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No one wants to deal with a car breakdown, but it can be even worse if the problem is easily correctable. One thing you should check is to see whether the lug nuts of your vehicle are tightened properly. If you’re an ambitious individual, you may have the urge to try and fix your vehicle yourself instead of sending it into a shop. To avoid this problem altogether, it’s not a bad idea to have a second key made and always have it stored in your purse or wallet. Recently, large tires have become popular with individuals and have become increasingly more common in new vehicles.
While this trend has mainly been driven by style, the unfortunate part is the vehicles have become more dangerous as a result. When you wash your vehicle, remember to do one spot at a time and don’t move on to the next one until the previous spot is completely clean. If you’re in the unfortunate situation where you’re jump starting a car, it’s important to know how to do it correctly. The first thing you’ll need to do is to park the vehicle you’ll be using to jump start beside the one with the dead battery.
Canadians who own a classic vehicle or an expensive sports car should strongly consider storing their vehicle indoors, especially during the winter months. The biggest reason for storing your vehicle indoors is that it’s free from the elements outside. Besides the snow and hail, you should also be concerned with leaving your vehicle out in the sun. Even if you don’t have enough room in your garage you can still take it to an indoor car storage in the winter. Since the battery has been leaking, it’s a good idea to use protection when you change the battery. Finally, you’ll need to put in the new battery by putting it in the now clean tray and clamping everything back on.
When deciding whether to change your car paint or not, there are more factors to consider besides the colour itself.
If you have ever suffered the panic of a weak or dead car battery, you'll know what a frustration it is. Premature battery failures can be caused by defective charging systems that cause the battery to be over, or under-charged. Modern vehicles are equipped with a number of on-board computers that control and monitor various systems.
For the DIY person, ensure you get the correct battery for your vehicle’s specification. Just because the battery is under the hood, it doesn’t always mean it is easy to replace. Connect the positive (red) cable of the jump starter to the positive clamp that is connected to the terminal of the battery to be removed. Connect the negative (black) clamp to the car’s chassis or a solid non-moving metal component or body part. Using the wrench, loosen the bolt that holds the positive clamp on the terminal of the battery you're replacing.
Unlike the positive clamp, the negative clamp does not need to be insulated while the new battery is installed. This procedure is intended for vehicles with 12-volt negative ground electrical systems only. Home » Service » Maintain or Replace your Car Battery at our Auto Service Center!Maintain or Replace your Car Battery at our Auto Service Center!
October 13, 2015 By Spencer SivigliaImagine, you turn the key in the ignition of the car –and nothing happens. You may not know the signs, but there are five signs that your car battery is dead or dying! So you’ve just paid money for a brand new car battery in Orlando because your old one left you stranded in the grocery store parking lot; don’t you want to make sure that doesn’t happen again?
If your car faces extreme temperatures, consider getting an insulator to place your battery in.
Don’t forget to have the voltage and charge in your battery tested every time you visit our auto service center in Orlando!
This smart battery uses technology to audit output and automatically shuts itself down when power is running lower then normal.

Read ahead so you can do some simple checks so you aren’t stranded with a vehicle that is only a quick fix away from working.
This may cause an issue with your suspension and drivetrain and is something that is easy to correct. Check all your fuses to make sure none of them are blown as this can be the reason for your car being disabled. The easiest way to check if there is a problem with the sparks is to pull off one of the plugs and crank the motor. However, before you attempt to do anything yourself it’s important to ensure you have the right tools. Any kind of small project you do will require this tool such as working on the interior of your vehicle or fixing the engine. Many assignments will need a torque wrench to actually get into the thing that needs fixing.
Since these types of projects are more dangerous, always remember to disconnect the wires from the source before starting your assignment. Hopefully you have this number in your phone already as you can clearly cannot look into your vehicle to find it. If you don’t have the number of a local tow truck you can use 411 or look it up on your smartphone.
Also, you can give an extra one to a friend or spouse who can hopefully help you out when you’re stranded. While many older cars have tires between 14 to 15 inches, newer vehicles can now be seen with 16 to 18 inch tires.
If the tire is shorter and wider, it will have better grip and be able to make smoother and sharper turns. Spending extra money when purchasing the vehicle is really a waste of money and puts you at a bigger risk when you’re on the road. Smaller tires are more effective for winter driving, so sticking with plus-size is a very poor decision.
Allowing bird droppings and bugs to get stuck to your vehicle for a long period of time can cause the paint job to deteriorate.
Don’t wait until the entire car has been washed to dry it as a large portion of the vehicle will air dry on its own.
Follow the safety precautions below so you can go to the store to purchase a new battery without harming yourself in the process.
Start the vehicle that’s jump starting first followed by the vehicle with the dead battery. If it was properly maintained when you put it in there, it will be properly maintained when you take it out. If you sense a problem, you should probably get it checked out by a mechanic before things get worse. A turbocharger or supercharger will allow you to increase the amount of air going into the cylinder and increase performance as a result.
You want air to come in easy and freely so consider investing in a bigger air filter or reduce the intake piping to help increase the performance of your vehicle. Read ahead to makes sure you’ve taken everything into consideration before going out now and changing the colour of your vehicle.
Considering you want the job to look good, you will probably have to pay a few thousand dollars for the job.
Expect to be without your vehicle for about a week because it takes a while to prep for the paint job especially if your vehicle has a lot of dents. This significantly helps drive down fuel consumption, saving you money on fuel and lowering the impact of driving on the environment.
Our auto repair and service department specializes in Oil Changes, tune-ups, tire balancing, tire repair and more. If the sound system loses power, preset radio station tuning will be lost and the clock will have to be reset.
Connect it so as to not interfere with the loosening and removal of the battery clamp from the terminal. When you turn the key in the ignition and you hear the engine trying to start, but it can’t, then it is most likely your battery. Use a wire brush and a homemade paste of baking soda and distilled water to scrub the terminals clean of corrosion and dried acid-buildup. This protects it from the elements and ultimately helps it start easier in cold or hot weather conditions.

You can even visit an auto parts store between Toyota service appointments to have it tested. Sure, your lights and radio won’t work at that point with the engine not running, but you will be able to get the vehicle started without getting stuck in the middle of nowhere and searching for a jumpstart. Jack stands are more practical because they are portable but floor jacks are much sturdier. If it is in your phone, call them and they should be able to allow you to get into your car. Nothing should be more important than the safety or yourself and others when you get into a vehicle so remember to always choose safe options behind the wheel. Take another cable and connect one end to the negative clamp of the good battery and connect the other end to a ground on the vehicle with the dead battery. If the vehicle with the dead battery starts, let it run for about 15-20 minutes to give the dead battery enough time to recharge so you’ll be able to run to the store to get a new one. These chargers will not only increase the air, but will also cool the air going into the cylinder, allowing for even greater performance. This is part of the reason doing a paint job is so expensive, but it does mean you will be getting quality work done. If you can’t commute without your vehicle for a while, a paint job may not be the greatest idea. If you are having battery or other electrical problems, get your vehicle checked out by your mechanic immediately. It can mean that when the vehicle is left standing for a long period, when left in an airport parking lot for example, the battery can slowly discharge. Batteries are fitted in various locations under the hood, under seats, the trunk, and in some models on the sides of the engine. There may even be a security lockout that keeps the sound system from operating until it is reinitialized with a secret code. Not to fret though, because our Orlando auto service technicians can replace it in no time without charging you an arm and a leg! But now, Ohm, a new high-tech development company, is here to change everything we know about vehicle batteries. According to its creators, it is better equipped to run in low temperature climates thanks to its ability to deliver juice bursts directly to the engine. However, be aware that if it’s not the original battery, it might not even be the correct battery type for the car. These batteries are specialty items for hybrids and all electrical vehicles and they need to be special ordered or replaced by your vehicle certified tech and can cost quite a bit more, however the advantage is saved gas. It’s always a great idea to have a certified technician install the battery so the warranty will be honored by the manufacturer.
Settings for the car’s remote entry system may also need to be re-entered if the battery is disconnected.
It weighs slowly 6 lbs, replacing lead plates with an EDLC high tech supercapacitor that can start your engine, and smaller batteries that offer energy when the ignition is off. Even better, the Ohm has an expected lifespan of a respectable 7 years, which makes current batteries obsolete. However, battery failure can occur in as little as three years, depending on the usage, maintenance and seasonal temperatures. These problems can be avoided if you use a portable jump starter as a substitute power source while replacing the battery.
A dead battery can be frustrating because now you’re either going to be late, stranded or stuck. Despite being much smaller, its casing matches standard battery sizes for proper fitting on the vehicle.
Currently in beta testing phase and raising crowdfunding on Indiegogo, its manufacturers’ future target price is around $200. Repeated drain, such as forgetting to turn off your lights, can cause a battery to fail much earlier.
To avoid all of these unfortunate instances, you should have your car brought into our Toyota Service Center in Orlando.
That may by higher than batteries you use today prices, but long-term savings are guaranteed.

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