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For a bonus, he also shows you some ultra cool old shifters you may never have seen before.
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On some old cars like this MG TD the master cylinder will be on the frame directly behind the brake pedal. Master cylinders may have one blind end, threaded end plugs or a piston stop that fits around the push rod and is held by a snap ring. Before rebuilding a master cylinder, check a repair manual for your car and find cutaway drawings that show what your master cylinder looks like inside. To remove snap rings, clamp the master cylinder in a soft vise and push the end plug in against spring pressure with a large bar. Once you have the master cylinder apart, clean all parts with alcohol, Declene or a brake parts cleaner. To get a long-lasting repair have the master cylinder lined with stainless steel or brass before putting the parts back in. Before you reinstall your master cylinder, fill the reservoir with brake fluid and bench bleed it.
When some people see a rusted out old car along the side of the road, they see something that needs to be towed to the scrapyard. A one-of-a-kind car could give you the chance to be part of car shows and join those car enthusiast groups you have always wanted to be a part of. The idea of rebuilding an old car and trying to sell it for a profit is a little too risky for most people. Even the most talented auto mechanics spend time studying car restoration techniques so they can use them on their customer vehicles. Restoring old cars is something that has gained in recent years, thanks in large part to the availability of restoration information on the Internet.
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Slightly stretching the seal, install it in the groove which is closest to the flat end of the piston. If you're using the factory-style lip-seals, the best way to install the pistons back into their bores is to use a piston installation tool, shown above.
After installing the seal, you push the piston through the inside of the tool and into the bore of the caliper.

If you're using the O-ring style seals, getting the pistons back into their bores is easier. You can use a blunt flat-blade screwdriver (carefully) or a small plastic flexible card to push in. Care must be taken not to score the inside surface of the bore or scratch off any of the pistons anodizing, Or tear or puncture the edge of the seal.
Buy the installation tool and the hardest part of Corvette caliper rebuilding becomes the easiest. I poured a small amount of clean brake fluid into the bores and wiped brake fluid around the piston, seal, and bores with a finger before installing. If you're using the lip-style seal, remember to place the spring in the bottom of the piston bore first.
Once installed, hold the top of the piston with a finger or two, grab a metal-ringed piston seal, place it on top and gently tap it down.
After installing the caliper half O-rings, place the inboard half onto the outboard half and install the two bridge bolts. Use a new inlet copper washer when installing the new brake hose (some restorers use two washers). If you fill the calipers with brake fluid before you hook up the brake lines, it will shorten the time needed to bleed the system.
One non-stock upgrade I'll be making on the 1966 Corvette brakes is replacing the original single reservoir master cylinder with a dual reservoir master cylinder. Ever pass up a really crappy looking one because you don’t know how to clean it up and rebuild it? You'll have to remove it from the car, disassemble, clean the metal parts, hone the bore, install new parts from a rebuilding kit and reassemble it.
These are a bit hard to get to with the car body on, but some kind of access panel will be found in the floorboard.
Most have a uniform bore, but some have a "step bore" with different size cylinders at each end. When the plug is pushed past the locking groove, you can remove the snap ring with needle-nose pliers.
If damage is light, you may be able to recondition it with an inexpensive brake-cylinder hone. There are numerous companies that restore original master cylinders by sleeving them with stainless steel or brass.
Usually the check valve fits into the piston return spring and this assembly goes in the bore first. As long as you are using quality parts and quality rebuild kits, then you can use any colors and accessories you want to create a classic car that is like no other. The best part is that your classic car is a direct reflection of your abilities, your preferences, and your talent when it comes to bringing old cars back to life.

When you learn how to restore old cars, you will learn a long list of skills that can come in handy when it comes time to maintain your own vehicle or find an innovative solution to being broken down on a deserted road. When you are in a situation where you need a fast car repair and you do not have the ideal set of materials or tools, having the kind of comprehensive skill set that comes with restoring old cars comes in very handy. It is the kind of hobby that has practical applications when it comes to auto repair and maintenance, but it also gives you a way to express yourself and enjoy your free time. But when it comes right down to it, the idea of taking an old rust bucket and turning it into a beautiful car is something that can give you a strong sense of pride and accomplishment.
The metal gasket should be evenly seated around the bore, with no portion of it higher than another.
Apply a little synthetic grease on the forward surfaces where the brake pads ride in the caliper. This has become a popular choice with owners of 1963-66 Corvettes who wish to upgrade to the safer, 1967-style dual reservoir master cylinder.
We'll give you credit for the submission (of course) and what is cooler than showing all your gang that you have a story on Bang Shift? If they show any, it means that oil, gas or some other contaminant has gotten into the brake system.
These fit into a hand drill and have three legs with grinding stones that expand in the bore.
If you see any scoring, you'll need to get a new piston or recondition (smooth) the old one with 400-600 grit sandpaper. Rebuilding old cars has become a passion for thousands of people all over the United States and if you are on the fence about whether or not you should get into rebuilding cars, here are some very good reasons why you should consider it. Your ability to do all of the work necessary to restore a classic car can help expand your personal car collection and it could also be a way for you to earn a few extra dollars as well as you help others to bring their classic car dreams to life. This video by GearBoxVideo is a really simple to follow explanation on how to rebuild a Hurst Competition Plus 4-Speed Shifter, and also how it actually works. Brand new master cylinder rebuilding kits are available for many old cars from auto parts stores like Auto Zone. If the car has a dual braking system, there are two ports and you'll need two bleeder lines. This pushes air out of the fluid in the reservoir and makes the brake system easier to bleed later.

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