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WonderHowTo is a how-to website made up of niche communities called Worlds, with topics ranging from Minecraft to science experiments to Scrabble and everything in-between. When the power goes out, having the ability to contact others becomes extremely important, and your cell phone can be one of the most important tools to have. If you drop your smartphone in water, take it apart as much as you can and place it in rice.
While most of us don't think twice about dragging a pattern or using Touch ID to open our phones, or entering a password in for our email and bank accounts, these features are there to protect some of our most private information. Use a universal cell phone battery charger to boost your batteries on the go, no matter where you are.
This is a short video tutorial of how to correctly remove the SIM card from the Palm Centro Smartphone.
Whether your plane made a crash landing or your ship got lost on a three-hour tour, now you're stranded on a remote island. The new Android enabled phones can take up a bit of power, so knowing the best way to manage your power settings is crucial in having a fully-charged cell phone all the time.
General Tips for Exercising in the Heat -Schedule workouts for the cooler times of the day. Learn how to recalibrate the battery reading of your mobile device, so that you don't get stuck with a dead battery. Repairs Universe demonstrates how to replace the LCD screen on the LG Xenon GR500 cell phone.
Cell phones companies are constantly claiming to have the best service in town; but more often than not your service will be patchy. Video game controllers are our windows into the soul of the machine, our sole means of interacting with them.
It's one of the most popular queries on the web, meaning the wet electronic disaster is likely a common mishap.

Today's Tech shows you how to fix a cell phone or computer that has gotten wet or jammed.
You may think you'll never be in an emergency situation, but you can never be too prepared!
If your battery in your Apple iPhone is acting up, maybe it's time you had it replaced.
It doesn't really matter what kind of cell phone you have—battery life is one of the most important features for any electronic device. Toshiba's latest fuel cell prototype would enable the consumer to charge any number of gadgets in a matter of seconds. Apple has released the 2nd beta of iOS 8, exactly fifteen days after the first version was unveiled at WWDC and subsequently released to developers. HTC claims to have improved the One M8's battery life by 40% over its predecessor, but there is always room for improvement. If you're like me, you would immediately pull out your cell phone and start dialing every number.
Null Byte is officially seeking contributors on a weekly basis who are willing to take the time to educate the Null Byte community on anything, from hardware hacks to life hacks. But if the power is out for an extended period of time, battery life becomes a constant problem. It's been the most recommended method of cell phone rescue since the days of clamshells. If you have ever run out of juice on your phone and could really use a quick charge then you need a USB battery.
In this tutorial, learn how to change the settings on your brand new HTC EVO 4G so that the battery lives longer on the 4G network. Check out this tutorial for information on how to boost your phone's signal and get the best reception.

First, dry the phone off as soon as it gets wet then remove the battery and SIM card if you have one. There are many answers out there, but if you're lucky enough to have never googled it, pay attention now. We, as users, have to almost habitually check the current battery percentage, because otherwise, we might end up draining too much in the morning, then get stuck with a dead phone at night. Taking photos, watching videos, and playing games can make your fully charged S5 powerless in no time. Consisting simply of LEDs, a tennis ball, a battery and a switch, it's a great simple project for beginners with electronics. First take the battery out of your phone and find the positive and negative contacts on the bottom of it.
The first thing you should do after pulling it out of the water is to take the battery and SIM card out.
It is equipped with a universal USB charging port and a long lasting powerful Lithium battery that is capable of storing solar power for when you’re not able to access a power outlet, or just because you’d rather use the free energy the sun provides! Make sure your data and Internet features are under control, those will suck the most juice.
No worries, charge it up with the USB port or AC outlet before you leave on your overnight camping trip! It’s perfect for saving your phone or flashlight battery while reading, camping, or when you need a little extra light at night!When you connect your device to the Solar Restore, the charge rate will increase to DOUBLE the normal charge time and enable it to charge 100% using only sunlight!

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