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Unlike gel cell batteries that use a gelled electrolyte, AGM batteries still use the common water/acid electrolyte mixture, just like regular flooded cell batteries (such as the one in your car). The difference is that AGM batteries have fiberglass matting sandwiched in between the lead plates. One is the matting prevents the electrolyte from sloshing around and spilling out in case the battery is inverted or put on its side. Another is that the plates can be made with a purer lead (which is softer and needs extra support) that permits higher efficiency. A flooded cell battery does not have this feature and typically the hydrogen and oxygen simply vent into the atmosphere.
Over time this causes the electrolyte level to drop, thus preventing the battery from attaining full charge.

Contrary to common belief, you actually can maintain these types of batteries, it just is not very common and the manufacturers would rather you didn't for a number of reasons. It is actually very easy to do as long as you are not squeamish about partially tearing your batteries apart.

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