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If your car has been getting hard to start, the problem might not be the battery itself, but corrosion on the battery terminals. Starting with the negative cable (usually black and marked with a '-') remove the cable by loosening the nut or bolt and then twisting the terminal back and forth while lifting it off the battery post. The best way to remove corrosion from the battery is to use an old toothbrush and a few tablespoons of baking soda in a small paper cup filled with water.
Reconnect the battery cables starting with the positive cable, followed by the negative cable.
Certain specifications, prices and equipment data have been provided under license from Chrome Data Solutions ("Chrome Data").
You literally just saved my life.bought two toys at a garage sale, one for my autistic five year old son, one for my five month baby girl. The electrolyte used in a Silver Oxide watch battery is highly alkaline and corrosive and so when a battery leaks inside a watch it can be catastrophic for the movement. In a combined survey of over 3000 watches where the battery had expired, the percentage of those expended batteries that had leaked was more than 40%. Of those leaked batteries, a third, or between 12-15% of the total number of watches examined, were sufficiently damaged to warrant either a full-service or total replacement of the watch movement. In the remaining two thirds of the cases where the battery had leaked, the damage done was not severe enough to warrant a service of the watch or an exchange of movement, but rather a simple clean-up, which will be demonstrated later.
As you can see, this under-reported problem can be the cause of great expense and inconvenience to the owner of a quartz watch. You can clearly see the damage done to the movement of the watch once the leaked battery has been removed. To learn why Silver Oxide batteries leak so frequently, it is important to understand how the battery is assembled. The watch battery is split into two distinct parts, the anode can (negative) and the cathode can (positive).
A separator, which is usually a mesh, prevents the electrodes from mixing but allows ions to flow between each half of the cell. Although the electrodes do not touch one another, they are electrically connected by the electrolyte.
The insulator ensures that the two parts of the casing are held in place and do not touch one another.
As a battery cell ages the separator can degrade, this can allow some of the electrolyte in the anode to come into direct contact with the zinc in the cathode. Because electrolysis only occurs once the separator has degraded, the possibility of a battery leaking increases as the battery approaches its shelf life expiry. Electrolysis is a chemical reaction where the sodium hydroxide electrolyte splits and passes its oxygen onto the zinc. Hydrogen is the least dense element, in fact once separated from the electrolyte it takes up over 20 times more volume inside the battery case. This pressure, as it tries to equalise itself with the outside air, will try and push its way out. Once this seal is broken, the highly alkaline and corrosive electrolyte is then free to leak out of the battery.
The function of the electrolytes is almost identical in both low and high drain batteries, however in a low drain cell the internal resistance is higher, which limits the amount of energy that can be drained at any one time. Both electrolytes have a similar white crystalline appearance, have a comparable corrosive nature and both are used in the form of a slightly liquid gel which helps aid their conductivity.
In high drain batteries the separator is thinner, which allows the cell to provide larger pulses of energy if required.
As a result: high drain batteries are significantly more likely to leak than low drain cells. Safety Notice: care should be taken when touching a leaked battery, or any chemical residue, as both types of electrolyte will decompose proteins and lipids in the skin. In some cases the battery leak is so severe that you do no need to remove the cell from the movement to identify the problem. Although less obvious than the previous example, there are also clear signs of a battery leak in this image. In some cases you can find evidence that the battery may have leaked without the need to open the watch.
It is straightforward to see if a battery has leaked if you look at the underside around the insulator.
A typical indicator of a battery that has just started to leak is shown here by the curved patch of moisture on the battery isolator. In this example the battery has also just started to leak, however you will note that in this case the negative battery contact has some tarnishing on it.

You should be able to remove all of the electrolyte and leave the watch in a condition where it would be unapparent that there had ever been a leak. As discussed earlier, the need for the separator to be thinner in a high drain battery is one of the major contributory factors that lead this battery type to leak more frequently than a low drain cell.
The height of the cell appears to be the main contributory factor in the likelihood of a battery leaking. Although not included in the results, unbranded batteries if grouped together were by far the most likely type to leak.
So my advice would be to get your watch resealed, change the battery and have any leak cleaned; and remember to change your watch battery after 2-3 years.
Thank you very much indeed, Colin, for such a thorough, well written and illustrated piece on this matter. If I may, I’d like to ask following image 9 starting from top: if small green specs on the negative testing point can be observed, will Rodico remove them or is it clear indicator that corrosion is underway along the entire negative contact underneath the blue circuit board and thus needs to be entirely replaced? Try our new Category View for Detailed topics segregated by their topic.Now it's even easier to find the information you need.
You can also receive our Detailed Auto Topics, delivered to your computer, as soon as they are written. Connect a battery saver if you have one to save your radio presets and other settings following the instructions provided with the device. Tuck the terminal out of the way where it won't touch either battery post, the body of the car, or the other terminal.
The baking soda will help neutralize any battery acid and will provide some grit to help when cleaning. Be sure to verify that you connect them properly as reversing these cables can cause damage to your car. But you could always take it apart and see all the cool parts inside or run over it in your car to teach your kids not to play behind cars… the possibilities are endless really. I thought that my first son’s mobile was gone forever as I forgot to take the alkaline batteries off and they leaked causing the toy not to work. We got a toy from a garage sale and it stopped working about 5 seconds after we got it home – corroded batteries!! There are however certain steps you can take to limit your exposure to any potential problems, which this article hopes to introduce. The plastic isolator has been badly spoiled, and there are significant amounts of crystallised residue left which will further contaminate the watch. The anode is a gel containing a mixture of  the negative electrode (Silver Oxide) and the electrolyte (Sodium Hydroxide). Other factors such as temperature and remaining capacity also contribute to the likelihood of the electrolyte escaping.
As we can see from the diagram above, the insulator (coloured red) is the weak point, and this is where the gas will try and escape through.
Any additional Hydrogen gas being produced will help to expel the electrolyte at a faster rate. This is due to the pressure volume inside the cell increasing due to the release of hydrogen gas, which has caused the metal casing to buckle. We have already discussed Sodium Hydroxide, which is the most common type, and is in use in the general low drain batteries for standard quartz watches. High drain cells have a much lower internal resistance, which means that if a watch demands a large amount of energy, such as for sounding an alarm, then the battery will provide it. These chemicals have a strong exothermic reaction as they dissolve in water; the heat from which can cause a chemical burn. On occasion the leaked battery fluid will travel through the circuit, onto the wheels of the gear train and finish at the hands of the watch.
It is important to note the difference in the appearance in the corrosion when compared to a watch that has had moisture enter it.
An example of poor practice here is that the previous watch technician has signed the battery (this is done so that they will recognise their work the next time they see the watch). The outcome of the survey comes from the evaluation of over 3000 watches where the battery had expired. This is because although there was some variance in the results based mainly on geographical area, the results were all in agreement when viewed in the form of a general list as exhibited below.
In the above example the cell is named as both the low drain 395 (SR927SW) and also the high drain 399 (SR927PW), and Energiser claim that this cell is a direct replacement for either type; able to deliver both a constant low drain and a pulse of high drain current if required.
Not only does it stop harmful chemicals contaminating the environment, but the cells retain some value and so can be sold for scrap to an appropriate recycling company. If your watch is experiencing a change during a long flight, then it’s likely caused by the change of air pressure.

Most watches should have some degree of water resistancy, but this ability relies upon rubber seals which degrade and perish over time.
The change in air pressure on a normal aeroplane will not be anywhere near significant enough to cause a battery to leak. Cheap batteries, that leak, may also cause other far more expensive problems.One symptom of a leaking battery is battery terminal corrosion. If you do not have a memory saver make sure that you have any PIN numbers required for the radio or other equipment in your car. The toilet paper holder I blogged about a while ago has me on a rampage of fixing stuff, I hope some of this comes in handy for you. If the build up is significant enough, the insulator will rupture allowing the hydrogen gas to escape. This shows that electrolysis has already occurred inside the battery, but that the hydrogen gas has not yet been able to escape and this battery has not yet leaked. While in this relatively contained form, the leak can be cleaned off using a product such as Rodico. Rather than writing with a soft felt pen on the top side of the battery or the inside of the case-back, they have instead used a metal scriber to scratch both their initials and the date of their work on the underside of the battery. The results derive from a mix of sources from both North America and Europe including independent watch repair centres, official branded workshops and solo enterprises.
Quality indicating factors such as the relative flatness of the discharge rate over the cell’s lifespan, or the total capacity of the battery, were not examined.
This could be due to the regional exchange of technology and resources where the cells are manufactured. I took it in to have a new battery fitted, the shop sent it back to Omega who now say I need replacement works as the battery has leaked.
It is not always an immediately fatal fault though, and so the watch can still work even after a battery has leaked and corrosion has started. To prevent corrosion in the future use battery terminal protection spray or cover the terminals with dielectric grease after reconnecting. The battery leak will have travelled along the negative contact and reached the integrated circuit. Each part is surrounded by a metal shell, coloured grey in the above image, which forms the outside of the cell as well as acting as the corresponding positive and negative contact points. Environmental and health concerns with the use of Mercury however led in 2004 to Sony producing the first Silver Oxide cells with no Mercury added.
The variety of watches tested covers the full-range of prices and brands that occupy the majority of the market segments.
If the leak is cleaned up properly, with peg wood and Rodico, it can stem the further increase of damage, however it is not something that can be repaired; and so as you mentioned, the circuit plus any other affected parts would need replacing when the watch eventually fails.
He always listened to the nighttime music for naps and bed and is super excited to have it again.
Another very subtle hint is in the same area; if you look closely you can see that the corner of blue circuit board is not completely flush.
In the case of a battery leak, the damage is confined to small clusters, often leaving a white residue. If this doesn't get rid of all the corrosion you may have to use a wire brush or piece of fine sandpaper on the stubborn areas, however use these sparingly as its possible to remove so much metal that the terminal will no longer fit snugly over the battery post. When a battery leaks, the corrosion often travels along the negative contact on the underside of the battery. Battery terminal corrosion is a symptom of a larger problemThe actual problem is a leaking battery. Leaking sulfuric acid can also eat through body panels, electrical wiring, air conditioner lines and almost anything else on the vehicle.Recently a vehicle was towed in with a no-start complaint. The owner had repeatedly cleaned the terminals and installed felt washers, hoping to stop the corrosion. Unfortunately, he failed to realize the extent of the problem.When the battery and tray were removed, the damage was more apparent.
The client was totally unaware this was going on.Leaking acid also ate away the unibody support structure. This required extensive neutralization of the corrosive and repair to the structure of the vehicle. Corroded panels had to be cut away and replacement panels welded in their place.This repair cost a great deal and started with corroded battery terminals.

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