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He removed the dead fuse and soldered in a piece of wire just for testing – not surprisingly the charger sprang to life.
If I knew this would end up on HaD I would have spent more than 5 seconds on the soldering… ah well, such is life! I just (yesterday, in fact) rebuilt a 10-cell battery pack for a tool set that also had a bad charger. In this case Webby from Elektrickery inherited a battery operated drill with a dead charger. Replacing the brushes on a DeWalt DW988 18v cordless drill takes about 5 minutes to do, which could in turn add a longer life to your drill and keep more money in your pocket. Stynus saw the Drill Battery Charger Repair article and sent in his drill repair to Make a Cordless Drill with a Dead Battery a Corded Drill. By gutting the battery pack of the old nicad cells and installing a connector directly to the internal power connection you now have a simple way of powering the drill using an external source.
One other thing that can be done is rebuild your drill battery pack, you can often get replacement nicad cells quite inexpensively compared to the replacement battery unit from the manufacturer.
I wonder if cordless drill manufacturers will take notice: half the time I find myself using a cordless tool in a place where I could have easily plugged its power supply into the mains power.
I wonder how the drill feels to use balance-wise when it doesn’t have the battery weight on it.
You could use a high VA output transformer connected to mains voltage with a bridge rectifier to convert to DC, A cordless drill will withstand a much higher voltage than it’s rated, so higher the better.

ElectroNick, c’mon, if the tool manufacturers made a way to use your cordless tool hooked to 120ac how would they sell you all their overpriced batteries! IMHO this would require a bulky power source providing at least 10A – something like the one from a desktop PC.
He disassembled it and narrowed the issue down to the charger’s primary transformer, but didn’t know where to go from there. He picked up a new thermal fuse to replace the old one, but he wasn’t quite satisfied with the fix just yet.
I never realised how much heat an unloaded transformer produces until this little adventure. In a day when even the manufacturer just replaces boards and doesn’t actually troubleshoot and repair their own equipment it can be a bit tricky though.
Rather than having to replace a whole drill due to wear and tear, you can replace the parts on them easily, especially if you have a hard time parting with your tools.
In his case he had a battery for his Bosch cordless drill die and with the cost of a replacement being so high he decided to adapt the drill into a corded drill for bench work.
After 3.5 amps the laptop power supply will cut out to protect itself from burn out because the components are not rated for that high current. It does not seem very practical but still I think I will try it next time my battery goes dead.
A friend suggested that the coil’s thermal fuse might have blown, and upon further investigation, [Webby] discovered that his friend was right.

If the fuse burned out once already, there’s little to stop it from happening again, so he decided that installing a small cooling fan would be a good idea. Webby could have just replaced the device and buttoned the unit up but he wanted to prevent the thermal fuse from popping again so he installed a cooling fan. He still has the ability to use it as a cordless drill since he still has one functional battery pack. A simple series diode protects the power supply from reverse EMF that would be caused by the motor. He mounted the fan on the outside of the case after cutting some vent holes, leeching power from the charger itself. Would be cool if he had put in a small switching supply with super low standy consumption or so! Swapping the MOSFET out with one from a computer power supply has the charger working again on the bench and the usual suspects all stock this transistor for under 3 dollars.

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