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In this tutorial I will show you how to disassemble and replace a broken LCD screen on HP G60 and G61 Laptop Notebooks. The very first thing is to remove the battery from the laptop before starting the replacement. With a flat screwdriver remove the screwcover from the two screws in the lower sides of the laptop and keep them safely. By placing your screwdriver furmly as shown in the image on the right remove the two screws on the lowers sides of the laptop. Put your fingers between the plastic bezel and the laptop screen and pull the bezel on all sides to release it from the catches. After removing the side screws place the screen face-down on the keyboard area and you will see the screen cable connected to the back of the LCD screen. If you are not comfortable with this replacement I suggest considering a laptop screen repair service or take the laptop to your nearest laptop repair shop and have them fit the screen for you.
Laptop Screen Online is a leading online retailer of LCD and LED replacement laptop screens, offering products as well as in-depth instructions and laptop screen repair services for broken laptop screens.
The best way to fix an Iphone 4S LCD screen and digitizer is to follow the instruction online. If you purchased HP Pavilion G6 laptop screen replacement parts and need to install your new laptop screen into your laptop, this information should help you achieve that. Before starting the repair on the laptop it is important to check to make sure that the laptop requires a new screen. The easiest way to determine if your laptop is in full working condition after the screen is dropped and cracked is to hook it up to an external monitor using the HDMI or VGA cable.
It’s possible that your model will be a little bit different but most disassembly steps should be very similar. HP Pavilion dv8 has two memory slots and both slots accessible though the door we removed in the step 1. Before you remove the keyboard, it’s necessary to unlock the connector and release the cable. In order to unlock the keyboard cable connector lift up the outer side of the brown tab at a 90 degree angle. When you lift up the top cover don’t forget to disconnect the finger print device cable (pointed with yellow arrow).
Instead of buying just the DC jack itself, I would recommend buying the whole harness (jack and cable). In order to remove the motherboard you’ll have to remove two screws and disconnect one cable (maybe more cables if you have a different Pavilion dv8 model). I made a mistake in step 17, I broke the black part of the port (the locker), is there any way to find a replace of this?.
I asked to a dealer in my contry but they say that the part is only avaible whith the entire mother board wich is useless for me. Continued operation is not recommended and may cause unpredictable bhavior that could result in random shutdown, data loss, or possible system damage.
I am having some trouble with step 23, I cannot figure out how to remove the four ribbon cables, can someone help?
Hi, is it normal that the plastic zone below the hp logo, where is the display inverter gets hot when you select maximum brightnes after awhile?
I need to replace just the LCD video cable and I already have the replacement part with me. If you tried replacing the hard drive and getting the same error, probably this is controller related issue.
If the hard drive passes test on the second connector but fails on the first, this is the motherboard related issue. Hi i have the dv8 but the problem i have is that every now and then the volume starts to go up and down by itself and like the treble and bass aswell. Hi…I followed your instructions and took the computer apart to replace the fan assembly because the computer had died from overheating and would not stay on for more than a few minutes at best (so I figured that was the problem because it also got super hot immediately after turning it on).
Little technical question… 2 years ago, I did upgrade my DV8 from 2x 500gb HDD to 2x 1Tb HDD and it did work fine ! Can I try to invert connections of SATA 1 and SATA 2 controlers in order to use the SATA 1 controler with the 2nd HDD instead of the DVD writer ???
Using a Sata III in bay 1 taking the full speed would ‘neutralize’ the Sata port in Bay 2 ???
I got new motherboard for my HP dv8, after installing it, i am not able to install windows 7 from recovery cd, it exist in between without error message. Hi Have used your guide to replace a fried motherboard, After getting everything back together and connecting the power adapter the power light comes on and is steady, but nothing happens on pressing the power on button.
I did all the steps of this tutorial, but at the time of reassembling, the screen stays black, even though it shows that recieves power (Glows lightly), also, if I connect a monitor through the VGA port, it displays the desktop without problems. Most likely the fix is not permanent but this will buy you some time, enough to backup personal files or even use the laptop until you get a new one. Here are some HP models affected by this known video failure problem: HP Pavilion dv2000, dv6000, dv9000, tx1000 tablet PC, Compaq 700, v3000, v6000 and probably some others. As I know, the video problem somehow related to NVIDIA graphics chip located on the motherboard. The computer turns on and all LEDs light up but there is no video on the screen or external monitor.
I didn’t really believe that this trick might work and tried it just because of curiosity but… IT WORKED!!!! I closed it in a tablet mode (with hard drive and battery removed), plugged the AC adapter and wrapped the laptop properly in bubble wrap. After that I just waited for about two hours and unplugged AC adapter from the wall. Waited for about 30 minutes and tried turning it on.

After that I turned it on from AC adapter (again with hard drive and battery removed) and wrapped the base.
It was running like that for about 60-70 minutes but then I noticed that all LED lights went off. When you run a laptop wrapped in towels (bubble wrap in my case), it gets very hot because there is no air circulation inside the heatsink. The heatsink gets so hot that it melt solder between the chip and motherboard and the video chip gets resoldered to the motherboard. Also read backing the motherboard in an oven and how to reflow failed NVIDIA graphics chip with a heat gun. In the ideal world you need to get video chip off the motherboard, clean the solder, reball it and solder it back to the motherboard, but I wouldn’t risk it doing at home without required equipment (costs thousands). In the ideal world you need to get video chip off the motherboard, clean the solder, reball it and solder it back to the motherboard, but I wouldn’t risk it doing at home without required equipment (costs thousands).
I think you are right, but for someone anxious to get personal data back or just make the laptop work for a while this could be a very easy and valuable solution. If you are trying to recover files and don’t have an external enclosure, then this should help to back them up before your computer fries again.
Good fix well its more like a test, then you know you gotta take the laptop apart, blow tourch chip and put a penny under the heatsink. In the ideal world you need to get video chip off the motherboard, clean the solder, re-ball it and solder it back to the motherboard, but I wouldn’t risk it doing at home without required equipment (costs thousands). Hello All, interesting comments, I don’t normally reply to these things but I figured in this case I would.
The proper thing to do as someone stated above is to pull the chip, clean the pads and the board, re-ball the chip and re-apply directly to the board. As I know, The problem is not just the contacts between the GPU and the motherboard, the problem is even the contacts between the real chip and the pcb of the GPU..
Can anyone clarify whether this is happening to ALL laptops or if this is fixed on newer ones?
Often no video in a laptop means a bad inverter board, in most cases a new one is under $20. You can tell if the back light is out simply by looking at the laptop screen, (powered on), in direct sun light. If you’re in the UK, remember, you have to prove the fault was there at the time of sale once six months has elapsed since purchase.
I for one would be happy to pay, say, ?20 more for every laptop in order to have proper soldering on my chips. Oh yeah, and nice one for this post and for this site, very helpful, even for those with experience. My hp dvnr6800 purchased 3 years ago develop a black screen and I tried the bubble wrap fix, it works manage to retrieve my data but moments ago 3 days after the fix it develop a white screen of death, from being black now I have white,darn any more smart fix? On the other hand, if video fails on BOTH the internal AND external screens, this is graphics card failure. Maybe it’s just bad adapter and the laptop is dead because there is no power coming to the motherboard? Removed one RAM chip and got the same results, repeated with the other chip and same results.
You can disassemble your laptop to bare bone system: motherboard, CPU and memory and test it in this basic configuration.
I purchased the following model of hp in april-2011 recently this is also effected by the similar problem with little variation.
Just tried the heat gun method on a LG E500 without a heat gun, but with a hair dryer at full speed and full heat for about 8 min. The HP G60 and G61 come with 15.6 inch widescreens depending on the one you are working on.
Removing the battery is a good practice as failure to do so may cause the laptop to malfunction after the job. The bezel screws of HP G60 and G61 laptops are quite hidden away near the hinges area and because of this some people may find it hard to unscrew them.
With the aid of a precision screwdriver remove the screws at the top parts of the screen and keep them seperately. During this replacement disconnect the camera connection as in the image as remember to put it back when installing the new screen. To reinstall a new Hp G60 Screen or Hp G61 Screen simply carry out the process in reverse order. If your laptop comes with 15.6 LED widescreen it will only one connection at the bottom left or bottom right side. With over 19,500 laptop screens in stock, Laptop Screen Online have a selection of Acer, Compaq, Samsung, Packard Bell, and Toshiba screens among others suitable for a host of laptop models. Provided here are images and a video to guide you in successfully replacing the defective screen. For a new screen to successfully work, the laptop must be viewable and operating via the external monitor. Head straight to HP Pavilion G6 replacement screen section on our website to order the right LCD display panel. You will find the screws holding the HP Pavilion G6 screen to the back cover of the laptop. Locate the part number on the back of the screen and check the one sent to you by the HP Pavilion G6 screen replacement seller.
Remove the old broken screen and place the new one facedown and reattach the video cable to the connector and secure the tape.
It’s possible they forgot to connect the cooling fan back to the motherboard after the cleaning.

I saw a bunch of screen placement videos for similar laptops, but couldn’t find any tutorial for the video cable replacement. The fan mounted under the logic board and you’ll have to remove it in order to replace the fan. To make sure there is no cool air coming into the case through the bubble wrap, I closed all air vents with sticky tape.
There are 5-10 different components that control whether or not someone sees an actual picture.
This kind of site is GREAT evidence to show to a court that the fault is in the DESIGN (not durable enough due to a cheap BGA manufacturing process).
When inverter goes bad, the screen loses backlight but you still should see a very faint image on the screen.
There is a chance of bad video cable connector on the motherboard but it’s not a common one. Start the laptop and configure it to output video on the external monitor or even better on both internal and external monitors.
If this doesn’t work, you can take the more extreme measure of baking the laptop motherboard. My problem is I cannot get full screen video, and it seems to double whats above at the bottom.
This replacement instruction is brought to you by Laptop Screen Online, leading supplier of replacement laptop screens in Europe.
The best tip is to place the screwdriver slightly vertical, push down hard and then unscrew. If during installation and you did not connect the cable into the inverter the screen will work but will lack any backlight. To do this, put your fingers between the LCD panel and the plastic bezel and start pulling apart until they give way. Remove these screws to completely free the screen and place the LCD face-down on the keyboard area. The screens for the laptop is usually supplied to HP Compaq by LCD companies like LG Display, Samsung, Chi Mei, AU Optonics, Innolux, BOE, IVO, Sharp and other major companies.
They are both SATA II and… are both recognized by the HP DV8 ( by the BIOS and by my WIN 7 OS ). Has been great, but then my charger started to make noises but when I replaced it I noticed the plastic in my power jack broke off. If you are trying to recover files and don’t have an external enclosure, then this should help to back them up before your computer fries again.
I wrapped the computer with 2 nylon bags, a towel on the top and some blankets on the back and bottom.
NO ONE who does this with success publishes the times an temps, which are essential to do the work even if you laid down the thousands of dollars for the BGA equipment. In some cases it is video chips but certainly not all, also unlike other companies we have the ability under high powered microscopes to jump from one pad or trace to another, when there is a short on the board.
Taking the mother board out and reseating the video chip by heating it with a 125wat flood lamp for 3 minutes,(do this from the bottom side and shield the rest of the board with aluminum foil)then press the chip in with a towel for 30 seconds, then regrease the cpu and gpu for reattachment. Wonder if adding the copper shims to the on board video at this point will help prevent the overheating from happening again. Use a flat screwdriver or a pallet knife to remove the cover and also unscrew the existing screws there.
However, (and this is the big fix) take out the little rubber spacer between the video chip and the coolant line and replace it with a clean penny, greased on both sides. So I didn’t what else to do but to perform this method one more time and to my surprise, it worked again.
I decided to purchase a new (used) video cable to make sure it wasn’t a bad wire or something.
I decided to purchase a new (used) video cable to make sure it wasn’t a bad wire or something. Last issue to solve, they are 15mm thick and I’ll have to modify a bit the bottom cover panel ! We service customers in every state in the country as well as several locations outside the US.
It seems to me that if it was the backlight then it would have gone out gradually, not suddenly.
In this case it is important to first check the Memory card, Graphics unit and Motherboard. I assure you it is cost effective and it definitely is an ideal option to replacing a board. By the way, if you are doing any damage to the motherboard, its ok, cause its the motherboard that needs replacing to fix this issue. With that said, here is some additional information for you we see all brands not just HP, from MAC, Acer, HP, IBM, Dell, Toshiba, etc… Hope you get the picture it is not just HP, but laptops in general run very hot.
When solder becomes molten the chip as it cools sucks in dirt and contaminants from the board. If you are lucky and you can do the above process to a laptop with out completely frying the chip(which by the way is not recommended)then you will have re-flowed the solder.
But as someone mentioned this is what we call a band-aid fix, we offer a 90 warranty to the parts we repair or replace.

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