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Can You Revive an Old Car Battery?How your car battery deteriorates over the years—and whether you can do anything about it. Jack DylanAdvertisement - Continue Reading BelowIs it possible to rejuvenate a car battery by adding more acid to it? Most Popular It comes down to how batteries work and eventually lose their ability to hold a charge. Revive dead laptop battery freezer - lifehacker, Click to view looks like a little freezer time can save more than just a dead hard drive: freezing a battery back you can also revive a dead laptop battery by. I've heard that some dead batteries can be restored.You might be thinking of older batteries, which need to be periodically checked and topped off with water.

In a typical wet-cell design, a lead plate (negative) and a lead oxide plate (positive) are immersed in the electrolyte.
Older battery designs lose water in the electrolytea mixture of about one part sulfuric acid and two parts waterfrom evaporation. Each pair of plates generates a certain amount of voltage, and multiple sets are combined for higher output.
Drawing voltage from a battery causes the plates to react with the electrolyte, which forms lead sulfate; this chemical process creates water and releases electrons that generate current.
Eventually the water dilutes the electrolyte, which can't keep reacting, and that results in a discharged battery.

Batteries generally have a life span of five years, and advanced designs can last seven to 10 years, so don't feel too bad if your old battery makes its way to the recycler. You can extend the life of your battery by making sure it stays fully charged and avoiding rapid charging.

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