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The Honda Civic’s hybrid battery has had a tumultuous history.  As the Civic’s battery pack ages, it has shown life expectancy problems that have been well publicized. The first one is: how old is the vehicle?  An older model with high mileage is a different case than a more recent model with typical mileage. While vehicle age, operating conditions and performance factors are always important, sometimes your plan for the vehicle takes precedence over everything else.  If your window of ownership is short, it doesn’t make economic sense to invest heavily in a battery problem resolution. Once you take all the aforementioned factors into consideration, it makes it easier to determine the best choice in dealing with your battery situation. From our experience, the potential of refurbishing or conditioning Honda Civic packs without some component replacement are relatively low simply because of the variety of problems the Honda Civic packs are experiencing and the failure modes they’re exhibiting. When we look at the rebuild versus replace option, there is one other significant consideration with the later Honda models  – 2005 and newer– a required reflash of the vehicle’s control module. So , reflash concerns  may lead a customer more towards a rebuild because the rebuild does not require a reflash of the control module. If you have any questions please post them in the comment section below or just click the bottom below to get an immediate quote on servicing your Hybrid Vehicle. Even after Honda's Great Emergency Refresh of 2013, it still takes a sharp eye to spot the visual differences between the 2013 Honda Civic and its 2012 counterpart. One thing that hasn't changed for the Civic is the wide selection of models available including the fuel-efficient HF, Natural Gas and Hybrid models.
The only part of the 2013 Civic Hybrid that was left alone, was the one area it could have used a little modernization: Honda's Integrated Motor Assist system.
Aside from the powertrain, Honda made numerous small improvements that paid off big time with the styling of the 2013 Civic sedan lineup.
Interior updates were equally subtle but make a huge difference in terms of comfort and style, such as the added padding to the door panels for added comfort, the reworked instrument panel with a cleaner, less awkward design and much better HVAC controls. Starting at $24,360, the Civic Hybrid has about the same premium as most hybrids or diesels in this class, but my fully loaded tester with navigation and leather came out to $27,850.
Considering that a Civic Hybrid buyer could have just as easily bought a Civic Si, I'm not going to harp on the Hybrid too much, but the 110-hp engine and the equally buzz-killing CVT don't make for an exciting car.
A new feature for 2013 is a lane departure warning system that uses a forward-mounted camera to sense the road lines and flash a bright warning on the upper screen if the car swerves out of its lane. When it comes to the idea of small, fuel-efficient cars, I've always been in the diesel camp, but I also enjoy taking long road trips. Autoblog accepts vehicle loans from auto manufacturers with a tank of gas and sometimes insurance for the purpose of evaluation and editorial content.
Reported comments and users are reviewed by Autoblog staff 24 hours a day, seven days a week to determine whether they violate Community Guideline. Previous owner sold me the car for almost nothing because he couldn't get plates for it as it wouldn't pass emissions. I took the pack home, I knew I'd be into this for 20+ hours and wanted the comfort of my couch, even though I wasn't on it very long. Unfortunately I got impatient and it was late Sunday night, so I rebuilt the pack and installed it.
So now I'm back to deciding if I want to buy a used pack, have this one reconditioned (don't like the price or the time on that option), or just continue to get 48.8mpg and not whine about the IMA not working 100%. I'm not opposed to giving the batteries another go, but I don't like not driving the car, and I did drive it about 35 miles with the battery out and it was just too nerve racking.

It would be green to go with a reconditioned pack, and make the most of the car by getting the battery pack running as it should Or better. Running 9 chargers at once, rotating batteries between charge and discharge, logging data, I was running all over, even with help!
I didn't like driving it with the battery pack out because of the little red battery light staring me in the face.
You could just ditch the battery pack all together, enjoy the extra trunk space and put a piece of black electric tape over the red light in the dash. I drove my Insight for several thousand kms getting 80+ MPG with the hybrid functions completely disabled.
Ya les contamos del Honda Civic sedan 2015 y del Civic Coupe 2015, y para hoy les traemos el Civic Hybrid, uno de los carros de menor consumo de combustible del mercado, uno de los mas novedosos y refinados del segmento de los hibridos, y uno de los modelos incluidos en la Lista de los autos mas seguros del 2015 para EEUU. Honda Civic Hybrid 2015: Tiene como rivales al Toyota Prius, Toyota Camry Hybrid, Ford Fusion Hybrid y el Kia optima Hybrid. Honda Civic Hybrid 2015: Sus competidores son el Toyota Prius, Toyota Camry Hybrid, Ford Fusion Hybrid y el Kia optima Hybrid.
So when you start looking at the options available to deal with its life expectancy challenges- namely: replace, rebuild, or recondition the battery, there are a number of considerations that come into play. Older vehicles with higher mileage make it more difficult to justify costly solutions when the remaining utility of the vehicle is likely short lived. All highway mileage in a temperate climate with little elevation change is drastically different than extreme temperatures,  short haul driving in mountainous terrain. The longer your ownership horizon is, the wider your options are because the cost can be spread out over the length of time the vehicle remains in service. A shorter ownership period with a high mileage vehicle may warrant the least expensive alternative. We are seeing modules within the Civic battery pack assembly that are coming to end of their life in ways that will result in repeat failure if they’re  simply conditioned.
The rebuild process then again comes into question, specifically – how is the battery going to be rebuilt?
While annual styling changes used to be commonplace back in the 1950s and '60s, this has become a much rarer practice in the industry due to the high costs of doing so, and sets the tone for just how important the Civic is in the Honda lineup. For this Quick Spin, I spent a week with the 2013 Civic Hybrid, which has always been a kind of un-Prius with its more-conventional sedan styling. On the fuel economy front, sandwiching the 27-horsepower motor between the 110-hp 1.5-liter engine and the CVT returns EPA estimates of 44 miles per gallon for city and highway, which is far better than the mild-hybrid eAssist system used by General Motors but not as advanced as other hybrids in this segment. Except for the stop-start system, the only way most drivers will really know this is a hybrid is by how much better it is at the pump. The exterior received new fascias, taillights and a modified decklid to give all sedan models a more mature appearance, and the Civic Hybrid probably comes off as the most stylish of the Civic models now with its grinning chrome grille, LED running lights and the clear-lens, light-pipe taillights. Despite being a big step up from 2012, the 2013 Civic's interior is still a step behind class leaders (in roominess and styling).
This is still a reasonable price for such a well-equipped car in this market, but for dedicated green-car enthusiasts, it might be a little too close to new plug-in or full-EV models to warrant the price. Still, going back to the IMA, the true saving grace of this system is that it doesn't add too much weight. Unfortunately, this camera takes up an unusually vast amount of windshield real estate, which was obvious as I was pulling out into traffic on more than one occasion.

Those with regular city commutes should appreciate Civic Hybrid as much for what it brings to the table (excellent fuel economy) as for what it leaves behind (an overly flashy "I'm a hybrid" design).
Like most of the auto news industry, we also sometimes accept travel, lodging and event access for vehicle drive and news coverage opportunities.
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I can ignore yellow lights, but after so many years I'm trained to get nervous about red ones.
Recordemos que tambien estan disponibles el Honda Civic Gas Natural, ademas de las versiones deportivas denominada Civic Sedan SI y Civic Coupe SI.
La alimentacion del motor electrico corre a cargo de un sistema que aprovecha la energia producida por los frenos del carro al ser accionados.
Conversely, a longer ownership period with a lower mileage vehicle may support the decision to invest heavily in a new battery.
That being said, that doesn’t mean all of them are that way, it just means that a significant percentage of the ones we are seeing are experiencing failure due to the pack design. So if the Honda Civic owner is concerned with performance changes in their vehicle where the vehicle may not accelerate as well as it used to, then potentially putting a brand new battery in might not be the best option. Is it going to be rebuilt with used parts or is it going to be rebuilt using new aftermarket module assemblies?
The Civic's top-mpg offering now finds itself under fire from newer rivals like the Chevy Cruze (Eco and Diesel) and VW Jetta (TDI and Hybrid). Unlike eAssist, Honda says that the motor can send power directly to the front wheels (but only during deceleration as a way to lessen the load on the engine), but unlike a more advanced hybrid, the Civic can't accelerate under all-electric power. During my week with the car, I was pleasantly surprised at how the Civic never 'felt' like a hybrid but returned excellent fuel economy. All of these interior and exterior changes were most likely already in the product pipeline as a midcycle refresh, so it will be interesting to see how Honda updates this design in another couple years. There is no doubt that this refresh has bought the Civic some time to keep pace with other compact cars, but I think that as much that has changed in this segment in the last few years, Honda isn't going to have much breathing room in this segment until the next-gen Civic can get here.
If you decide to go the rebuild route, insist on getting specifics as to the process and components that go into the rebuild. With the growing number of hybrids, diesels and high-fuel-economy gas models car buyers currently have at their disposal, if you've been clamoring for more fuel-efficient cars in recent years, now's the time to be putting your money where your mouth is.
Honda stepped up its game with a new lithium-ion battery for 2012, but it needs to come up with an equally advanced answer for the rest of the system. Based on the in-cluster estimates I averaged just over 40 mpg on the highway, and in the city my numbers were consistently above the official 44-mpg rating.
In terms of braking, the weight saving means better performance along with pedal feel that is neither too spongy or frightening.

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