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I’ve same problem in my toshiba labtop which its battery has not charching but suddenly while the power is on.So,would you help me to solve it? Thank you very much for this wonderful post,which helped me to fix this problem in no time.

A battery can last longer if the device is kept in a cool, dry space and if it isn’t plugged in charging all the time.
Cadex Electronics CEO Isidor Buchmann told Wired that ideally everyone would charge their batteries to 80 percent then let them drain to about 40 percent. According to a Battery University article going into even more detail about prolonging the life of your devices’ batteries — including cellphones and tablets — the typical battery will last three to five years.
The most important thing to help your battery last longer is keeping your device in a cool dry place.
The laptop was working absolutely fine, one fine day suddenly the HP Laptop battery decided it will not charge anymore. Under the Batteries category, right-click the Microsoft ACPI Compliant Control Method Battery listing, and select Uninstall . He is known in the industry for always helping out others and establishing strong business relations.

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If you’re committing the battery longevity faux pas of keeping it fully charged and in hot environments, it might only last two years. On tool bar of my computer Battery status shows Plugged in, charging but actually the Battery is not charged and shows only 2% power.
Department of Energy said 1 million recycled lithium-ion batteries still have up to 80 percent capacity. So, having your battery capacity tested before discarding it might be beneficial.
For example, Battery University states that a battery charged to 100 percent will have only 300-500 discharge cycles, while a battery charged to 70 percent will get 1,200-2,000 discharge cycles.

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