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Locations services and notifications are useful, but you may need to limit them to get better iPhone 5s battery life.
To limit notifications you can turn off lock screen notifications to prevent the screen from lighting up when you get new alerts. If you set up the iPhone 5s to get push email through the default mail app it may be unintentionally eating up battery life, depending on how many emails you are getting a day. Users can set this to Auto for a good mix of usefulness and battery life, but if you need to make sure the iPhone battery life lasts longer swipe up from the bottom of your screen and dial down screen brightness with the top slider. If you only need to use your iPhone with limited connectivity and want to make it last longer you can turn Airplane mode on to cut off battery draining connections.
Swipe up on the bottom of the screen to open the Control Center and then tap on the airplane icon.
If you need more than small improvements in battery life you need to take more drastic steps. The simplest thing to do when you first run into bad iPhone 5s battery life is to restart the iPhone. When it works, Background App Refresh is a great iOS 7 feature that ensures you have the latest information in apps when you open them, without waiting for an update.
Sometimes all you need to do to get better iPhone 5s battery life is to reset the iPhone settings.
IF the previous steps don’t fix things there is likely a bad app on the iPhone that is causing poor battery life. It’s worth going to the purchased tab and the update tab in the App Store on the iPhone to look for those you installed and updated recently and start there.
If all else fails, the last step to take before visiting Apple to find out if your iPhone battery is bad is a full iPhone 5s restore. You will need to plug in and sync photos and data to the computer and perform a full iTunes or iCloud backup before doing this to make sure your data is safe. If all else fails, you may need to take the iPhone to an Apple store where an employee can test the battery to figure out if it went bad. John Bedini has given a gift to the world that can restore old, discarded, sulfated lead acid batteries. If a lead acid battery is sulfated from normal use, it can usually be restored with this invention.
One day the boat sank in a storm in salt water and the batteries were drained to absolute zero volts.
In the very top picture of this page, you see a simple lawn mower wheel with cheap ceramic magnets hot glued onto it.
The front panel connections allow for easy changing of batteries and monitoring of the system status.
On the back side of the control panel is a small blue jumper which allows quick attachment of various resistors in series with the potentiometer for experimenting purposes. This system can be shown to produce more energy on the charging side than is required to drive the motor. What more can you expect from the Note 5 that’s equipped with one of the best screens, comes with a new hardware design and the internals offer a significant performance boost with a massive battery life. If you have for any reason installed a custom ROM, or have problems updating the latest OTA updates on your T-mobile Note 5, then this tutorial will get you back to the stock firmware.
However, to update your phone to the latest firmware, you need an Odin software specifically designed for Samsung Galaxy devices for installing a range of things including firmware, custom recovery, CF-Auto-Root and more. It is recommend that you backup your apps, contacts, messages, photos, videos and any other important data stored on the internal storage of your phone. Before you proceed to firmware installation on Odin, make sure everything is set according to the screenshot.

Now, click the Start button on Odin to start installation which might take a while for firmware to install.
Once you get a PASS! message on Odin, your device will restart. It’s the green signal that indicates successful installation.
Once you have successfully booted into the firmware, you can now enjoy your Lollipop firmware.
If you come across bootloop, then this may occur sometimes when you have installed a new firmware.
You can easily bypass Google account verification by performing a data factory reset and wiping the user data via stock recovery. Windows 10 Mobile comes with a bucketful new features and one of those is the ability to backup and restore SMS messages. The Redmond giant has promised that Microsoft will be rolling out a feature for messaging application for the desktop version of Windows 10 that will allow you to see all your Windows 10 Mobile messages on your PC, allowing you to send messages as well.
These fixes will help the iPhone 5s battery last longer and are good for extending the battery life when you need a little bit more time each day.
Turning off location services to a specific app that doesn’t really need it for your uses and limiting notifications that light up a screen are two good ways to squeeze a little more battery life out of the iPhone 5s.
You can turn it all the way off but you will not be able to use maps and photos taken will not know the location they were taken. With this option toggled you will still see notifications while using the phone and the sounds and vibrations will still alert you when the iPhone is in your pocket, but the screen won’t light up. If you set up the iPhone email app and now use the Gmail app or another app, you might even set it to Manual which will only look for new email when the app is open. Even though the screen looks beautiful at full brightness the iPhone won’t last nearly as long as at a lower brightness.
Just don’t forget to turn it on when you leave that area or you will miss out on the dramatically faster speeds.
This may be handy to finish a movie before your battery dies or to keep reading a book when the battery is getting low. While we can leave our iPhone running for weeks without issue, sometimes a simple restart will fix a nagging battery life issue. Sometimes a rogue app or collection of apps can impact battery life when Background App Refresh is on. This is the toughest to  find because you have to uninstall one app and check battery life, then repeat.
A homemade coil of wire and a couple basic pieces of electronics are added to make a radiant energy generator.
The third photo shows the back side of the control panel where the 5k potentiometer, jumpers and electrical connections are mounted.
A neon lamp shows if the charging battery suddenly gets disconnected, which would destroy the transistor.
You must give it a little push to get it going, but then it will spin up on its own and self regulate its own speed based on the size and charge status of the batteries being charged.
This triggers the transistor to turn on, allowing power from the run battery to flow through the secondary coil.
Below are a couple photos of a box fan frame used with the SSG to blow air while charging batteries. For more detailed information and help with construction, see the Yahoo Group Bedini_Monopole3.
With T-Mobile pushing the updates, there are 3 firmware versions available for the Galaxy Note 5 SM-N920T variant.
In order to restore the Stock firmware, you need to download one of the following firmware files.

To restore all SMS messages on your Windows 10 Mobile device, from the drop down menu, select a€?Any Timea€? as shown in the screenshot below. The steps are listed in the order we recommend trying them to avoid the biggest amount of hassle. If you experience bad battery life it is worth trying to turn this off to see if it fixes the problem. If disposed of improperly, they can end up in the land fill or rotting away in someone's back yard. The Bedini SSG (Simplified School Girl) motor will break up the sulfation on the battery plates and recharge the batteries.
Two such batteries that had a charge of less than 2 volts each are now powering my electric boat motor. The first three are the simple circuit and the last one is a more complex but higher output version.
The magnetic field produced in the secondary coil gives the wheel a small boost on its way past the coil. Samsung has pushed quite some updates to its latest flagship phone and will be updated to the upcoming Android 6.0 Marshmallow.
Before we begin, make sure you have the T-Mobile variant of Note 5 as it won’t work on any other variant. The later steps will take more time and require more work by the user, but if iPhone battery life is unusable there isn’t much else to do. If it does you can then go through and try disabling access to specific apps until you find the offender and remove it until there is an update to the app. It’s a fast fix for any odd settings you may have accidentally enabled or disabled or any bugs in connectivity or other areas. If you can take the time to start fresh you can avoid the chance of bringing the battery life problem right back with a restore. In many cases, the battery will actually gain more potential, usable energy than the day it was sold.
The first photo shows the whole unit housed in a homemade wooden box built with dowels and glue.
Although Android M has not been released yet, but in order to install further updates via OTA, you need to be on the stock firmware.
After some time and many cycles with the Bedini charger, the batteries are now better than new. Holes were drilled through the wood to the inside where all electrical connections are safely tucked away. Both were found in the dump and are now doing well again after being restored on the homemade radiant energy charger shown on this page. At this stage, the radiant energy enters the system and is dumped through a diode into the batteries to be charged.
To charge six volt batteries, simply hook them up in series to make twelve volts and charge them. 1.2 volt NiCad batteries, connected together to make 12 volts have also been charged with this circuit.

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