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The iPhone has been prone to power button issues ever since the iPhone 4 made its appearance.
If this issue sounds like something you're iPhone 4S is experiencing, a DIY repair can get it back to normal with some patience and the right tools. Disclaimer: As with any repair, iMore can not be held responsible for any damage you may do to your device.
We recommend using only quality and genuine parts from a reputable supplier like eTech Parts. Our video guides are simply a breakdown of the main disassembly steps minus small components. Using your security screwdriver, remove the 2 screws on either side of the dock connector port.Set them aside.
Using your #00 Phillips screwdriver, remove the two screws holding the battery in place.These screws are different lengths so make sure you remember which one goes where.
There is a tiny grounding clip underneath the battery clip where the first screw is located. Using your spudger or pry tool carefully disconnect all the cables at the top of the logic board.
Once you unclip the seven cables, you can lift the rear-facing camera directly out of the iPhone. Using your #00 Phillips screwdriver remove the shield that is covering the dock connector cable towards the middle left of the iPhone.
Using a SIM removal tool or a bent paper clip, eject the SIM tray and set it, and the SIM card aside.
Remove the three #00 Phillips screws at the top, middle, and bottom left of the logic board with your #00 Phillips screwdriver.
The actual button in the iPhone 4S is not what causes issues, it's the actual power and sensor cable, which is what you should have ordered to replace. Remove the two screws on either side of the power button bracket using your #00 Phillips screwdriver.Gently unfold the power button cable using tweezers or your fingers.
Now use your black spudger tool or pry tool in order to pry up the earpiece and the foam attaching it to the midframe.
Pro tip: When screwing back in the power button bracket, test the power button and make sure it depresses correctly and you hear it "click".
To reassemble your iPhone 4S, you can either follow all these directions in exact reverse order or view our reassembly video guide above which will walk you through how to reassemble it. Once your iPhone 4S boots back up, make sure you test everything to make sure all is working well again.
For questions or to inquire about mail-in repairs through The Pod Drop, you can follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook or e-mail us directly!
If you're capable with a soldering iron you can in fact just replace the physical button which may have just worn down or the metal disc inside may have lost it's "spring" rather than the whole flex cable.
I've changed screen and realized that either because of me or because of the broken screen, the powerbutton was not working.
If you've got an iPhone 4S that's starting to show its age or you've accidentally damaged it, there's still hope for it. Click on any of the guides below in order to be taken to a description of that guide explaining common symptoms, diagnostics pertaining to each repair, and a link to each full guide. Now that the iPhone 4S is more than a year old, many users may want to change their battery if their charge cycles aren't what they used to be. This one doesn't need any introduction and is one of the most common DIY repairs for any clumsy iPhone user. If this sounds like a problem you're experience, we've got you covered from start to finish. A DIY repair can remedy the issue but be aware this is a ninja level repair as the components and cable you have to replace are very small.
The dock connector assembly in the iPhone 4S controls quite a few key components in your phone. While most sound in the iPhone 4S may be dictated by the loud speaker assembly or earpiece, they're not the only components that have to do with sound. The iPhone 4S is known to have sound issues where system sounds seem to work when you preview them but they don't actually ring or system sounds altogether don't work but music will play. If you're experiencing issues with cellular reception on your iPhone 4S, the cellular antenna could be defective. The vibrator assembly is a super essential function and necessary if you want to be notified you have a call or a message coming in when you can't have sound activated.
While the rear facing camera is great for capturing the memories around you, the front facing camera is a great way to communicate with relatives via FaceTime and capture self portraits.
Symptoms of a bad front facing camera typically amount to the shutter never opening no matter how many times you restore the phone or reboot it. Luckily, an earpiece replacement is on the cheap side and isn't terribly hard to perform on your own.

If you've dropped your iPhone 4S, you may have noticed that the steel frame around edges can become quite sharp.
Replacing them will require some patience but we're pretty sure your fingers will thank you. If a combination of sounds work through the loud speaker, we'd suggest looking at our other guides concerning sound instead of assuming it's the loud speaker.
If you've run into issues performing a repair on your own or have questions in general, our mod and DIY forums are a great place to start. If your iPhone 4S headphone jack or mute switch is giving you issues, a DIY repair on the cable that handles those functions can remedy the problem.
Regardless whether you're having headphone jack or mute switch issues on your iPhone 4S, this guide can walk you through how to get both functions back in working order again.
If you are comfortable with repairing your own device, put your ninja pants on and keep reading!
While the video walkthrough adds even more detail, it is meant to be used in correlation with the written steps below.
Start by removing the screw holding on the upper antenna with your #00 Phillips screwdriver.Using a metal spatula or pair of tweezers, peel the upper antenna away from the headphone jack. To replace the headphone jack and mute switch cable, follow the removal instructions exactly in reverse. To reassemble your iPhone 4S, you can either follow all these directions in exact reverse order or view our reassembly video guide above which will walk you through how to reassemble it from screen to turning it back on and testing it.
Once you've gotten your iPhone 4S completely reassembled and you're positive you don't have any leftover screws, you can go ahead and turn the device back on. If you've run into issues or things aren't going the way you thought, our DIY and mod forums are a great place to start. And if you're not, follow along anyways and we'll refer you to the professionals that can do the repair for you.
It's also worth considering that opening up your device to perform any repair or modification can and will void your Apple warranty. It should come up easily so pry up gently.You'll notice that it is wrapped around a metal clip. Use the area that the rear-facing camera was located and the bottom of the logic board to lift it straight out. This is the tricky part so make sure you're very careful while performing the following steps as the cables are very delicate. Do not attempt to completely remove it yet as it's still attached.You may choose to remove the actual power button if you'd like but it's not necessary. Again, don't completely attempt to pull up the cable as it is still attached to the midframe of your iPhone.There is a black bracket located directly above where the earpiece sat.
Don't screw the bracket screws in too tight or you'll have issues with the button not depressing.
Tap the power button several times to turn the screen on and off just to re-confirm everything is back in working order.
Whether you're out of warranty or your iPhone 4S has suffered accidental damage, we've got you covered! Whether you're not eligible for an upgrade yet or just want to hold out for the next round of Apple's latest and greatest, we can help get every ounce of life you possibly can out of your iPhone 4S. Whether your touch screen isn't working, you've cracked your glass, or you have a distorted or non-functional LCD, this is the guide you'll want. If your iPhone is misreading double, triple, and single taps, the Home button flex cable is probably going bad. If you're up for it, hit the link directly below to find out how to fix a recessed or unresponsive power button.
If any of these issues sound like something you're experiencing, make sure you check out our guide to see if it's the right one. It makes everything from photographing first steps to family events to sending videos straight to YouTube super simple and crystal clear.
If you frequently use your front facing camera and it has decided to stop working on you, we can get it up and running again. In rare instances you can also see lots of distortion or lines through the screen only when the front facing camera is open. If you aren't ready to upgrade just yet, a DIY repair for an earpiece is a realistic option for many users. If one of the volume buttons has become ridged or jagged, it could potentially be a safety issue. Music, ringtones, and text tones will most likely not play unless you have headphones plugged in. In our experience it's normally the dock connector or earpiece that are the culprit but that doesn't mean the loud speaker never decides to be unruly. If you still can't find answers to your questions, you can also email us and we'll try and answer whatever questions you may have.

Symptoms typically include audio cutting in and out when headphones are plugged in or no sound at all. It will show a complete breakdown of the device but smaller steps for each individual repair will be listed with high quality images in the actual guide below.
Please note that you may have to transfer the metal brackets to the new cable if the replacement cable you purchased did not come with the brackets pre-installed. Once it is securely in place you can replace the metal retainer by snapping it back in place.
For a headphone jack and sensor cable replacement, you'll need to watch from around 5 minutes and 3 seconds to the end of the video. Over time, the cable wears down and causes the actual power button to become harder and harder to press. One of the cables lies underneath the bottom most cable so you'll need to disconnect the cable over it before folding it back and revealing the shorter cable underneath. Gently lift the shield out of the iPhone and set it aside.Take your spudger tool and gently pry up the dock connector cable and peel it back as shown below. You'll only need to watch from the point of replacing the logic board after you've got the front facing camera secured again.
Even after you decide to upgrade your iPhone, your old one always makes a great hand me down for a child or relative that doesn't always need the latest model. If your iPhone 4S won't register a charge or doesn't show up when plugged into your computer, the dock connector could very likely be the culprit.
If everything else on your iPhone is working perfectly, a replacement antenna will cost you a lot less than a brand new phone.
If you have absolutely no sounds through the loud speaker portion of your iPhone 4S but everything works completely normal through headphones, then odds are your loud speaker assembly has in fact went out.
The mute switch can also face issues where turning vibrate on or off results in no response or the switch itself being loose.
Take care to pay attention as to how it was laid so you know how to put it back during reassembly.Use your tweezers or a pry tool to carefully loosen the noise canceling mic from the upper frame. Since we've replaced a cable that controls both the headphone jack and the silent switch, make sure you test both thoroughly to make sure that they're working correctly. We highly recommend reading ALL the directions below before proceeding with the video walkthrough. It is stuck down with a good amount of adhesive so be careful when prying upwards that you don't bend the battery. Make sure you don't lose it as you'll need it for reassembly.There are two more screws holding the logic board in place and you'll need to remove them with your flat head screwdriver. Sometimes the power button will still function but you'll have to push down extremely hard in order to get it to register.
In some instances you may not even hear any audio unless you've got the caller on speakerphone. These problems don't typically involve the actual mute switch, but the cable that lies underneath it.
Now that the metal retainer has been removed you can gently lift the front facing camera out of the iPhone 4S. Try to remove some applications that having issues like crash often, then see if the crashing issue has gone or not.
Take care not to rip the cable by pulling up to quickly.Leave the cable in this position and move on to the next section.
You'll only want to loosen it enough so the adhesive completely breaks.Again, using tweezers or a pry tool carefully pull the headphone jack assembly out of your iPhone 4S. We just want to make sure and if it’s needed remove all suspicious applications one by one while checking of the issue.
If one part is resistant move your pry tool a little further down and gently start prying it up in different places taking care not to come too close to the volume button cables towards the top.Once you've gotten the battery pulled out of the iPhone 4S we can move on to the next section.
If one part is resistant move your pry tool a little further down and gently start prying it up in different places taking care not to come too close to the volume button cables towards the top.Once you've gotten the battery pulled out of the iPhone 4S we can move on. It sometimes helps to look at how your old cable is bent and folded and make sure the new cable looks the same.
Firmware will be download first and wait until the process done.If The restore process is fails try to restore it with DFU mode. But, this method is not recommended if your iPhone 4s still has a warranty because it could be you will lose that warranty and some other hardware issue risk. If your iPhone is still covered by warranty, you can take it to Apple Store and Apple Authorized Service Provider for hardware replacement.Unplug the battery connector inside the iPhone for minutes.
This step needs instructions to be able to open up your iPhone 4s and unplug the connector’s battery safety.

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