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We already talked about the many SEO benefits of earning a link on Wikipedia back to your website. In addition, Wikipedia wants to provide information on significant topics that people care about.
When using Wikipedia for SEO, you need to understand the mindset of Wikipedians (the people who are involved with editing and maintaining Wikipedia) so that you can successfully accomplish your own SEO goals without violating the core principles of Wikipedia. At first it may seem that the goals of Wikipedia are at complete cross-purposes to those of SEO and content marketing.
The goal of Wikipedia SEO is to contribute valuable information from your website whenever appropriate.
The key for Wikipedia SEO success is to insert links back to your webpage without getting deleted or tagged as spam. You can also start with topics that garner less traffic so you won’t have to deal with aggressive editors. This will help you to learn how to use Wikipedia, gain a solid reputation and position you to achieve your SEO goals. For an unpaid volunteer work, a surprisingly large amount of people contribute to Wikipedia and here’s what motivates them. While professional reason (Wikipedia SEO) might be the starting point for you, it doesn’t have to be the sole reason why you are contributing to Wikipedia!
If a citation needed for information in an articles, Wikipedia labels it with the [citation needed] tag.
Once you identify content that would replace the dead link or provide the appropriate citation that is needed, you can make the edit.
If you can find content on your website that would replace the dead link or provide a good citation, then you can suggest it.
To help you to create content for dead links, you can use the Wayback Machine to discover what that page used to look like. The next step would be to actually begin to be active in editing the articles on topics that are important to your business.
Now that you have gotten your feet wet and are contributing to the topics that interest you, you are ready to start adding new articles. Having a page about your business is allowed in Wikipedia as long as they are notable and is written in a neutral point of view.
Your best bet to introduce an entry on your business is to enlist someone else to create the entry and write at least half of the text. Remember that before you can get an article on your business, you are going to have to pass the notability test. Wikipedia users have an etiquette that you need to learn to be successful in achieving your Wikipedia SEO goals. Set up a credible user profile that demonstrates your interest in contributing to Wikipedia. If you make an edit and someone reverts it back to the original, don’t just go in and make the same changes again.

Wikipedia SEO might take time and energy, but it also can deliver a lot of traffic to your site.
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If you are wondering whether Wikipedia SEO strategies are for you, then go back and check out our previous post on this subject. Its goal is to provide people with accurate and neutral information about a wide variety of topics. There are notability criteria that determine what articles can be approved to appear on Wikipedia. While it might sound boring, being a Wikipedia contributor can actually be a lot of fun especially when you start to get the hang of it and contribute a lot of stuff related to the things you love. While it may be difficult to get direct links from articles, you can get links in the references.
Then you can offer content that provides a live citation for the information that is needed. Use Ctrl-F to search the page for “dead” or “citation needed.” This will show you any areas that editors feel need citations or any links that are dead. You can use a tool like Open Site Explorer to find out other sites that link to the content that is now dead. For example, if there’s a recent technology breakthrough in your industry and you manage to successfully apply it to your products then you can cite it. You might add an article about a new topic that is not already covered but is highly relevant to your organization. Make sure that you have a collection of relevant citations about the achievements of your business to demonstrate that your business has enough notability to appear on Wikipedia. If you have a conflict of interest, just interact with editors on the talk page to present your material and make a case for changes and additions that you want. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers.

If you’ve read that and decided that you would like to give Wikipedia SEO a try, then read on for some advice how to proceed with success. People who edit Wikipedia’s nearly 5 million articles want to give an unbiased account of the topic.
So just as you would produce valuable content for your own webpage and blog, you can add value to Wikipedia by providing accurate information about the topics that you are an expert in.
However, you can provide links in the references and external links section of every Wikipedia article.
If you use a business email address, it will not appear that you are neutral party when you attempt to make changes on articles related to your business. Have you ever wondered why so many people volunteer as a Wikipedia contributor even though you don’t actually get paid for it?
Once your citation is up on Wikipedia, you can send emails to these site owners, and let them know that they have a dead link and that your link could replace it. You can also add articles about yourself and your organization if you have some relevant news citations to justify your inclusion in Wikipedia. But you don’t want to wait for some completely neutral person to notice your organization and write an article on you. Earning a link from Wikipedia is really valuable so it is worth the time and effort to make that happen.
In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois).
The evidence for this notability is the appearance of the entity in the news and other online third-party sources. So Wikipedia’s focus on neutrality may seem contrary to the promotion that you would like for your own business. In content marketing, you dial down a heavy sales pitch for content on your own blog, you also need to avoid the appearance of sales on Wikipedia as well. The community will ultimately decide whether these links add value to the article and will stay. You have to first start contributing to Wikipedia in order to build a credible reputation among fellow Wikipedians. You can suggest an article to another Wikipedian on the basis of authoritative citations and achievements of your business. There must be press citations and recognized achievement for a person or business to receive an entry.

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