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Apple iTunes is a comprehensive tool for music and video playback, data backup, sync and iOS upgrade, etc. Run Leawo iOS Data Recovery on your computer, from the two recovery modes provided, select “Recover from iTunes Backup” mode. Note that if you delete some data from your iPod touch after the backup, then the deleted files won’t exist in iTunes backup. Connect your iPod touch 4 to the computer, and run Leawo iPod touch 4 Data Recovery on your computer, then enter DFU mode of your device by referring to the 3-step guides on the program interface.
After entering DFU mode successfully, just wait patiently for the automatic scanning of the program. After scanning, you can preview up to 12 kinds of files from your iPod touch 4, including deleted notes, contacts, messages, etc.
This step-by-step guide presents the safest procedure to be used when you want to restore your iPod to its factory settings.
If you have an iPod, you must have come across at least one of the following problems: your iPod freezes while playing a movie or song, does not respond to any of your commands, or just goes blank and nothing you tried brings it back to life. Knowing that it controls how your device behaves you should have guessed by now that it may also be behind your iPod’s problems.
Because restoring or updating your device’s firmware will, in most cases, render your iPod usable again this is probably the easiest way to get rid of all problems plaguing your device and, inherently, your overall user experience.
First of all, before getting all pumped up and getting ready to press the Restore button it is very important to understand the difference between "updating" and "restoring" your iPod. While updating it will not affect your settings or songs and will simply install any available updated software for your iPod, restoring the device is something totally different. The restore process will completely erase your iPod’s disk and will restore the device to its original factory.
WARNING: Although restoring an iPod has a quite reassuring connotation because it actually means deleting all the content on your iPod and starting over, it just proves to be misleading. Here you can rename your iPod (this way you will make sure it iTunes thinks it is the first time you have connected it to your Mac) and setup the syncing preferences.
This is the complete procedure your will have to follow to make sure your iPod is as good as new (except the scratches on its case).

If you encountered problems while restoring your iPod or you know of other ways to obtain the same results in less time and following easier steps, leave us and the other readers a word in the comments section below and we will make sure to follow up with an answer to your problem or put your alternate restore solutions to the test.
Restoring an iPod to factory settings turns back the clock on its internal settings and storage, making it operate like an iPod right out the manufacturer's packaging. After the second stage of restoration resolves, users see a prompt in iTunes to name the iPod and set up syncing preference. In most cases, superficial scratches and scuffs make up the main external restoration considerations. If gentle cleaning does not sufficiently repair damage, users can purchase a scratch removing kit specially designed for iPod and phone screens on eBay. If the casing has significant wear that polishing kits cannot repair, buyers should consider purchase a case or skin to help hide the wear. However, if you are not familiar with the iTunes, you may find its interface complicated to use. But you can find part of the deleted data by directly scanning your device, just as the method introduced below.
You can tick the checkbox of your device shown on the left column to select all the files to restore.
You may still hang around though, reading the rest of the article, just in case your iPod will one day decide to show you its ugly face. All your files will be synced back to your iPod if you back them up to your iTunes library (go here for a detailed Apple written guide on how to do it). Use Same Version - Restores using the iPod Software version already although a newer version is available. Restore and Update - Restores only after going online and downloading the latest iPod Software to your Mac. The progress bar that will appear on your Mac’s screen indicates that stage one of the restore process has begun. In stage two of the restore process, your iPod will display an Apple logo and a progress bar at the bottom of its display. After completing stage two the restore process will be complete and the iTunes Setup Assistant window will appear on your Mac’s screen.

Not everyone wants to keep an iPod for that long, however, and even owners who do might want a fresh start at some point. This results in a display of general information and options for the device in the Summary tab of iTunes. Luckily, the iPod Classic has a sturdy casing and scratch-resistant screen, which should keep general wear and tear to a minimum.
These kits generally include a polishing gel that dissolves a miniscule layer of the screen surface to fill in scratches and scrapes. To purchase the correct case, users must first determine which generation of iPod Classic they have. For the internal restoration of an iPod Classic 30 GB, users only need an Internet connected computer and an iPod USB cable. For cosmetic wear that a scratch remover cannot fix, an iPod Classic case can help conceal the damage. When the stage is done, you will be presented with one of the following two messages with instructions to the specific iPod model you are restoring.
In some cases, a cleaning with rubbing alcohol and a soft lens cloth brings a gently used iPod Classic back to its former glory. Properly cared for, an iPod Classic keeps its sleek looks and reliable functionality for years to come. By following the appropriate steps for restoring an iPod Classic to its factory settings, owners give the device a thorough internal cleaning, preparing the iPod for a brand new life. Restoring an iPod's internal systems does not necessarily add value to the device, but it provides a better experience for its next owner as a sale or a gift. If the external casing needs a revamp, buyers can get all the necessary restoration products on eBay to make their iPods as good as new.

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