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A lead acid battery goes through three life phases: formatting, peak and decline (Figure 1). To keep lead acid in good condition, apply a fully saturated charge lasting 14 to 16 hours.
The primary reason for the relatively short cycle life of a lead acid battery is depletion of the active material. While the depletion of the active material is well understood and can be calculated, a lead acid battery suffers from other infirmities long before plate- and grid-deterioration sound the death knell. Are you people so stupid you can’t realize the article and website have nothing to do with your posts?
There is a huge and major problem in terms of charging several batteries in series connected systems.
I bought a used mobility scooter recently, it has twin 12v 80 ah x2 pcs ,when fully charged it shows 6 bars on display when ignition is turned on, but after a few minutes it drops 2 bars. I just couldn’t leave your website before saying that I really enjoyed the quality information you offer. Any type of VRLA batteries own their charged Volt rang, can not be charged by higher nor lower volt. You are asking if one of those scam De-Sulfation systems work, You buy junk from them to start a business rejuvenating lead-acid batteries. The film can be broken down by (a) chemical means and by (b) pulsing the battery with high energy spikes. I used a chemical that released a tiny amount of chloride very slowly into the electrolyte. If there is some metal object in the discussed cell, it must have got there in the factory. That zero-self-discharge “brew” would definitely be something veteranists would love! There are batteries that are sold dry-charged, without electrolyte, maybe that is what would suit your needs. I also charge ordinary alkaline cells sometimes, with 1,6V 200mA and have the same experience as you. A big thumps up for your site .The information you provided is very beneficial and it could not even better .You did a good job By posting this article here , Thanks !!! You can reduce water loss by making sure the charging voltage does not go too high and by pressurizing the cells of the battery. If you say there is no scientific evidence they work, well - I ask who is gonna prove it scientifically? Calcium alloy grids were introduced into the mass automobile battery market not long before pulsing came onto the market. Also in many cases, when the case of battery is transparent or at least translucent, by pulsing the plate surface turns from white to dark grey or almost black.
The only way to demonstrate the efficacy of pulse treatment is to run properly controlled experiments. Surely a battery can only be described as hard sulfated after the presence of “hard sulfation” is demonstrated by actual sampling and analysis? I have been in service station management from 1950 to 1972 and sold name brand batteries and never had seen this before. The battery manufacturing game has become so ultra competitive, local battery vendors are buying more and more from the low manufacturing cost countries in the world. Are there any special additives to be added to the active material (lead oxide) while manufacturing SMF AGM Batteries. I wouldl like to know how to make the ion additive- boiling acetone?-don’t seem right to me- & molecular weight 700- eh? There will not be very much of the required ingredient in this modified wax but it will work. I have given this material to numerous battery manufacturers all over the world for testing. When the battery in your phone isn't good enough, there's a plethora of external batteries available to pick up the slack. Does anyone know if the two ports are "smart" For example I have one just like this, but the 2.1A port charges as USB on all my android devices as it is made for apple tablets.
The original batteries are pictured further down this page, but it is highly unlikely you will find one today in usable condition. The best option for a Model 125 or Model 165 is to use a plastic look-alike shell with one (or two) smaller batteries inside. A less-expensive alternative would be to use a Power Wheels 6 volt battery designed for toy cars and motorcycles - around $35 at Toys-R-Us.
Back in those days, cycle and car batteries were usually shipped dry, and dealers and service stations had large packages of sulphuric acid with which to fill them. The illustrations in all of the Hummer, K, KH and Sportster Spare Parts Catalogs up until 1965 show an extra line of text above the 3-line panel shown above.
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Chevrolet camaro sale - chevrolet camaro classifieds, Chevrolet camaro, chevrolet camaro for sale, chevrolet camaro classifieds, buy and sell chevrolet camaro, chevrolet camaro sales, chevrolet camaro dealer. Copyright © 2012 Autos Post, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. In the formatting phase, the plates are in a sponge-like condition surrounded by liquid electrolyte.
If the charge cycle does not allow this, give the battery a fully saturated charge once every few weeks. These conditions are found under: Corrosion, Shedding and internal Short, Sulfation and How to Prevent it, and Water Loss, Acid Stratification and Surface Charge. Battery University monitors the comments and understands the importance of expressing perspectives and opinions in a shared forum. While we make all efforts to answer your questions accurately, we cannot guarantee results. I am in the process of starting a small business based on battery restoration using this machine.
Our business name is Simson Motor Company AB and we import EVs from China and we are also a European distributor of Battery Life Saver from Tampa USA.
I have heard about putting a asprin in each cell or epsem salt do these trick really work ?
But identifying the name of the company does no good because, the guy will simply change the name. Every year about 250 million automobile-truck batteries wear out and are replaced, world-wide. It did 40Ah car battery from 1,21 to 1,26 in 12 days, and now I am testing a 3 times stronger unit.
The pulses need to be spiky, intense and be repeated reasonably slowly in order for the insulating layer to be broken down. The chloride, (not the same as chlorine), simply dissolved the insulating film and the battery has been working for four years.
The problem is, although I already tried to cure the battery just like you stated, I think my pulses are spiky enough, but I am not sure s how intense the pulse has to be (if 10A is enough) and if I am repeating the pulses slowly enough (is 12kHz too much, or not)?
Simply charging the battery very slowly and for an extended period has revived many batteries inexpensively. I did not open that battery until I did the first Ah test and measured only about 15% capacity.
In VRLAs I do not measure exact level, I just always add enough water to cover the cells that are not covered.
In VRLAs I do not measure exact level, I just look into and add enough water to cover the cells that are not covered, plus a little more (2-3mm above plates) just to be sure, because desulfation pulses sometimes cause water loss at first. Desulfation by pulsing definitely works, I personally desulfated many batteries that had little capacity and could not be returned to function by charging. Does it desulfate, does it punch through this insulating layer or does it rely on strong imagination?
The technician told me it was a impure lead composition and that it ad oxidized [or sulphated ] .
There is nothing wrong with that, in principle, but it does open the door to manufacturers who cut corners and whose products end up in our cars without us even being aware of it. Your local beekeepers can probably sell you some raw bluegum (brown) beeswax, however, you should go for raw citrus (yellow), because that reacts to form the required substance. This is an unusual size - attempts over the years to find a similar size wet-cell battery have been unsuccessful.
Over the years, Hummer Club members have repeatedly reported a very short battery life - like 1 year at best.
The production dates for the different colors are unknown, but our estimates are shown below. Perhaps the distinction was to allow the dealer to charge a dollar or two extra to fill and charge the battery. We think these may have been engineering changes to provide a stronger battery for the K & KH - but they never made it into production. Exercising the plates allows the absorption of electrolyte, much like squeezing and releasing a hardened sponge.
Some applications allow lower capacity thresholds but the time for retirement should never fall below 50 percent as aging may hasten once past the prime. If at all possible, operate at moderate temperature and avoid deep discharges; charge as often as you can. The report does not provide reasons for the larger wear and tear other than to assume that higher demands on the starter battery in modern cars induce added stress. However, all communication must be done with the use of appropriate language and the avoidance of spam and discrimination. Neither can we take responsibility for any damages or injuries that may result as a consequence of the information provided. By following them a consumer might have achieved favorable results without even using the additive inside the package.” What did the instructions say? I have been trying with 16kHz because it is outside audio range, and it works, it desulfates pretty fast but only to SG of about 1,22, then it stops.

If there is no other problem with the battery (before desulfation 24hrs after charging voltage is over 12,5V for 12V battery), desulphation surely recovers the capacity.
I checked its ampere-hours after the treatment and it was at about 70% of what was on the label. Actually we bought two batteries for a small 24V solar system with maximum charging current of about 7A, which is a little below specified maximum. I would give the battery 100mA constant current and let the voltage go as high as it likes. It consists of a blend of organic molecules having a molecular weight of around 700, which are dissolved in boiling acetone, giving a concentration of less than 1%. If you would give me such a battery and I will restore its capacity by pulsing - will that be good enough evidence for you? I have noticed there exist batteries with some Calcium addition, it is sometimes mentioned on the battery sticker. Slowly i have managed to turn the battery to a condition when it is usable again and the plates visible from the sides are dark, whereas they were white before pulsing started.
Their ampere-hour capacity tested prior to being allowed to sulfate under controlled conditions. There is nothing that is made today that someone, somewhere is not able to make at an even lower price. When they found the treated batteries lasted longer than the plain ones, disappointingly, they lost interest.. The organization conducts a study every 5 years to determine the failure modes of batteries that have been removed from service. Please accept our advice as a free public support rather than an engineering or professional service. If you say it does not work, you most likely never tried it or you are doing something wrong. I do howewer not know if there is calcium involved, usually they state it on the label, but here it is not stated, but who knows.
Then I desulfate and when after desulfation the SG gets over 1,29, which is the usual case, I add enough water to dilute it for 1,28.
Then I desulfate and when after desulfation the SG gets over 1,30, which is the usual case, I add more water to dilute it for 1,28.
I use an ordinary electronic regulated power supply to do this kind of thing, not a battery charger.
The cause is an ultra-thin insulating layer that develops over time at the junction of the positive grid surfaces and the positive active material.
Your explanation of breaking down this insulating layer, and not sulfation sounds quite possible.
One group receiving pulsing, the other group receiving dc charging at the average value of the pulsing. You want to collect the hugely expanded volume that floats, discard the liquid part containing all the impurities.
The full cranking power is available from the beginning, although CCA will go up slightly with formatting in early use. Very interesting is, that the other battery it has been in series with is perfect, when I got it it was about 85% and after few days’ desulfation is 110% on Ah test. If you have not got, try putting two 12V charger outputs in series, plus a small filament lamp also in series to limit the current, and charge with that.
In fact, the pulse regeneration is based on the fact that high frequencies can at least partially - energize (punch through) insulators regardless if the insulator is sulfation or calcium alloy layer, but DC can not travel thru insulators.
One cell however was lower, at only 1,14 and its plates were naked, I needed to add water to cover them. You need one unit of AToB and a power resistor 50W on each battery to shunt the overcharging current and transmit the heat to metal. Is it okay for me to charge the battery every 3 days or should I charge the battery daily ?. It's believed that they stopped painting about 1960, so this might be an earlier photograph. Please suggest the best possible routine for charging the batteries so that I could get most out of the battery and also increase the life of the battery to the maximum extent possible. Next point is that BLS works fine to stop building up of crystals and prolong the life span greatly. You have very little to lose by emptying out that cell, washing it out and refilling with new acid. However, they do diffuse at nanoscale, just enough to do what needs to be done to create a selective ion barrier over the negatives that stops impurities reaching the negatives and thereby causing gassing.

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