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Photography Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for professional, enthusiast and amateur photographers. I have a Canon PowerShot SX100 IS, and the battery slot is the one in the following picture. Has anyone some knowledge about this system of battery slot, what might explain it to be stuck, or how to open it again without breaking my camera?
Edit: Sorry, Russel, for not having brought the concern about the external locking button at first.
A pin enters the slot when the door is closed and then moves into locking position under the overhand when the door is moved sideways. It is not obvious what has happened in your case but if this was my camera I would consider doing the following. Hold camera upside down in right hand and strike the top sharply on my left hand so there is a cushioned but solid impact. Try levering with a thin metal object between body and door (on outside on body side of A) to try to get the door to move in unlock direction.
With a dril of about 6 mm diameter drill (Really!) into the door at the outside next to point D so that you can see and access the tip of lock H WITHOUT DAMAGING IT. Also, this hole allows you to addply more force in the sliding open direction using the edge of the hole. Note that the two plastic ridges at D are intended to stop reverse polarity battery insertion. Given your extra information about the locking button, if it was mine, I would try inserting levering objects (such as screwdriver tips) into the areas around the jammed button and try exerting extra force on it in the desired direction.

Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged canon repair body powershot or ask your own question. Why do I get the “Change the battery pack” message on startup (Canon ELPH 300 HS)? My daughter's friend faked having cancer - our daughter found out via Facebook and is devastated. Just yesterday I was discussing with a colleague about the problems that exist in device design and manufacturing today. The polymer contains carbon nano-tubes so it will conduct electricity, so they’re not rendering the battery useless by just dipping it in rubber. Unfortunately, someone borrowed it from me, and the broken slot is now broken in a strange way: it is closed but it cannot be open with bare hands, or at least, it cannot be open without risking breaking the camera.
A nail file or piece of still thing spring steel (such as is used on some large wooden boxes as strapping when shipping). Once you are JUST through the outer wall of the door you can use a hand held reamer or larger drill (10mm - up to enlarge the hole without damaging the hook at H.
By attacking the door in stages you WILL be able to open it in due course and if the camera proper is undamaged it should allow a new door to be fitted after the problem is determined and fixed if it is in the body. If somebody managed to shut the door with the wrong polarity battery there it would insert an immense pressure on the door - perhaps only much force is required to slide the door.
I think the white lever is a kind of lock too, to prevent the sliding to occur inadvertedly.
That still means they expect the batteries to fail after less that two years for phones and just over 8 years for vehicles.

I was told a spring might have been lost, but I cannot see it on the photo and I cannot understand how to fix my camera battery slot, as the first step would be to open the battery slot. The arm at G with its shape shown by a vent line is inserted into the space at C and the tipo slides under D when the door is slid into lock position.
The object is to workl bewteen door and hook at H and try to free up the lock sliding action. You see the problem we were discussing is built-in batteries and how they are becoming very common and how that’s an awful trend. Chao Wang, a postdoctoral researcher at Stanford University, and a team there are working on a self-healing polymer that can be used to coat the outside of batteries to help make then more corrosion and damage resistant. Better, if you can cut the ledge away around hook H without damaging H then IF this is the only latch it may allow the door to be opened or partially opened wothout sliding. Take your iPhone for example, and smash it on the ground,┬áthe battery can’t be removed and replaced. It doesn’t sound like the battery itself will be any better but there will be some protection against the natural forces that act on it.

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