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The iPhone 3GS is definitely an innovative and useful piece of technology; however, it is also quite expensive. Before taking the time to effectively repair and refurbish an iPhone 3GS to make it just like new again, users should always make sure that they have the proper materials beforehand. With all of the parts removed, replacing broken or malfunction components becomes quite easy for any user. While using the spudger to remove the connectors and access various parts of the 3GS, it is always important to be gentle as to not rip or tear any of the connecting ribbons. With all of the advanced technologies featured in the iPhone 3GS, fixing and replacing various damages can certainly seem like a daunting task.
To replace an iPhone screen that is cracked or no longer functioning, begin by removing the back panel and the battery as outlined, and then look for two Phillips screws located on the dock connector cover.
Just below and to the left of the antenna connector is a 1.9-mm Phillips screw that holds the logic board in place. A small white warranty sticker covers a screw that rests near the pull tab for the battery. Look for three large head screws along either side of the phone case, and remove these along with their washers.
With a bit of preparation and a few specialized tools, you can repair almost any type of damage to an iPhone 4 and return it to like new condition. 4 inch black Cell Phone Screen Replacement for iphone 5 TFT material Features : 1 ) High quality and original lcd screen assembly for iPhone 5 . When certain problems arise with the iPhone, such as physical or electrical damage, it can be very easy to panic and just give up on that iPhone altogether.
It is important to remember that an iPhone features many small parts, and while taking apart and reconstructing their iPhone, users can easily lose many of the small screws and electronic components.
For this task, users are going to need a heat gun or hair dryer, a Phillips No.00 screwdriver, a small suction cup, and a spudger. However, users should always make sure that their iPhone replacement parts are completely compatible with their model.
Whether the earpiece is not working or the screen is cracked, you can easily keep your iPhone in proper working order.
The phones provide access to a wide variety of entertainment media, as well as resources for work and personal pursuits. These include a small Phillips screwdriver,,flathead screwdriver,, andpentalobe screwdriver,, along with aniPod opening tool and a spudger..

To replace the battery, remove the 2.5-mm screw that secures the battery connector to the logic board. Remove the 2.4-mm Phillips screw on the right side of the speaker enclosure, and then pull the speaker enclosure free.
The fastest way to locate desirable items on the site is to type keywords into the search field on any eBay page.
Shop on eBay for the necessary tools and components, as well as factory new iPhone 4 products. Fortunately, consumers can save money by taking apart and refurbishing their iPhone right at home.
Therefore, this refurbishing task requires concentration and organization, which means that users should make sure that they have a set of precision screwdrivers, rubber gloves, an air compressor to blow away dirt and dust, screen cleaners, and several other important materials. In the end, users should have seven different parts: the front display, LCD, PCB, camera, digitizer, voice control, and back casing. With all of the different 3GS components, users should always know where to find these parts within the Smartphone. If a user tries to pry the ribbon from the right side, he or she could easily damage the connector. Additionally, you can also take a trip on over to eBay to discover a wide array of replacement parts at highly competitive prices.
It is possible to get by without the spudger or the opening tool by using paper clips and other items, though doing so can compromise the safety of the phone's internal components. Once the screw is free, use an iPod opening tool to lift the battery connector up, being careful not to pull on the socket. As a result, learning to replace the display helps to disassemble and assemble other components that commonly require refurbishing, such as thespeaker enclosure,,home button,, and dock connector.. Next, find and remove the five screws that hold the connector cover to the logic board at the top of the phone. To the right of the camera, locate and remove the five connectors from their sockets on the logic board using the iPod opening tool. Lift it from the phone by placing the iPod opening tool between the rubber bezel and the steel frame. With the right tools and a little instruction regarding the disassembly and reassembly of an iPhone 3GS, replacing any part of the Smartphone becomes a simple process.
Because of its difficulty, it is important to remove only the digitizer glass if it needs replacement.

Some of the other 3GS components that users may need to replace in order to refurbish their iPhone include the proximity sensor, earpiece speaker, vibrator assembly, and the dock connector assembly.
From eBay, locate the search bar and enter keywords specifically related to the parts or materials that you need for a good refurbishing. Whether it is a dead battery, a cracked screen, or a damaged dock connector, refurbishing a damaged iPhone 4 at home with the help of a few small tools and some replacement parts. However, once the pentalobe screws are removed, they can be replaced with Phillips screws for easier access in the future. Use a flathead screwdriver for the standoff near the headphone jack, and then pull out the logic board.
Remove these, followed by the nearby 1.5-mm screw that holds the front panel near the headphone jack. Slowly peel the front panel away from the frame, being careful not to tear the home button cable.
You may refine listings by adding new keywords or by clicking on any of the category links found in search results pages. Fortunately, many of the connectors for these pieces have number tags one through seven, and users only need to remove the connectors in numerical order to access the iPhone components. It is important to remember that your iPhone needs 3GS parts, and so when you are considering a product, make sure to double check that the part is compatible with your device. Learn about some of the many options available for refurbishing the phone and returning it to working condition.
Once the battery connector is free, remove the contact clip that covers the antenna connector.
Locate the antenna connector immediately adjacent to the dock ribbon cable, and use an iPod opening tool to remove it from its socket. From there, use the iPod opening tool to separate the rear camera connector from its socket and remove the rear camera. If you are ever unsure about a product, you can always contact the seller directly for more information. Replace the battery and return all components to their rightful place by working in reverse order.

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