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The Ryobi Tek4 Digital Key Lock Box has flexible code settings and is the perfect tool for when you need to provide access to multiple keys to several people. The lock box looks impressive and pretty sturdy, even though many parts are out of plastic.
Operation is cumbersome: the rubber key pad is not very responsive, one has to type slowly.
After using the box at one of my construction sites for about a week I discovered that the release button would open the compartment regardless of whether the electronic lock was engaged or not. I got tired of losing my key to my shed and finally purchased this lock box and never have to worry about it again. I read all the reviews and there were more than a few bad ones talking about malfunctioning and not working.
I don't know where all of the negative reviews are coming from -- especially the ones about the unit opening without a digital code. After many repeated tries the best I could get out of a full charge was 3 weeks not 8 months as advertised.

The unit works exactly as I would have expected and opens only with 1) a key, 2) the master code, or 3) any of the temporary codes you've already programmed. Remodeling a house and sometimes you need to send a contractor over to get a quote, but don't like giving out the same code. Even several emails to Ryobi only got me a wishy washy excuse like your battery is old so I got a new battery with same results.This is not good for someone who needs access once a month because it will DOA. Unfortunately, any code that opens the key chamber also allows the removal of the lock box from whatever it was attached to. No more losing my key and the lock box has been through it's first winter and summer and is heading into the second winter and looks very nice. Lockbox seems very durable but very large but actual key storage area very small and was a challenge to set the codes. Further it can program for 1 tome access, which had let us go enjoy the water park when our heating & cooling company came out to do maitnace.
I was worried it would get damaged in the elements but it has stood the test of mother nature.

Use of this site is subject to certain Terms Of Use.Local store prices may vary from those displayed. Finally our family came to town and I used another feature to program the box with a code I gave the family. Offered to other agents for $10 but they had same comments as mine about the boxes and suggested I return them. I did not have the time to send it back but thanks to numerous emails asking me to do a review I can at least tell people to stay away from this.

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