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The salesperson knows the best time to make a deal with you is when you return from a test drive, when the new-car smell is still fresh in your nose. Once you’ve finished the test drive, go through the process with the other vehicles on your list, leaving time afterward to reflect on each vehicle and which one suits you best.
Stress Tester: How to Test a Car's Handling Without Driving It - Tech Dept. Electric screw actuators move the test car's body up, down, and through pitch and roll motions. Fixtures bolted to each hub attach through tension wires to digital encoders that measure caster (front only), camber, and steer angles.
Engineers clamp the test car to a table whose electric actuators move it up, down, and through pitch and roll motions to simulate dynamic conditions in slow motion.
With a few clicks of a mouse, the machine automatically conducts tests, graphs the results, and reports the findings [see graphs, above]. NASCAR teams are Simons’s best customers, but he also tests Indy cars, endurance prototypes, GT racers, and various production models.
Simons has discovered slipping suspension-member attachments and steering linkages sending false signals to the driver.
Observing Morse Measurements in action has moved us to make plans to strap a couple of our own test cars to its K&C machine in the near future to expand our knowledge base beyond normal test-track findings. As we know, if we want to get a wonderful driving experience, you need to keep our car parts in good working condition. Second, you have to turn your multimeter off, and then set your multimeter to 50 volt scale. This entry was posted in Car Parts & Auto Parts and tagged car battery, car parts, car's battery, hood, multimeter by Ann. But how can you be sure that hunk of metal, plastic, and rubber you’re eyeing is right for you? By the time you show up at a dealership, you should already know what model(s) you want and what options you are interested in.

If your dealer doesn’t have the powertrain you are looking for, wait, or find one that does. Examine certain items that serve as bellwethers for overall craftsmanship, including the quality of the sun visors, glove box, and seat upholstery, as well as the operation of the shifter and how soundly the doors close. Bring your iPod along to check how good the stereo sounds, along with how easy it is to control the device once it is in sync with the entertainment system.
High-style sheetmetal often means a higher beltline with small, gun-slit windows and compromised outward visibility.
Many cars now come standard with upgraded performance brakes and high-performance or run-flat tires.
This $3 million rig depicted above and owned by Morse Measurements in Salisbury, North Carolina, ventures beyond static alignment-shop settings to reveal which way the wheels point and tilt when subjected to the full array of cornering, accelerating, and braking forces.
Each tire rests on hundreds of grip needles standing on a platform that can be steered or loaded laterally or longitudinally. Providing the mouse clicks are Morse Measurements owner Bob Simons, an ex-Delphi engineer who purchased his K&C machine from Anthony Best Dynamics in England, and technician Leo Spencer. So when you think your car battery is low, you may want to use your multimeter to see if it is really low. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and correctly disconnect the cables from the battery. Ensure to put the lead on the post of the battery and not just on the cable to get the most accurate voltage reading.
Once again, put the lead directly on the post of your car battery for the most accurate reading. How can you best acquaint yourself with what will be not only one of your largest investments but also a trusted, long-term companion in your everyday life? Take your time, and thoroughly go over the car, taking notes and analyzing how the vehicle looks in the metal versus in photographs.
Ergonomics can make or break a good car, and because we spend most of the time inside our vehicles, automakers are putting ever-more effort into differentiating interiors with more style, the latest technologies, and unique layouts.

Here are some additional tips if the dealer questions your motives for wanting to drive the car.
How much wind noise is there, and does the air buffet and rush into the cabin with the windows open?
Kindly avoid the salesperson’s attempts to lure you back to his or her desk, and instead go see what the rest of the dealership experience is like.
Although these features may be a critical element to a vehicle’s dynamic personality, they are expensive to replace and might require frequent maintenance. This level of preparation does not guarantee that you’ll love your new car forever, but it is due diligence for a major purchase and will likely make you more confident in your final decision. His K&C machine has helped teams determine why one race car responds quickly to setup adjustments even as its identically constructed stablemate is a cranky handful.
Testing a car battery with a multimeter is very simple if you are clear about what settings to use and where to connect the leads.
Does the vehicle have dangerously large blind spots, and if so, does it have blind-spot monitors for assistance? Guy wires stretch from the wheel-hub fixtures to sensors that measure caster, camber, and steer angles.
Simons adds that he’s never seen an aftermarket strut-tower brace provide a measurable handling benefit. Making the most of it is a simple matter of common sense, careful observation, and knowing what to look for. Read on for how to prepare yourself for this all-important experience and what to keep track of when taking a new car out for the first time.

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