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If your phone slowed down or is not working properly anymore, it’s best to learn how to reset Android phone to factory settings, to get a clean device once again. While Google will backup important things such as contacts, Wifi passwords, and the (names of the) apps that you were using, you might still want to backup some files or data. Also, make sure there’s nothing else you can do to fix the phone, before resetting it and losing all the app data. If you have accidentally deleted some important contacts from your Android device, don’t worry you can restore deleted contacts in Android.
If you are not using any application to take the backup of your phone contacts, then there is other way which helps you to restore your deleted contacts. In Android device you need a Google account to use many application play store, gmail and other. Now you are on the contacts page, From the More actions drop-down menu, choose Restore contacts. Now a new windows will open on your screen asking you from when do you want your contacts to be restored and you can go as back as 30 days. Now you have restored the deleted contacts on your gmail account, now all you have to do is sync all these contacts on your Android device.
Myjad Android Contacts Recovery is an expert of restoring contacts from android smartphones. It also supports multiple Android phones and tablets include Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG, Huawei, Motorola etc. When I log into Gmail from my android, I don’t see any contacts list that I can click on. Well, there are many android data recovery app could help, and I think Coolmuster Lab.Fone for Android really works great, you can use it to recover lost sms, contacts, photos, videos, etc, have a try! It could be any reason as to why you are looking to Hard Reset or Factory Reset and Format your Android phone or tablet. Formatting the device removes all apps and personal data from phone, including contacts, messages, etc. Moreover, you can backup your Apps and their data too (game progress, app settings, etc.), without Root access, using Helium Android App. Of course, you’ll be able to backup using apps only if your device is restarting all fine. A very simple reason would be that you are looking to sell your phone and want all personal data off your device. Sometimes, when you feel device has slowed down too much then before, given its otherwise good hardware, and hangs up too much, then in those cases too, rather than uninstalling apps one by one, you may want to Hard Reset your Android device, as formatting would remove all data off your device and make it just like you first bought it.
You can do a factory reset and format your phone easily in this case, when you can Power On your device successfully and starts up all good. This is what you are looking for — tap on it and next screen will show you what and what will be permanently deleted from your device. If you can’t Power Off your device, then simply remove the battery and place it back after 10 seconds. Extract the file (ADB and Fastboot Necessary you downloaded from the link above to a separate folder on your computer. In the fastboot folder, hold shift button and then right click on empty white space to get a list of options, and then click on this option ‘Open command window here’. MOTOROLA: Power Off the device and press and hold Volume Down (first) and Power button together until you see a black screen with Fastboot written at top. SONY: Power Off the device and then connect the device to PC while pressing and holding Volume Up until you see LED light turn Blue.
LG: Power Off the device and then connect the device to PC while pressing and holding Volume Up. SAMSUNG: No fastboot mode, except for Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus, for which the Motorola method works fine.
But the problem is, it isn’t a straight forward thing to access recovery of your device, because each OEM has its own way of entering recovery mode. Method 1: press and hold Power and Volume Down buttons together until you see two icons in the middle of the screen.
Hard Reset will start and will wipe all your data from the device, and once the format is complete, you’ll be back into recovery. Using the volume keys to navigate, move to FACTORY RESET (or CLEAR STORAGE) option, and select it using the Power button.
Factory Reset will start and will wipe all your data from the device, and once the format is complete, the device will start automatically.
For Motorola Android devices, whether it be latest devices like Moto X and Moto G or older ones like Atrix, Atrix 2 and Atrix HD, you need to boot into Boot Mode Selection Menu. Factory Reset will start and will wipe all your data from the device, and once the format is complete, you’ll be back into recovery. For LG G2 (2013) and other LG devices of that time, press and hold Volume Down (first) and Power button together and then when you see the LG logo, then let go of Power button for a second and hold it back (don’t let go of Volume Down button). For LG Optimus G (2013) and other devices of that time, press and hold the Volume Down and Power key together. Device that have Home button, like Optimus 2X, press and hold 3 button together, Volume Down + Power + Home.
For old devices which have hardware home key, like the Optimus V press and hold Volume Up = Home = Power keys together to enter recovery mode, and do as said in next line. Press the button mentioned there (mostly, it’s Power button) to confirm the Hard Reset and format the device.
So if you want to sell your android phone, you must erase everything on it permanently to keep your personal data safety.
My tablet name is Mecer and Model S10-3G and i have tried a lot to open my tablet, but nothing so i need to hard reset it.

My htc desire 610 turns on before the 5 seconds is up and boots normally even when holding down volume down.
I am having the same issue as I see that others are posting; I have a HTC desire 610 and do not have access to the device password so I am not able to change any settings. Good day how to factory reset my xperia z1compAct d5503 running android 5.0.2 using command? How to hard reset or factory reset a simtronis xpad 720 android tablet as it gets stucked on boot menu….
001The LG G2 has definitely made an entrance in the Smartphone market in the recent years through its impressive features and design.
In this respect, there are a couple of things you should do if you happen to encounter some of these problems.
In most cases, users choose to perform a hard reset on your LG G2 to fix various problems such as screen freezes, bugs, or screen stuck. In the case of a hard reset, things are a little bit more complicated since you will deal with the internal system.
As a matter of fact, another common problem users encounter is related to the “head” memory. Before you start the actual process of resetting your device, you will have to make sure you checked a couple of details.
In the same time, when you decide to perform a hard reset on the LG G2, you will have to make sure that your device is charged over 50%.
It is worth mentioning the fact that you should remove the SD card before your start the actual process, in case you want to preserve your personal files and documents. My name is Andreea, and I have been writing about technology and the world of gadgets for over two years. Hi i cant hard reset my phone lg g2 and my screen is cracked so it doesnt work im trying to get rid of it but alll my info is on it how do i hard rest it with out have to use the screen??? You can factory eraser you lg phone, besides, you can use the Vibosoft LG Data Eraser to do it.
It happens to most of us when we accidentally delete some contacts from Android device, but fortunately there are ways to get these lost files back. You can use your Google account to come out of this situation, below is the guide which helps you to restore android contacts from Google.
From here you can also select the custom dates, Once you have selected your restoration point.
Saved me a couple of hours of manual sync, google keeps to remove my contacts restored from backup. It is completely read and recover only, 100% green and reliable, no worries for leaking private info. Here, you’ll have the option Factory data reset, which formats your phone and does the Hard Reset. And IF the battery of your device is non-removable one, then do a Force Power Off: simply press and hold the Power button for like 20 seconds and it shall power off completely. Connect your Android device to PC now using USB cable and then type this in CMD window and hit enter key. The good this is, it’s mostly common between devices of one OEM, for example, more than 95% of Samsung devices have same key combinations to enter recovery mode.
Press Volume Down once to move to Recovery option, and then select using the Volume Up button (not Power button) to enter recovery mode. You might see Samsung logo come and go one or two times but don’t leave the two buttons, keep holding them until you see blue text with recovery written at top.
Btw, keep holding Volume Down until you reach HBoot screen which has 3 little Android at the bottom. This menu has changed with recent devices and shows the list of options in one screen, while in the older devices, one has to press Volume Down button to browse between options. But, just in case it didn’t work for you, just let us know using comments section below, and we will be sure to help you with this. However, it is incredibly easy to get personal information from an android phone even had a factory reset.
When I hold down the volume button and then hit the power button, instead of going into recovery mode, it just continues to boot up normally.
And very often when I am using T-Mobile G2 android, i face problems when my mobile hangs out or the processing speed becomes very slow. As a matter of fact, the device is available in most carriers, and it has a few different variations. The most common solution for such problems is to perform a hard reset on the LG G2 (of course, first you will have to enter recovery mode on LG G2). As a matter of fact, a hard reset will remove all the data present in your smartphone including contacts, notes, documents, personal files, photos, and even the installed apps.
In the same time, in some cases, people complain about issues such as freezing apps that will not close or apps that do not respond to common actions, etc.
In the case of the first one, things are a little bit easier because all you have to do is to reset your device using the reset button.
A hard reset, also known as a factory or a master reset, represents a complete restoration of a device to the state it was when you first purchased it. For instance, a malfunctioning device is the most common situation when people choose to perform a hard reset. This type of memory restricts the users to use the device’s full capacity to run some demanding games or applications. Related the apps you have stored on the cloud, you might want to install them one at the time, manually because this will prevent the old problems to reappear.
The first one is performed in a classic way, by starting the factory reset right from the settings menu.

Next, your LG G2 will prompt you that if you continue this process all the data in your device will be erased.
For this, you will have to deal with the internal system of your device and perform a factory reset manually. Power off your device while pressing and holding the Volume down button and the Power button at the same time. When the Smartphone vibrates and the Android image appears on the screen, release the two buttons.
Currently, I freelance from my home and I enjoy writing about the latest smart devices on the market. There you can choose to backup some of the data to your Google account, and you also have the button for factory data reset, which will erase all the data on the internal storage of the phone, and restore it to its original factory settings. Try to take the latest installed apps one by one and uninstall them, and see if the performance improves.
If you have the backup of the contacts, then you can restore all those deleted contact from the backup file. Click the “Restore” button to restore contacts on your Google account and your contacts from that time will load on your Gmail account.
Files on internal sdcard may not be deleted if yours is an old Samsung Android device, like the Galaxy S2 or Galaxy S1.
And if it gets stuck at waiting for device, then fastboot drivers aren’t installed and working on your PC.
If you can’t power off using power key, then remove battery and place it back after few seconds.
Device will be wiped off, all data will be deleted and your LG device will reboot automatically for you to setup again. And if you CANNOT Power On your device, then use Method 2 and do a Factory Reset using Fastboot.
And unfortunately, app blablabla setting stop always appearing when I’m going to settings. However, there are some common bugs, glitches, and annoyances that G2 owners are reporting. In other cases, when you plan to sell your device, it is natural to delete everything and want to make it work at its best capacity.
For this, use backup program to save your personal files and details on a cloud platform in order to be able to recover them after your device resets.
Now, do not touch the screen, because your will have to use both the volume buttons and the power button to confirm a selection. This will delete all the data including the third-party apps from your phone, as well as personal settings and information.
When you encounter a problem on your LG G2, and you want to reset it, you can go with a soft or a hard reset. Technology was not always my thing, but once I have discovered all those amazing things I can do with my smartphone, I must confess I have become a tech geek. This won’t delete any of the data on your SD card, such as photos, videos, music and so on. We always recommended to all readers that always take the full backup of your android device, here are some of the best and free android backup application. Now from the gmail go to your Contacts section, you can find the contact option from the top left side. Moreover, it could be same as either of the methods we discussed just above for HTC, Motorola, etc. In the same time, you have the possibility to choose whether you format the SD card or not. Now, the second method is a little bit more complex since you will have to perform each step manually. However, do not forget to backup your device first, and then, follow each step as indicated above. This is a very easy procedure, you just need to use an app from Play store named as Backup and restore SMS that will help you in creating backup and restoring it. This will not affect your internal and personal files, but it will fix only some minor problems. This will delete all your personal files such as documents, photos and videos stored on your device. Now that you’ve learned how to reset Android phones, you should be able to fix such problems in the future much faster.
When you type in Google Play Store about backing up messages the result provides a list of apps but one useful, popular and best app is SMS Backup and Restore. It allows you to backup and your essential text messages whenever you want from any Android device.
So before doing so, you need to check whether there are files that are very much important to you. It is comparatively small in memory size but works very fine on any Android Device available in market. Moreover, you can enable a schedule backup which will automatically backup you messages at regular intervals. It also helps you to E-mail a backup file and even you delete all the text messages on your phone with the help of this app.The backup created in XML format is saved into the SD card of your phone.

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