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Many people enjoy the versatility of a golf cart for recreation such as hunting, shooting trap, fishing or pulling a kayak.  We can outfit your golf cart with accessories for your favorite sport.  We sell and install gun racks, clay baskets, brush guards, camo body wraps, fishing rod holders, trailer hitches and more! We also sell and outfit golf carts for commercial, utility purposes!  Golf carts are ideal for security patrol, maintenance personnel, shuttle services, landscaping, pool service and more!  A dump bed, utility box, flip open rear seat, or trailer hitch can turn a golf cart into an economic, productive work vehicle! If you love the breezy ride of a golf cart and its low-cost, green way to get around, we can add the required accessories to make it “street legal.”  Drive it to work, the beach or anywhere the speed limit is 35 mph or less.  See the street legal requirements page for more details and photos! For the ultimate in customization, iconic body models can be fitted onto the chasis of any E-Z-GO, Yamaha or Club Car.  For example, drive a 57 Chevy, Mercedes, or Porsche custom golf carts!
We also create and sell stretched golf cars, for 4, 6 or 8 passengers, with forward facing seats! Don't sweat the people who don't have access to something like this talking smack about it.
Even a fool is thought wise if he keeps silent, and discerning if he holds his tongue.

1.) A golf cart is far from powerful as is, they can barely make it up hills with two passengers and 50 pounds of clubs. 3.) Golf carts are made to be driven about four miles on one charge, if you wanted to play an entire day game, that isn't enough range. 4.) Golf carts are made to be driven on pristine, clean cut golf courses, not through the woods, through uneven terrain, up hills, in the dust, or basically anything that would make a good airsoft field. Long story short: If you wanted to spend that much money to fix up a golf cart, you could probably build one from the ground up for less. You could pay more for lighter materials or get balsa wood, paint it with a thick lacquer and consider it an unarmored light skinned vehicle, with some bb's making it through the wood if they're close enough.
Pargo created the name Eagle in 1976 to produce its commercial line of golf carts exclusively for hotels and Walt Disney theme parks exactly like the one in the photos above.
To make a long story short we fixed it Its sitting in my garage so if anyone has any ideas feel free to tell me.

Then drive around, firing Glock 18s while wearing golf clothing in the middle of the field. If you armored it with even plywood, the armor alone would weigh 50 pounds, not to mention to have it be effective, you would need at least a driver and two gunners inside.
You can solve problems 1 and 3 with simply more powerful, higher capacity batteries, or just a fuel injected engine. A golf cart has a lot of things going for it, and I'm not saying trash the cart, but you could remove all the bodywork, and just keep the frame, motor, transmission, differentials, steering system, etc.
It's a good platform to start off of, but you have to remove all the stuff that makes it a golf cart first.

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