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In this article we will show you how to replace and change the battery of Nokia Lumia 1320. While the back cover of the Lumia 1320 is easily removable and replaceable, its battery is not. Replacing a battery in the Nokia Lumia 900 is more complex than replacing the iPhone or Evo battery, but not as intricate as replacing the Razr Maxx battery. TweetA while ago we wrote about how the Nokia N8 battery is removable by the user, despite claims by the Finnish company Nokia that it wasn’t. You would be better off taking it to a Nokia store or the place it was purchased to get it fixed, however if your warranty is already void or you just mind it being voided (if applicable), follow the steps below to replace your battery. Nokia N8 Battery is not meant to be removed by the users, you have to visit the Service center if you go any battery problem. Note: We recommend you to use Nokia Standard tool kit in order to remove the Nokia N8 battery. If you find this tutorial useful, then dont forgot to see our other How-to guides and also share it with your friends using social bookmarking websites.
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Even though the display of the Nokia LUmia 1020 has been given Gorilla Glass treatment, it is still very much possible to  shatter the glass.
Since there are no warranty stickers on any screw you can do it without messing up the warranty. Replacing a Nokia Lumia 928 battery isn't incredibly difficult, but it does require patience and the ability to work with small tools. Now we have a walk-through of how to replace the battery yourself – though be warned, doing so may void your warranty.
Firstly, Unscrew the Torx+ Size 4 screw from each side on Nokia N8 (make sure not to remove the screw completely). Now, you will be able to see a Battery LID (Battery LID Protects or Holds the Nokia N8 battery). Now, try to replace the old battery with the new battery and pull it in the same way you have removed the old battery. Basically we recommend you to not to remove the screw completely because it will be easy to screw it again quickly, as removing the battery hardly takes five minutes. However, it will be very useful for those who themselves want to replace the petered out battery after, let us say, 2 or 3 years.

If you do not want to send it to a Nokia care service center, you can do a battery swap at home.
Here, we are going to guide you how to remove Nokia N8 battery in cause you want to learn how to replace the battery with yourself. You have to remove the Battery Lid by pulling it into direction (Do not apply extra pressure on the Battery LID).
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Replace the label and the SIM card trayNote that you might need to order a smartphone tool kit that includes special screwdriver types and sizes as well as a pry tool in order to complete battery replacement for your Nokia Lumia 928.

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