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Have you found the classic car you always dreamed of owning, only to be shocked and appalled by the seller’s collection of offensive bumper stickers? If bumper stickers are old enough, they can be so tightly bonded to the paint that it’s difficult to lift even the tiniest corner. Lift the corner of the sticker and use a plastic scraper or spatula (not a razor blade!) to work your way underneath. Now you can get on with expressing more up-to-date political views, or passive-aggressively punishing your former honor student, or just enjoying your newly clean vehicle!
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Now more and more people purchase Honda City car stereo because this powerful multimedia system can bring great enjoyment to car owners. The following is the Hot Guide on how to buy the latest Honda City GPS navigation,and 36 pictures on How to Remove Honda City Car Stereo and Install it step by step. I've owned quite a few Japanese coupes and tend to do basic repair and maintenance jobs, such as and oil change or other service type jobs on them myself. I'm starting to document some bits ond pieces as I do these jobs and will post the articles here, in case it's any use to you lot.

Here are some brief instructions and annotated pictures showing how to do an oil change on a Mk2 Toyota MR2. Pictures and instructions showing how to remove the stereo and main dials from a Toyota Supra Mk4. I thought it was probably the fan belt slipping on my Toyota Supra buy it turned out to be a worn cran pulley.
In case you have the same symptoms on your Supra, you might be interested to read the Supra Crank Pulley page! Here's some information about Gaffer Tape Mondeo disease, an increasingly common sight on Britain's roads.
How to replace the Honda original car stereo from the S2000 and keep the dashboard controls working! After scraping away as much of the sticker as you can, spray more tree sap remover on the sticky glue residue that’s left. If old bumper stickers are just the beginning of your problems, Continental Honda’s service department can fix you right up! Is it time to finally get rid of that “Vote Bill Clinton” bumper sticker to make room for some new Hillary swag?

That works okay, if the hair dryer’s cord is long enough to get it in the right position.
Whatever the reason, peeling them off can be a frustrating task, unless you’re using this quick and easy method for how to remove old stickers and window decals from your car. But there’s something that works even better, for both bumper stickers and windshield decals.
Spray the sticker and the area around it down liberally with tree sap remover, and let it sit for about 5 minutes to soak through. This helps break down the sticker glue, and it won’t accidentally damage your paint the way heat from a hair dryer can.

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