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Some weird hardware issues such as your computer not being able to locate the mouse, keyboard, or printer. After you have purchased the battery, just snap it into your motherboard and you should be good to go. This entry was posted in Hardware and tagged CMOS, CMOS battery failure, CMOS battery failure symptoms, CMOS failure, motherboard on February 1, 2013 by Dominic. I am having problems with my computer losing the time and date every time we have a power failure.
A charged complementary metal oxide semiconductor battery is necessary to retain your computer's hardware settings and for the proper functioning of its operating system.
Step 2Shut off the computer and then remove the external cover using a Phillips screwdriver. Step 5Install a new or functioning CMOS battery by pressing it firmly into the battery casing until the metal holding clip snaps into place. If your computer is losing its time or date settings, or you are receiving a message CMOS Read Error, CMOS Checksum Error, or CMOS Battery Failure, the CMOS battery needs to be replaced.
If you are unable to locate your CMOS battery, refer to your motherboard or computer documentation or contact your computer manufacturer for additional assistance in locating it. Note: With some computers, you may need to disconnect cables, remove drives, or remove other parts of the computer to get full access to the CMOS battery. Unfortunately, most manufacturers do not list the exact type and model of your CMOS battery.
Caution: When inside your computer, make sure you are aware of ESD and all its potential dangers. If your computer's motherboard does not have a removable battery you need to set a jumper on the motherboard to install the new battery.
After purchasing a new battery, remove the old battery and replace it with the new battery or insert the new battery into the secondary battery socket on the motherboard. Once the battery is replaced, turn on the computer and reset the CMOS values to the defaults. If you continue to receive the error after following all the above steps, this is a sign of a more serious issue. We recommend taking your computer to a computer repair shop to have them diagnose the issue and test the power supply and motherboard to determine if either of them need to be replaced. The CMOS battery is an important part of the computer, because it helps the computer remember its settings and about itself. The CMOS battery makes the CMOS memory remember settings, including date and time settings.
This battery is connected to the south bridge chip, to power both CMOS memory and RTC circuits. If you don’t get any such warning, check that the time and date on your system is correct. If the computer suddenly shuts down or you get hardware errors like not detecting the hard drive, CD drive and RAM, this may cause the computer to shutdown. When you remove the CMOS battery, all the hardware settings stored in the CMOS memory are lost. Individual drivers may be available and manually installed via manufacturer websites at no charge.

All third party products, brands, or trademarks used herein are for identification purposes only and are the sole property of their respective owner. We recommend our installer which is a driver system utility for scanning, matching, downloading, and installing verified drivers. Robert says he's tried contacting both Phoenix Technologies (makers of the BIOS) and Emachines, and neither company could help. Most CMOS batteries are standard CR2032 "button" cells, which cost no more than a few bucks at your local drugstore, but check your motherboard documentation just to be safe.
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The CMOS battery is a small, round battery that lets you store the day, time, and month on your computer. It will look like the picture at the beginning of this post and will be in a holder on your motherboard. Symptoms of a depleted CMOS battery can include system warnings, lost time settings or even unexpected shutdowns.
If your system is equipped with a CMOS battery monitor a warning message will appear when it's time to replace your CMOS battery. If you have a voltmeter or multimeter, the direct method of determining CMOS battery failure is to check the CMOS battery's voltage.
Determine positive and negative polarity by the plus or negative sign engraved on top of the battery.
Replacement batteries can be purchased at photo counters, drug stores, electronics stores or online. This clip just holds the battery in place and the battery can still be removed by sliding it out from under the clip. It is recommended that, once you have located the battery, write down all information about the battery (Voltage, chemistry, wiring, and packaging). Use your fingers to grab on the edge of the battery and pull it up and out of the socket holding it in place.
If the battery is weak or dying, the clock will get reset to 12:00 and the date to Jan 1, every time you start the computer. Nowadays, CMOS batteries are not replaceable and are built inside the motherboards, when you see symptoms of a dying CMOS battery, you probably have to replace the motherboard. If the time resets to 12:00 and date resets to Jan 1, this is an indication of a dying CMOS battery and you should replace it. We recommend our driver update service that will scan your computer for the most current and compatible drivers and provide them in an easy, convenient method.
I don't think the driver-update utility is to blame here, but rather a poorly timed CMOS-battery failure. Replacing one is usually a two-minute job: pop out the old one, pop in the new one, and you're done. Laptops use CMOS batteries just like desktops, but on most models they're difficult--if not impossible--to replace.
It allows you to shut your PC down for an extended period of time and still have the correct time and date in place when you use your PC again. After you have the battery, you can either write down all the information listed on the battery, or you can just take the battery with you when looking to buy a new one.

If the CMOS battery is failing, you may notice invalid times showing within the operating system, such as on the clock at the bottom right of your monitor. If these stored setting are not available during operation, the computer system can unexpectedly shut off.
This will discharge any static electricity and preserve the computer's delicate electronics. Using a jeweler's flat-blade screwdriver, slowly pry back the metal holding clip while lifting the CMOS battery with your fingernail. Today, most computers use a coin cell CMOS battery, like the CR2032 battery shown in the picture.
Do not bend this clip to get the battery out, as a bent clip can result in the battery not staying in the battery socket. If your computer does not have a coin cell battery refer to your documentation or contact your computer manufacturer for further assistance. Many CMOS setups allow you to press a key (such as F10) to save values and exit all in one action. You may need to look into replacing the power supply or the motherboard to resolve the issue. Check with your motherboard manufacturer, if you have a new motherboard, since the manufacturers consider this a defect.
See, most desktop motherboards have a small battery that supplies power to the BIOS even when the machine is turned off. After that, you'll probably need to venture into the BIOS to reset the clock and double-check other system settings (like boot priority).
Which begs the question: After all these years, why haven't laptop manufacturers figured out a better way to power the CMOS? Apply the positive multimeter lead to the positive side and negative lead to the negative side. If your computer's motherboard has this clip, you may need to use one hand to move the clip up and the other hand to pull the battery out. If the system still shuts down, you should try to replace the CMOS battery first, since it’s cheaper than trying to replace other parts. This battery might last two years or it might last 10, but when it fails, you'll often see an error message like the one above.
The BIOS enables us to identify what hardware is on the system and what device drivers to use.
Write down any customized settings, such as hard drive configuration, CPU speed adjustments and external port deactivation. Many drivers may be obtained directly by visiting the websites of the respective manufacturers. When the CMOS battery is weak, the BIOS loses data and the computer can start to malfunction.

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