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If your computer is losing its time or date settingsi?? or you are receiving a message CMOS Read Errori?? CMOS checksum errori?? or CMOS Battery Failurei?? first try leaving the computer on for 24-hours. Every laptop is made slightly differently so you will have to get directions from the manufacturer on how to access the motherboard.
RTC ( Real Time Clock ) battery, also known as CMOS battery, is an important part of every laptop. Please, follow "Acer Ferrari 5000 - How to replace cooling fan" to the very end when you have your main board out and turned upside down. Put the new battery on place, connect the battery cable and reverse the procedure for assembling your laptop.

Acer Ferrari 5000 - how to change keyboard, how to find and replace: memory, hard drive, wireless LAN card, LCD module, modem, cooling fan. These settings include recognizing hard drive settingsi?? USB on-board device settings and keeping your system clock on time. The laptop manual will probably include directions for how to do this and how to replace the CMOS battery.
It helps to retain the system date and time when the laptop is off as well as important BIOS settings and configuration.
This often resolves CMOS battery related issues when a computer has been left off for several months.

Usuallyi?? the first visible sign that you need to replace the CMOS battery is that your laptop clock keeps losing time. In most cases the computer can not even boot without this battery and if it boots we have to reset all BIOS from scratch.

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