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This very simple tutorial will show you how to change the battery in a first-generation iPod Nano. The purpose of replacing the battery in your iPod Nano by yourself is to avoid the absurd costs of having Apple do it for you. Before you take apart your iPod, discharge any static electricity from yourself by touching a metal object. You need to strip the wires that are connected to the circuit board, assuming the wires on your new battery came stripped from the factory. If you want to test your new battery and its connection at this point, you can plug your iPod into your computer. And that’s it, you should now have an iPod Nano with a brand new battery, for less than $5. All trademarks and images used are properties of their respective owners and are used under Fair Use. This video will show you how to install a battery or LCD screen in a first generation iPod Nano. Intro: Replace Ipod Nano Battery (1st Gen)This instructable goes over how to change the battery in your 1st Gen Ipod Nano.
Step 2: Desolder the old batteryFirst you need to make room for the new battery, do this by desoldering the old one from the logic board. Step 3: Unscrew the Logic BoardThere is one screw holding the logic board to the ipod, unscrew it to make it a bit easier. Step 5: Close it back up and find new problemsLastly close the ipod back up by snapping it together and charge it!

More retail locations are allowing recycling, and websites like Gazelle will pay you for used electronics - working or not. There are a number of services that will replace iPod batteries for you, but it’s not that tough to do it yourself. It should also work for other models in a general way, even though some steps and parts might be a bit different. They love to make loads of money replacing batteries, and refuse to implement user-replaceable batteries in their electronics, even though 99% of other MP3 players let you change the battery with the press of a button. Make sure to match the right colors to each other, and do not let any wires from the battery touch any part of the circuit board, or themselves. If you do this, be very, very careful not to let the exposed wires touch anything or short anything out.
Push them as far left as possible, and make sure they are flat against the circuit board like in the photo above. It’s particularly devastating because of the heavy metals that are used in electronics. Instructables has a good overview, and there are a number of other how tos in other places.
Of course, the reason for replacing the battery in the first place is because it can’t hold a charge anymore.
Make sure the battery you get is for the first generation Nano (or whichever iPod you are using). You can use a wire stripper, but due to the small size of the wire, I found it much easier to use scissors.

We are not responsible for anything that happens as a result of you following these directions. The first gen iPod Nano is held together by plastic clips which are located on the inside of the case. If you still can’t figure out how to strip wires, watch a YouTube video or something.
However, this has a decent chance of resulting in a loose connection that might come apart for fractions of a second, cutting power to your iPod.
You can use the tool provided with the battery, or a dull X-Acto knife (or anything similar). Be careful not to bend it too much, as it’s much easier to bend without the two sides connected. If you don’t know how, watch some YouTube videos and Google it to learn the proper technique. As you can see in the photos, my iPod is in such a bad shape cosmetically that I absolutely didn’t care about getting it scratched. If it doesn’t work when you try to turn it on, the battery probably needs to be charged.
Beware of the risk of fire, leakage, explosion, or any other risks that come with all batteries.

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