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US readers, I just got an alert that the Samsung Series 5 Ultrabook is being offered at a special price today. To all intents and purposes the Series 5 is a simple, unfussy and polite Ultrabook but there’s a lot going on under the hood. I spent 2hrs testing the Samsung Series 5 (530u3B) in front of an audience this evening – the best way to review!
You can find out more about the Samsung Series 5 from previous testing articles and the database. We spent a lot of time with the Series 5 Ultrabooks at CES, did a good series of tests and, given the competitive price, we’re quite impressed. Germany was one of the countries that never got that good value Ultrabook alternative the Samsung NP350 so maybe that’s the reason why the Series 5 Ultrabook has entered the market there at an interesting price point. I’ve already talked about the keyboard which is as good as the keyboard I’m using right now on the Samsung NP350. With such a short amount of time it’s really impossible to say anything definitive about the new Samsung Series 5 Ultrabooks but I’ve had a chance to have some uninterrupted time with the two devices at the Samsung Media Lounge here at CES and the devices do seem well-rounded. I’ve had a great, although not exactly easy 2 weeks away from the desk for the Christmas period and I’m relieved to see that there wasn’t much in the way of Ultrabook news that I missed.
Samsung hasn’t pulled out all the stops for the processor, but still supplies plenty of power.
Storage provisions don’t include anything as advanced as a solid-state disk, not even a small one as a cache. The screen is not particularly special in terms of its specification, providing a resolution of just 1,366 x 768 from its 15.6in diagonal.
Unsurprisingly, with its decent Core i5 processor and powerful graphics, the NP55P5C posts some pretty impressive performance results.
The Samsung Series 5 NP550P5C may not be the kind of laptop you would lust after, and it won’t slip unobtrusively into your bag, either. You can see an upgrade to 8GB in the fourth video in the playlist below but in the other three videos I give you a deep dive into the Series 5.
I’ve also mentioned the good selection of ports and the Wi-Di which put it ahead of devices like the Acer S3.

In fact, the only real news was the availability, competitive pricing and interesting  specification information for the Samsung NP530 13” Ultrabook that I discovered just minutes before Christmas Day. So if you want a true notebook all-rounder, you will need a model with AMD or Nvidia graphics on board. The CPU is an Intel Core i5 3210M, which runs at a decent 2.5GHz and has two physical cores. The NP550P5C still has the very good Intel HD 4000 integrated chipset available for when the power of the discrete graphics is not required. However, the hard disk is a very generous 1TB Seagate Spinpoint M8, which may only offer a 5,400rpm rotational speed, but has plenty of capacity even for extensive multimedia and graphics work. However, Samsung does make some of the nicest laptop screens on the market, and the one fitted on the NP550P5C is no exception. The click response is very subtle, which might not suit some typists, but otherwise the action is comfortable. In our gruelling 100 per cent processor and graphics test, the notebook lasted a very commendable 242 minutes. The owner, however, is left with the big unknown of battery lifetime and if you’ve ever owned a laptop you’ll know how totally useless they are when you have to drag the mains cable around with you everywhere. Express Cache is doing it’s stuff to improve boot, hibernation and application startup times and Turbo is giving a leg-up where needed; but only a little one.
For those not familiar with Euros, it’s the same price as the Toshiba Z830 with the Core i5 CPU and 4GB of RAM. The Verge has a tip on a potential 14” HP Spectre Envy Ultrabook too but there’s really no information on that yet. But Nvidia’s Optimus technology means the GeForce GT 650M can be turned on dynamically as the need arises.
Then to the right of the exhaust vent are regular VGA and HDMI ports, plus two USB 3.0 ports and separate minijacks for headphones and a microphone. I recently had to order a new internal battery for a Samsung Series 5 NP530 that is under two years old and has zero battery capacity. The styling is more sober, but also has a slightly greater sense of quality, although this is still not quite a premium laptop.

This 650M is well above entry-level, too, with a very healthy 384 CUDA cores and 2GB of its own dedicated GDDR5 memory.
The latter is also beneficial for viewing angles, which are above average, and there are few problems with reflections in bright conditions. The trackpad is large, with discrete buttons, and is offset slightly to the left to place it almost beneath the space bar, which minimises accidental brushing with the palm of your hand as you type. The result of 13,463 in Futuremark’s 3DMark06 and 2,308 in 3DMark11 tell a similar story. On the other hand I’m typing this on a two-year old Ultrabook that still has 85% battery capacity. The look takes similar cues from Samsung’s Ultrabooks, so is generally attractive, although obviously without the stunning skinniness of the Series 9 900X3B.
This is no hardcore gamer’s laptop, but it will definitely throw its hand to the latest 3D titles at playable frame rates. The MobileMark 2007 DVD playback test lasted 247 minutes, so you could just about watch a couple of feature-length movies on the move.
If you’re looking for a notebook that will perform most everyday computing tasks on the move, and for extended periods, the Samsung Series 5 NP550P5C should be top of your list. The processor is partnered with 6GB of 1,600MHz DDR3 memory, which comes on two DIMMs so you will need to remove a module if you wish to upgrade.
Plenty of volume is available, and although some bass is lacking despite the presence of a subwoofer, there’s still more depth to the sound here than all but the most multimedia-focused desktop replacement laptops. The 57Wh battery is removable, too, so you could also bring a spare for really long journeys.

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