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This is a proven Guide and artcle showing you how to make a simple machine on How To Restore Nicad Batteries. Nicad batteries will often get a short in a cell causing it to lose its charge IMMEDIATELY after a recharge cycle. This Guide on Restoring Nicad Batteries includes a copy of a old magazine article that tells how to build a simple machine to burn the shorts out of these individual cells.
NOTE: It will not work every time but VERY OFTEN it will Very Inexpensively give you a functioning Nicad Battery again. Many times Battery Repair Outfits will use this type of system to Facilitate an IMMEDIATE fix instead of rebuilding the whole pack.
This also often works great for Maintaining your Nicad Batteries charge should you notice your pack has diminished capacity.
I am guessing you’ve realised by now just how much a Dewalt battery, Makita battery and other cordless power tool NiCD batteries cost. What really boils my blood and causes my blood pressure to rise is the need to carry an extra set of dewalt battery (s) and Makita battery (s) at all times, ensuring they are primed and ready to rock cos’ a power tool is as good as a bad arm when it has no power, right? I am a professional joiner by trade which means my power tools have been used daily for over 15 years now.
My last job was the breaking point, I was working on a building site installing different types of mortise locks and they had no internal source for power (most big jobs don’t) which is why we rely on the generators. I received a phone call of my father who told me that my NiCD batteries weren’t damaged, and that I did not have to replace them every time, they could be saved! I translated all of that mumbo-jumbo into simple to follow steps I knew even a tech dummy like me could understand.

Joe couldn’t believe it; he is now saving over $900 every 3 years and needless to say he now considers me to be one of his best friends!
Your power tool charger shows your Dewalt Battery, Makita Battery and any other NiCad battery is full but it’s not.
You charge your Dewalt Battery, Makita Battery or NiCD Battery but it dies within hours or under performs. Using a special but easy process you can revive ageing Lead Acid car batteries with an ingredient you probably have in the kitchen.
Being a laborer, just like you, I always want to ensure I do the best possible work, so that people make fantastic comments. KyHighlander59: In the last part of your video you spoke of open circuits due to bad individual smaller batteries in the pack.
Mike from Michigan shows his "How I Built Mine" style guide on How To Repair Nicad Batteries and SAVE MONEY$$$ He has done it many times and shows you how you can do it too! The article was written in the 70’s when most Nicad Batteries were used in a 1 or 2 cell pack. Ta med grillen till stranden, parkeringen, stugan eller vart som helst och lat detta batteri ta hand om koket. The average price of a replacement power tool Dewalt battery in the UK is approximately ?55 and in the US $94. I reckon I’ve probably spent well over $1300 so far on batteries alone, that’s not including the price of replacing those bloody drill heads!
Joe shared the same frustrations as I had, although he was hot headed and often found himself buying new drills as well as batteries.

I reserve the right to increase the price of this fantastic Dewalt battery, Makita Battery and all other types of NiCD battery fix at any time, so buy it now before it goes up!
With todays Nicad and NM Batteries thhey have much higher voltages and the original machine needed updating. I had to run my drill off a 18v Dewalt Battery, aiming to get through over 40 hardwood doors. So I had my father sit down and explain why Nicad batteries go bad, how to stop it from happening and the process involved in fixing them to restore the power and charge potential they once had. In fact Joe claimed he had over 10 Dewalt batteries and over 5 Makita batteries in the garage.
The remainder of the Guide on How to Restore Nicad Batteries shows a Updated Version of the Machine with Schematic, Parts List and the Instructions for using it.
It got to the point that every time I pressed the trigger on my drill I was calculating just how much it cost me just to work! If you are not happy just send me an email within 60 days and I’ll refund all your money and you can even keep the product as a thank you for just trying it out.

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