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Ryobi manufactures cordless power tools, many of which are powered by an 18 volt battery pack. Check the label on your Ryobi battery pack to find out the type of cells it contains: it is clearly labeled. Repeat the process by turning it on, letting it run until it stops, and then turning it off.
In a world of batteries, battery packs and chargers with endless combinations of connectors and sizes, Ryobi Tools keeps it simple. Ryobi is a prominent maker of cordless tools and the 14.4 volt models they offer produce a lot of power. 2 Cycle Fuel Line Repair Kit for Chainsaws Snow Blowers Weedeaters and for All Makes and Models of 2 Cycle Equipment.
Repairing a Craftsman leaf blower can be done by first determining what type of problem is occurring with the machine. Replacing a trimmer starter spring can be easy with the help of this article's professional repair tips. A failed trimmer starter will most-commonly be caused by normal wear to the starter spring, making it impossible for the starter rope to recoil back into the trimmer.
The steps in this article explain exactly how to dismantle a Ryobi trimmer starter assembly, replace its spring, and rebuild the assembly. Although we perform this procedure on a Ryobi trimmer, these steps are similar for rebuilding the starter on many trimmer makes and models. To find a replacement trimmer starter spring for your trimmer model, type your trimmer's model number in the search field at the top-left of this page. Motor wires leading to the trimmer starter must also be disconnected to completely remove the shaft from the motor assembly.
Removing the trimmer clutch can be easy with the help of a couple professional repair tips explained in this section.
There's a screw inside the clutch drum that must be unscrewed in order to remove the drum. Make sure to leave enough of the material hanging out so that it can be easily removed at the conclusion of the repair. Because the clutch screw is a regular thread screw, it should be turned counter-clockwise to remove it. The clutch plates will be screwed tightly to the trimmer motor, so the best way to remove them is with a flat head screwdriver and a shop mallet (or hammer).

The starter assembly is inside the trimmer's motor housing, so, the housing must also be freed up from the motor in order to access the starter. For our example model pictured in this article, there are six torx screws holding the motor and the housing together.
Wedge the tip of a flat head screwdriver between the housing and motor to fully separate them.
The last step to access the pulley and other pieces of the starter is to remove a retaining plate that secures the assembly in position.
Remove the pulley cap, a pulley spring located underneath the cap, and then remove the pulley itself. Untie the knot in the end of the starter rope and pull the rope from the pulley and motor housing. For the assembly to be rebuilt correctly, tension must be put on the spring by carefully rewinding the pulley. The pulley has a gap on its underside that must be lined up with the round, coiled end of the starter spring. Be careful to keep pressure on the pulley during the following steps until the assembly is completely rebuilt.
Use a pair of needle nose pliers to thread the rope through the motor housing and into the pulley.
It may be helpful to get an extra pair of hands to hold pressure on the pulley during this step. Reinstall the pulley spring from where it was removed earlier (right on top of the pulley). The pulley top cap must also be replaced while maintaining downward pressure on the assembly. While maintaining downward pressure on the assembly, allow the starter rope to slowly recoil back into the starter. When re-tensioned correctly, the starter rope handle will recoil all the way back to touch the motor housing.
Tighten down the last clutch plate by striking its edge with a flat head screwdriver and a mallet. The clutch drum will twist into position easily, and because the trimmer's piston is still bound, the clutch screw will tighten down normally in a clockwise direction. This is the part of the repair where you'll thank yourself for leaving some of the binding material sticking out of the piston.

Reassemble the trimmer shaft by connecting its parts in reverse order that they were disassembled. Remember to reconnect the throttle cable and retaining pin, reconnect the motor wires, and return the screws that affix the shaft to the motor assembly. Although this repair has a lot of steps, it can easily be completed--believe it or not--in twenty minutes or so, making the time spent well-worth the investment. Older Ryobi 18 volt battery packs contained 15 nickel cadmium cells, each producing 1.2 volts.
Leave it to fully charge: it takes much longer than you are used to as the battery cells have been repaired and can now retain more energy.
Leaf blowers propel leaves and other lawn debris through the air by creating winds of up to 180 miles per hour. The first step to access the starter assembly is to remove the trimmer's clutch drum and clutch plates. Without first binding the piston, trying to unscrew the clutch drum screw will only turn the screw and the piston. Our professional tips can make this otherwise tricky part of the repair much more straightforward. Make sure to position the screwdriver so that striking it will turn the clutch plate clockwise.
However, recent advances in battery design mean that Ryobi now produce 18 volt batteries using lithium ion cells. Li-ion cells produce 3.6 volts and therefore only require five cells for a full battery, making the packs much lighter and smaller. However, battery packs containing Li-ion cells have power surge breakers built-in to ensure they don't get overcharged. If your Ryobi battery pack contains NiCad cells and you find the battery goes dead quickly then repairing it is an easy task.

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