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In the following guide I explain how to remove and replace the keyboard on a Compaq Presario 2580US laptop.
Start removing the hinge cover with a flathead screwdriver as it shown on the picture below. Be careful, there is a power button board attached to the cover which is connected to the system board. Place the keyboard so you can access the flat ribbon cable connecting it to the system board. You can find a new replacement keyboard by the Compaq spare part number located on the back side sticker. Now remove two screws on each side of the caddy and replace the hard drive with a new IDE drive.
If your keyboard is missing one or two keys, I think it makes sense to replace those keys instead of replacing the whole keyboard. Hello , I have a compaq 2410us presario , I have tried everything , The hard drive test passes, I have tried to reboot from the CD .But stil the same thing happens , It tries to start-up but does not and then shuts off and restarts, I have tried starting in safe mode and it will not start, I reseated the RAM as mentioned on the Compaq trouble shooting guide. So, the laptop works fine while you are running the hard drive test but it fails to start when you attempt to boot from a CD?
The internal wireless card (Mini PCI card) is inserted into a slot (Mini PCI) which is soldered to the motherboard. If you have a problem with this slot, you’ll have to replace the motherboard OR use an external PCMCIA wireless card which you can insert into the PCMCIA slot your your laptop.
Hey, i have a compaq presario cq50 108-EL and my enter key its broke , actualy its just a bit , he dont stay fixed! Hi, I ended up on this page while searching an explanation why some keys of keyboard in my Compaq Presario 2516EA stopped reacting just like that.
The unreacting keys are at least f2, f8, §, 5, 6, +del, both ctrls, both alts, -, n, b, space and some of the arrow keys.

I removed the problem keys, cleaned them including their base with spray normally used for wiping television and computer screens. Unfortunately it is impossible to use a usb keyboard before I have hacked my own admin account because it is protected with a password and a vitally important key doesn’t work. It’s either bad keyboard or there is a problem with the keyboard controller on the motherboard. Unfortunately it is impossible to use a usb keyboard before I have hacked my own admin account because it is protected with a password and a vitally important key doesn’t work. I have a Compaq Presario V5207NR last year I had my light replace and it has gone up again is there some else wrong.
Am trying to repair a Compaq nx6 110 laptop, but it hangs immediately the hp logo appears at start up. Can anyone advise why I could use my Presario 2500 DM758A, last night with no problem, but yet this morning I now have a password on the user account. You’ll find laptop disassembly instructions in the official maintenance guide for Compaq Presario CQ42 laptops.
In order to remove the bezel you will have to remove some screws securing it on the bottom. With the key blade facing left, push down on the bottom of the key case by the square plastic tag. Toyota 4Runner Battery Replacement Guide With Instructions, How to Change and Install a New Battery in a Toyota 4Runner SUV Truck.
Toyota Camry Battery Replacement Guide and Instructions, How to Install and Change a Dead Battery in a Toyota Camry.
Every laptop is made slightly differently so you will have to get directions from the manufacturer on how to access the motherboard. It discarded the thought I acquired when my friends laughed at me when I asked whether A lap top can be upgraded.

Basically this was easy, but I wasn’t careful with the white tabs so they broke away from the connector. Can you tell me if it is possible to replace the CD writer with a DVD writer in the Compaq NX9010.
But I suppose even though replacing the old keyboard with a new one it would bring no help. I have tried a Linux live cd, shift+f10 and ctrl+alt+del tricks but both ctrls are those dead keys as well as f8.
If your key has a silver and black VW logo on the back, like this picture, it's the newer key. Do not attempt a repair if you are not appropriately trained or do not have the correct tools or equipment to conduct a repair safely.
The laptop manual will probably include directions for how to do this and how to replace the CMOS battery. It’s likely that you have to transfer the jumper to a new hard drive in order to get it recognized by the laptop.
My dearly beloved Compaq has been a faithful and reliable – and extremely loud & noisy like a vacuum cleaner – servant almost seven years now. So, I figure my options are, get a battery and forget fixing the keyboard as it seems these compaq’s have keyboard problems if they are of a certain age. No claim can be made against us for loss of earnings, inconvenience or any other incurred expenses.

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