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To say that I’m grateful to have a Roomba that makes the vacuuming portion easier is putting it mildly, but poor Michelle (yes, my kids named her after me) is having a hard time keeping up. Utilizing lithium batteries is becoming the norm in most electronics because they last longer and hold a charge better. The most frustrating part of the process in replacing my Roomba battery was the utter lack of instructions from Lithium Power, Inc. One awesome part about the lithium replacement battery is that I did not have to spend an entire day charging the battery before Michelle was ready to go.
I can’t be alone in my battery for Roomba declining in power, and the Lithium Power, Inc lithium Roomba battery works beautifully. Never really timed it to see how long thr battery lasts, all I know is that dreaded light is on way too much which is annoying. Per an article I found Robot promises that the battery can run for up to 2 hours, and based on our estimates, will last about 400 charges. This would be for my Grandmother, I’m not really sure how long her batteries last but I know she mentioned wanting one of these.
They are pretty much par for the course now for most electronics from tablets to cameras to phones and more.

The Roomba replacement battery was carefully wrapped in bubble wrap, but when I unwrapped it, I was surprised by the almost homemade looking bright colors on the battery. Although I did allow the battery to charge some, she was ready to go quickly – something that traditional batteries are unable to do.
New still in original packaging.A  For iRobot Roomba 500 series 510 530 532 535 540 550 560 570 Replacement Battery3500mAh Real Capacity!! We cleaned before we moved in we cleaned once we got the furniture in and the movers were finished, and I feel like I’ve been cleaning almost every day since then.
Fortunately, I just replaced her battery with a new litium Roomba replacement battery from Lithium Power, Inc., and the difference is significant.
For some reason, my not exactly cheap Roomba still comes with a Nickel cadmium battery, however.
I obviously haven’t gotten that far with my charging yet, but given the experience I have with my phone, I fully expect to realize that difference.
Once I opened up the battery case on my Roomba, I realized that this was merely typical of the batteries, as the Lithium Power Inc lithium battery for Roomba is merely a mirror image of colors from the one that was in Michelle to start.
Fortunately, the iRobot site has an easy visual instruction guide to Roomba replacement battery installation.

Lithium batteries last four times longer and hold a charge for nearly twice as long as traditional batteries. To me, the most important difference is that I can now use Michelle for well over 3 hours before she gives me that nasty red circle where she’s crying for help. Using a Phillips head screwdriver and following the iRobot Roomba instructions, I was able to switch out the battery quickly and easily.
These Roomba replacement batteries work for the 500, 600, 700, and 800 series, which covers most of the Roombas out there now.
And for more peace of mind, there is a second year warranty for the battery that you can purchase when you order for $10 more. Michelle used to last for about an hour and a half or so before she headed back to her charging base due to a lack of batteries.

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