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A new technology may be able to help prevent fires or other hazardous malfunctions with lithium-ion batteries. The technology is dubbed Stoba, and it took five years to develop by the lead research organization of Taiwan at the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI). There has been concern related to mid-air fire caused by battery hazards, the Taiwanese government noted. Asian battery makers are now testing Stoba in small quantities, with the additional price of the technology only adding two or three percent to manufacturing costs.  Taiwanese battery manufacturers expect to see products ready in Q1 2010.
Peng plans to offer Stoba directly to manufacturers, and may find potential clients in Hewlett-Packard, Apple, Acer, Sony, Dell, and other consumer electronics companies. The ITRI has been prevalent in international research the past few years, with 151 start-up companies launched by its employees. Lithium-ion safety hazards were catapulted into news headlines recently after several cases of fires or explosions were caused by faulty batteries in laptops or MP3 players. Register in 10 seconds, pick a username, enter your mail address and proof you're human, that's all! At Myce most social media feature are done server side and impose no privacy risk to the visitor when not used. Switch to the List layout for an index with chronologycally listed news items or Grid layout for a block based layout. Here comes the lithium battery debate once more, and it is likely to gain further traction following studies by the Federal Aviation Administration which show they are more likely to catch fire than previously thought.
Quite aside from the increased dangers posed by lithium batteries, the new research poses a further problem for the FFA – it can’t actually respond to it in terms of legislation because it is has been barred by US Congress from placing any new restrictions on lithium battery carriage, and has to follow ICAO recommendations.
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Bulk shipments of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries could result in a catastrophic mid-flight fire, according to recent tests.
United Airlines joined Delta Air Lines Monday with a ban on bulk shipments of the batteries, while American has limited some types of batteries — but stopped short of a ban.

The Federal Aviation Administration has conducted tests for years that have shown the fire danger posed by lithium-ion batteries. As the overheating spreads, the batteries emit explosive gases that build up inside the cargo container.
The most recent tests were conducted last month at the FAA's technical center in Atlantic City, New Jersey.
As of February, there have been 151 recorded air and airport incidents "involving batteries carried as cargo or baggage" since March 1991, according to the FAA.
An airliner might be able to withstand a fire generated by a small number of lithium-ion batteries, but a fire involving lots of them could destroy the plane, according to a slide presentation by Airbus engineer Paul Rohrbach. Lithium batteries dominate the global battery industry because they're cheap to make, lightweight and can hold a lot more energy than other types of batteries. Cargo airlines are continuing to transport the batteries even though there have been three major aircraft accidents, in 2006, 2010 and 2011, "where lithium battery cargo shipments were implicated but not proven to be the source of the fire," said the FAA. All three commercial airlines plan to continue accepting bulk shipments of equipment containing batteries, and shipments in which batteries are in the same package as the equipment they are used to power. Delta Air Lines, Lifestyle, lithium-ion batteries, rechargeable batteries, Travel, Travel & Leisure, united airlines, U.S. Stoba sits between the positive and negative sides of a battery, functioning as a porous material under normal conditions.
The research organization has almost 6,000 employees and more than 9,000 patents in several countries. Many companies have issued product recalls for particularly hazardous batteries that were provided to consumers.
This program is all about how batteries are important for our current lives and how should be take care of them or bring them back to life in order to make use of the technologies present around us. Included in this e-book are plenty of specific pictures as well as diagrams that can help you follow easily. This part of my How To Recondition Batteries At Home review will offer you some of the most typical features of this product. Indeed, in order to understand how this e-guide works, you should understand batteries and their nature. Fact is, there are several ways to test your batteries in order to prepare them for reconditioning. These tips are useful for you in case you recharge a battery like your laptop battery or phone battery but it does not hold any charge. You will discover what does a lead acid battery look like inside, some essential equipment supplies for reconditioning and working with lead acid batteries, how sulfation impacts a battery, and steps to test lead acid batteries. Furthermore, you could profit by buying a€?deada€? batteries and selling them when completely working lessons. You could show your friends as well as family the ways to recondition batteries so everyone could get the benefits. And, if after these 60 days, you decide to keep this product, with just $47, you will get the whole system in just several minutes.
Concretely, you will get some simple ideas to start a businessA that have been put into practice successfully for the purpose of making money with old batteries. If yes, feel free to share your opinion and experience after using it with us to let other people decide whether or not this program is worth a try. Several tests have resulted in fierce explosions that have blown the doors off containers, followed by violent fires.
They confirmed previous test results and show that overheated batteries consistently emit gases that cause explosions. The presentation was an industry position reflecting the views of other aircraft manufacturers as well as Airbus, according to the company. The pilots of the third freighter managed to escape after landing in Philadelphia, but that plane was also destroyed.

Placing batteries inside equipment like laptops or in the same package as power tools creates additional buffering and is believed to provide added protection, although safety experts say that theory hasn't been fully tested.
Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe. However, once a Stoba battery hits 266 degrees Fahrenheit, the material transforms into a non-porous film that cuts off battery functions and prevents over-heating or explosion. Inside this e-guide, Craig Orell shows you exactly how to take old batteries that most people consider useless and instead recondition them so they are as good as new. You have to test your batteries before reconditioning them.A  You will go over testing the batteries with a multi meter, a battery tester, and a battery analyzer.
The secret methods introduced in this system are designed to help you rejuvenate the batteries which you might throw away. As the manual is designed in PDF format which means you could start in just several minutes from now.
You could buy a€?deada€? batteries in bulk from those auto mechanics, then recondition them with the information included in this e-guide before selling them for a great profit as working batteries. In case you are worry whether or not this product will work for you, then you should eliminate all of your doubts immediately as the author gives customers the full 60-day money back guarantee. When one battery overheats, according to the FAA, it can ignite nearby batteries and cause a chain reaction.
The combination of gases released by the batteries varies according to the batteries' chemistry, but the gas released in the greatest volume is hydrogen, said officials familiar with the tests, and fire temperatures have reached over 1,100 degrees. About 4.8 billion lithium-ion cells were manufactured in 2013, and production is forecast to reach 8 billion a year by 2025.
It prohibits the government from issuing regulations regarding battery shipments that are any more stringent than standards approved by the International Civil Aviation Organization, a U.N. Besides, this program contains instructions for different types of batteries, including Li-Ion batteries, lead acid batteries, Ni-MH batteries, and Ni-Cd Batteries. If you acknowledge the science behind the batteries, you will be in a better position to take care of them and ensure that they work appropriately for your devices. It is not necessary for you to wait for the shipping cost and you could begin straight after your investment is approved. The model of business delivered in this e-guide not only allows you to earn such a 6 figure income but it is also really good for the environment.
That means for any reason, you are not totally satisfied with the result gained from Craig Orella€™s program, you will get a full refund within 60 days from the date of purchase. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they weren't authorized to speak publicly. And so far, there have been no cargo fires aboard passenger airlines attributed to lithium batteries.
Throughout the e-book, you are about to learn different aspects necessary of reconditioning batteries.
There will be no risk at all for you when taking advantage of this new revolutionary program. But as some airlines ban the shipments, it puts pressure on other airlines to follow suit or appear indifferent to safety risks. That's difficult, since in the three cases thus far in which batteries are suspected of causing fires, the planes were too damaged to determine the source of the blaze.
Using this e-guide, you can save your moneyA and even earn extra money by reconditioning batteries for other. In order to helpyou figure out how this program works, my How To Recondition Batteries At Home review will offer you some deep insights.

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