the hybrid car the engine shuts down and the battery does all the work saving you a whole lot of fuel.
The first manufacturer to build a system that fits into the mild category is generally considered to be Honda with it’s Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) system as used in the Civic and Insight. I do believe there are tax incentives to buying a hybrid vehicle however, which could offset some of the higher costs.
If you are the type of person that continuously changes cars then a hybrid might not be for you. In return, this turns the electric motor in the opposite direction, which effectively functions as a generator.
IMO, the reason they made so much noise about speculation was because they couldn’t pump more oil (probably because their oil fields have peaked).
During this process, the petrol-powered engine does not start, so the car moves without using any petrol. There are several varieties of biofuel, which include ethanol, methanol, biodiesel and compressed natural gas.
In the month of October alone, all four brands in Singapore increased their pump prices by 8 to 10 cents. Energy is converted to electricity and is stored in a battery until it can be used to power the electric motor. New oil fields (like Exxon’s new discoveries off Brazil) will be farther and farther offshore, as well as having to drill deeper and deeper to produce oil.
If someone drives car to visit any back-country or remote part of the city where there is proper arrangement of battery recharger, he can easily utilize this sophisticated wind tubocharged wheel to recharge the battery. When the electric motor reaches its limit, the petrol-powered engine quietly starts and takes over, providing the hybrid car with the power to reach higher speeds and charge its battery concurrently. Regular cars can be retrofitted to become biofuel vehicles with little or no modifications. With the price of crude oil hitting an all-time high this month, petrol prices look set to increase even further. When braking, the hybrid uses its electric motor as a generator to produce electricity, which is stored in its battery. Some flexible-fuel vehicles or dual-fuel vehicles can even alternate between two sources of fuel, either because they have engines that can accept a mixture of two types of fuel, like gasoline mixed with ethanol (commonly known as gasohol), or because they carry two different petrol tanks. Switching to a hybrid car or a compressed natural gas-powered car would mean effectively halving your monthly petrol bill, which translates to incredible cost savings over the long run. On the whole, this helps to achieve better fuel economy than a conventional vehicle, which in turn reduces vehicular emissions.
When that time comes, only critical applications like military vehicles will still be allowed to burn oil for energy. Common models of hybrid cars available in Singapore include the Honda Civic Hybrid 1.3 CVT, the Lexus RX 400h, the Lexus LS600H and the Toyota Prius. Ventile car has been designed by imitating another conventional car model, 1930’s Ford car.

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