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There is a battery that protects your Dell Latitude settings when it is not powered on called the CMOS battery. Locate the guide on the battery compartment, and gently pry the battery out with the plastic toothpick.
Insert the new battery, positive (plus) side up, under the battery clip and push the battery into place.
The CMOS battery is contained in the same compartment as the RAM memory, be careful not to touch the RAM when you are changing the battery.
High quality and low price replacement Dell T1G6P battery that are manufactured to meet or exceed the specifications of the original brand manufacturer. 100% compatible with your laptop's original battery and provide extended runtime with no 'memory effect'.

Do not drop, hit or otherwise abuse the battery as this may result in the exposure of the cell contents, which are corrosivem. Laptop battery gets a little warm when it works, keep your laptop in a well ventilated place and keep it cool.
Please store laptop battery in a fully charged state and kept in a cool, dry and clean place. Avoid short circuit of the terminals by keeping your battery away from metal objects such as necklaces or hairpins. Make sure to plug your laptop charger adapter into a UPS and not directly into a power outlet or surge protector. All laptop batteries are brand new in box, never used, highest quality premium Japanese Li-ion cells are used in the T1G6P battery.

Changing the CMOS battery is not difficult, and, if you change it before it dies, you'll save settings that will be lost if it loses all power. This will fit your laptop perfectly.There is no battery "memory effect" with this rechargeable battery. The T1G6P battery is rigorously tested for capacity, voltage, compatibility and safety to exceed original equipment manufacturer specifications. All of our laptop batteries have passed stringent quality assurance procedures to achieve international standards such as ROHS, CE, UL, ISO9001, ISO9002 certification.

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