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You don’t need to know a whole lot about cars to know that there are certain basic things one can do to maintain ones car, both inside and out.
Most of us make the mistake of starting our car and taking off right after the ignition has been fired. It is recommended to wait at least 20-30 seconds for the car to warm up,  after the engine has been started, to drive off.
Maintaining a steady speed and cutting back on speeding helps maintain the smooth functioning of the engine. It’s recommended to get the transmission fluid changed every 50,000 miles in a car using manual transmission and 30,000 miles for automatic transmission. Even a slight misalignment can cause wear and tear on your car’s tires and affect mileage. You don’t need to run the car through the car wash every week, to maintain the exterior body and paint job.
These are just a few tips but important ones to help in the maintenance and life of your car.
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The best thing to do if you find yourself with transmission trouble is to visit an auto transmission specialist. We live in a world where disposable culture is now the norm, but that doesn't mean YOU have to be an advocate of all things disposable. Parking under shaded areas, especially if the car will be parked for a good hour or more, is recommended to protect the car’s exterior and paint job. It’s recommended to check wheel alignment every 6000 miles or when you find the drive is not as smooth or seems a little wobbly.

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They know exactly how to help your auto transmission mechanism use every ounce of energy to its fullest, and they know the systems used on the different makes and models of cars. With regular maintenance, your car should last well over the 100,000 miles without any problem. Most car manufacturers now use this synthetic fluid, and the difference in price is not significant. Maintenance should include changing the anti-freeze, looking for leaks and damage, changing of the hoses, and a radiator cap pressure test. This transmission will include major alterations and upgrades to the transmissions, making it more durable. Your mechanic will work with you to develop a schedule so that your automobile should not experience any major mechanical problems. Remove unnecessary items from the insides and trunk as extra weight weighs on the mileage of the car. This is the lowest-price preventive measure that you can take, whether you choose to leave it in the hands of a professional or do it yourself.
You can also prolong the life of your jeans by washing them correctly and by fixing weak points that are ready to rip.

A pre-manufactured transmission will typically carry a three-year guarantee where a rebuilt transmission will carry a 90-day warranty.
2 prolong the life of your carEven if you're not a car person, you can keep your car running longer by driving carefully, having regular maintenance done, checking your tire pressure (it's easy!) and avoiding cold starts. 3 prolong the life of favorite cosmeticsOrganic and natural cosmetics are expensive and tough to dispose of properly, but there's a lot you can do to help your makeup collection last as long as possible. Always avoid heat, sunlight, and moisture plus before you toss broken cosmetics, try to fix them. 4 make organic food lastFood doesn't always magically decompose in a landfill, so making your organic produce last longer is good for the planet and your wallet. Buy the freshest organic produce you can, segregate ethylene gas-producing produce items from produce that’s susceptible to damage via that gas, don't wash until you're ready to eat, and know which produce to refrigerate or not. 5 taking care of organic cottonSustainable clothing, bedding and other textiles made of organic cotton, wool, bamboo, hemp and soy often require special care. The proper washing and drying method may make the difference between your fabrics lasting for a year or many years. 6 make your cell phone last longerUpgrading smartphones annually wastes your money and creates a huge E-waste problem. Avoid switching out your phone until it's necessary, keep it in good shape with a case and professional repair and once you are done with your smartphone, trade it in, donate it or recycle it properly.

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