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February 14, 2014 by Shannon 5 Comments Do you have electronic devices in your home that run on lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries? These batteries can be costly and inconvenient to replace, so it’s wise to maximize their longevity. I’ve already begun applying these strategies, so I’m looking forward to the Li-ion batteries in my home lasting a solid 2-3 years. If this is your first time commenting or if something in your text triggers a spam filter, then your comment will be held for moderation and will not be visible immediately. Here’s a quick guide to make sure that you get the most out of your Android’s battery so your phone spends less time plugged into a wall.
One of the great features on Android phones is being able to run multiple apps at the same time. The drawback is that running multiple apps in the background eats up tons of precious battery life. By going into the settings menu you can see what apps are currently running, and how much processing power they consume. If you own an Android device built by HTC, Motorola, or Samsung you most likely have a useful customized version of the built-in application manager. It sounds overly simple, but ensuring that you don’t have apps running in the background when you don’t need them will save your battery. One surefire way to waste battery life is leaving hardware that isn’t being used turned on.
This handy widget enables you to turn on or off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and Sync with the touch of a single button. Unfortunately, if your phone came with a custom skin it is possible the “power control” widget is not included on your phone. This tip will only help those of you who have an AMOLED screen, essentially this refers to any recent devices from Samsung. If you keep the screen’s background as black as possible you will save a massive amount of power. Android gets a bad rap for being a power hungry operating system, and it can be if left unchecked. The brightness setting is also dependent upon the ambiance as if you are in the dark place you can minimize the brightness but under the bright sunlight you cannot reduce it too much as you will be able to see the content  properly in low brightness.
You can also try some energy setting on your laptop so that you can reduce the battery consumption by the hard drive. NHC (Notebook Hardware control): It is also a good program to reduce different power settings.
Many users buy laptops for gaming purpose only; in these laptops run many graphic intensive applications. This is a very convenient way to transfer data from one device to another without any connection. Many times Laptop devices are unable to control the use of fans properly and this directly affects to battery power consumption.
You Laptop devices are very important for you, but without battery, they are just like a heavy thing to carry without any use. What methods did you use to increase the performance of your laptop battery and maximize it’s performance?
Discharge time of my laptop battery was 7-9 hours when it was new and it still lasts 4-5 hours after four years.
If your laptop is running out of juice more often than youa€™re finding yourself near a power source, youa€™ve got yourself a problem.
Gizmodo UK is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. While it seems most of us leave our phones on vibrate these days, this setting is actually a real battery killer. While this is a bit more advanced than simply switching off vibration mode or adjusting your screen brightness, this trick addresses some seriously power-sapping features.

So instead of leaving these life-sucking features on 24 hours a day, simply delve into your phone’s settings and switch them off until you need them. Depending on your smartphone model and the operating system version it runs, you may have a built-in power-saving mode that automatically enables many of the previously mentioned functions to extend time between charging sessions. Research indicates that the extremes of being fully charged or fully drained aren’t healthy for a Li-ion battery once it has been broken in with 3 cycles. The screens, processors, and antennas are larger and faster but one thing just can’t keep up with the rest – the battery. The Android Market features several app manager applications, but the most effective way to keep tabs on applications is already built into the operating system. For example, Samsung’s TouchWiz features a widget that shows how many apps you currently have running, and will allow you to close apps one by one, or all apps at once with a single click. Each application might be taking up a very small amount of power, but it adds up over time.
We’ll skip the lesson about how screen technology works, and just say that AMOLED screens don’t use power to display black pixels. Screens are one of the most power hungry aspects of phones, by reducing the power that the screen needs to operate you will drastically improve battery life.
These amazing devices allow you to connect with your work, any game and many more things anywhere.
For example, you can set the time for standby mode, and after which the system will be shutdown, when it is not idle state. All these types of laptops use Graphic Processor (GPU) that consumes a significant amount of battery power in 3D and 2D games. Earlier this Bluetooth was designed only for mobile devices but now it is also available on Laptops. Therefore, it is always better that you must save your battery so that you can take full work form your laptop. While there are no new features in Applea€™s new desktop operating system designedA specificallyA to improve battery life, there are some tried and trusted methods you can use. It sucks more life from your smartphone to vibrate for calls and notifications than it does to let it ring. Unless you need that added awareness for an important incoming call or text, switch off vibration (or you can go into your phone’s settings and turn down the vibration strength as well — even this can make a difference in terms of battery life).
Newer smartphones tend to be loaded up with hardware functionality like GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth specifically. However, the aforementioned arsenal of helpful hints can help you win the war against drained phones and maintain a smartphone that’s always ready for action. A good rule of thumb is to charge batteries to 80% and then allow their charges to drop to 40% before charging them again.
One of the most common reasons why batteries (especially those in phones and tablets) get exposed to extreme heat is because they accidentally get left in cars during the summer. These practices won’t necessarily extend the life of a battery over time, but they will help it retain its current charge longer.
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Batteries are being taxed further and further with all of these new technologies, and they haven’t quite caught up.
What, if your battery is nearly dead and you still have loads of work to do and you do not have any alternate power source. In case your laptop supports the Advanced Configuration of Power Interface (ACPI), you can see all the options in the Windows Shutdown menu.
If you are using Windows OS and go to Control panel > Power Options Utility, there will be two ways to use power consumption options.
There are many power reducing applications available that you can use to reduce the power consumption of GPU’s. Bluetooth is also a source of power consumption, like wireless devices Bluetooth devices are also kept on scanning for Bluetooth signals.

There are many programs available in the market that can help you to control the speed of laptop fans. There are many battery saving applications and tool available in the market you can use them to reduce your power consumption. Disable Bluetooth Bluetooth glitches can cause a variety of problems, including excessive battery drain if connections are being kept active when theya€™re not needed.
You’re probably familiar with the sense of panic that sets in when you see your phone battery sink into the red zone as it lowers past 10 per cent. And while these features can make our lives more convenient in a variety of ways, they also zap your smartphone’s battery.
Double check when you get out of a vehicle to make sure you have your personal electronic devices! Using a laptop cooling pad or a ventilated lap desk can help keep your laptop—and its Li-ion battery—cool. Therefore, it is very important for you that your battery must work properly and stays for a longer time. Alternatively, you can uninstall the unwanted program and defrag the hard drive regularly can really help to reduce the battery power by consuming by the hard drive.
These programs are specially designed for laptops and help to reduce the noise of laptop fans. This will not only help you to complete your work without any problem but also increase the life of your laptop battery. You can disable it via Bluetooth in System Preferences (try the options on the 'Advanced' for more comprehensive control over the functionality). But here’s the good news: regular daily use doesn’t have to literally suck the life out of your smartphone.
There are things that you can follow to save your battery while traveling and complete your work before it gets off. At the time when wireless signal are not present, then also a wireless device keeps scanning for a signal, which consume the battery.
Adjust the Energy Saver Settings If youa€™ve owned a MacBook for any length of time then you should be familiar with this screen: open Energy Saver from the System Preferences pane and you can adjust how quickly the display dims (the lower the better). And while we’ve already covered fundamental tips like adjusting your screen brightness, there are a variety of additional methods to better manage your phone’s battery life cycle. Therefore, it is always better to switch off the wireless device if there is no signal or you do not require it. Simply employ a few of these tricks to ensure your phone lasts through a day’s worth of texting, web browsing and photo snapping. Switch your Browser Despite the best efforts of Googlea€™s engineers, Chrome remains something of a battery hog, while Apple saysA you can get hours of extra useA from Safari compared with Chrome or Firefox.
If you spend a lot of time in the browser see if going with Applea€™s native application makes any difference.
Spot the Worst Offenders As in earlier versions of OS X, you can click on the battery icon on the menu bar to see which apps are draining your battery the most and shut them down if necessary.
The Activity Monitor (search for it in Spotlight) is another way of identifying the most resource-hungry applications on your system.
Update Your Apps Applications optimized for El Capitan are obviously going to run more efficiently than older versions, so if you havena€™t visited the Mac App Store for a while then it might be time to see if any upgrades and patches are available. Dial Down the Brightness Pushing all those pixels takes up a lot of your batterya€™s charge a€” especially on Retina screens a€” so reducing the screen brightness is always an effective way of getting more done between charges. Reset the System Management Controller Only try this as a last resort, but resetting the SMC has been a well-known Mac troubleshooting method for years.

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