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Car batteries typically last between 3 and 5 years, and may give no advance warning before failing on a cold Wisconsin morning when you’re already running late. Auto batteries in cold areas, especially in the winter, usually need to be replaced more often than those in warmer areas, as cold saps the energy out of them.
Services performed on devices may not be the ones seen in the movies due to the nature any problems or faults your own devices may have. In practice Most battery manufacturers recommend charging using a constant voltage and current limiting, with temperature compensation. Interstate has been the top-selling automotive replacement battery brand in North America since 1990, and battery research shows that no automotive batteries last longer than Interstate batteries.

To ensure that the charge voltage is maintained at the level set by PI, the voltage at the input to the LM317 must be kept at least 3 V higher than that at the output. The input voltage can be provided from a (plug-in) mains adaptor (unregulated is fine) or from a 14 V boat power supply.
The latter option is only suitable if the battery to be charged contains no more than four cells. The charge voltage is set using PI to the optimal value for the number of cells, battery type (see manufacturera€™s data) and type of charging (normal or trickle). The voltage at the output of the charger should be checked using a digital multimeter with the battery not connected.

The range of voltages offered by PI can be altered if necessary by changing R2 to suit the number of cells in the battery. If charging is always to be carried out at room temperature, the temperature compensation diodes between R2 and PI (shown dotted) can be dispensed with. Otherwise it is necessary to find out what temperature coefficient (TC) the manufacturer recommends for compensation.

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