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If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you know how I feel about my cordless drill. Besides the obvious uses for a cordless drill (hole drilling, driving screws and bolts), I also use my drill to mix paint! I bought this paint mixer attachment and use it all the time to mix new colors or just to mix paint that has separated. The viewer assumes all responsibility and liability associated with the hazards of woodworking.
Please recognize that I have tried to put together a basic cordless drill tutorial to get you started. If you don’t own a cordless drill, I implore you to add this DIY essential to your holiday wishlist! Leave me a comment letting me know if you have any questions or comments on the Tool Tutorial Friday series.
My advice would be to forget buying an 18V cordless drill and buy a nice corded one instead.

One thing that is handy to have is a countersink bit for those times you don’t want screw heads to show. My only problem with a cordless drill is training my husband to put the batteries back on the charger when he’s done using them!
Wow, I didn’t know you could remove the drill bit by hand, I have always run by depressing the counterclockwise button. We just bought our first home, inspection on Monday (SO EXCITED!!!) and I’m making a list of the tools I need in my new workshop in the partially finished basement. For most jobs around here, the cordless tools really work well and my husband now saves the corded tools for the really heavy duty jobs. Very first thing is 1st, just how much are really you interested in to pay out for the vacation abroad?
If you find yourself planning a holiday, the very most important considerations is most likely the budget. There is also an attachment for your drill that will dig holes in the ground when planting bulbs.

Pretty Handy Girl is not responsible for any errors or omissions that may be present in this tutorial. An old one that is HEAVY, but handy for bigger projects and a smaller, lighter one that is quick and easy to use. The drill came with two batteries, a charger, a fabric case, the drill and a screwdriver bit.
I have so many plans for it and now, thanks to your video, I’ll be much more confident about using it.
Unfortunately the light weight airline letter must have dropped out of our mailbox, and we did not find it until the snow thawed. This is a nice feature and really helps when you need to switch from drilling through soft wood to a harder surface.

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