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Forget your bulky battery charger, these AA and AAA batteries allow to be charged by USB cable.
Generally you need a battery charger to charge your AA batteries, but if you want to make full use of the USB ports on your computer or outlet, the Lightors USB AA rechargeable battery may be able to catch your eyes. You have a bit worried that your mobile devices will be out of juice during the upcoming vocation?
Through USB port, we can charge our various USB gadgets like MP3 players, smart phones, of course, also including the following USB rechargeable battery: Continuance. An emergency battery charger for your mobile phone comes in handy, but it's not the ultimate solution; once it's dead it's useless (what a waste).
My phone is now ready for the coming Armageddon or my next camping trip, but at this rate, I'm not sure which will come first.
If you have a rechargeable battery on your cordless hand drill and it no longer charges fully, you can take steps to energize your battery so it will work for you.

Hold the charge to the cordless drill battery for several seconds and take it over to it's charger to see if it worked.
You can take the time to recharge each individual battery cell but it takes a multimeter and a specialized 12-volt battery source. Cordless electric drill manufacturers have made great strides in the improvement of these tools.
Craftsman cordless tools powered by 19.2-volt batteries include drills, hand vacuums and circular saws. Now we found out the third one: Energizer AP1201 PowerSkin iPhone 4 case with external battery.
If you want to really get off the metaphorical grid, you can follow the steps in this video to construct a more robust circuit that will not only bail you out of an inconvenient situation but also recharge in between uses. I would say you might want to test how much power output the battery plus solar panel has in direct sunlight.

This is a cost effective way to prevent replacing the battery with a new one or avoid buying a new hand drill. Place the screws off to the side and lift the top off the battery pack to expose the battery cells inside the housing. The simple addition of a low voltage solar panel and rechargeable batteries makes this possible. I have been looking for a way to power my gps unit on my bicycle when the internal power gives out and this might work. As we can see the panel consist of a single wafer which under full sunlight can only supply 0.5V.

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