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Minerals like calcium can coat the cells in the battery and after some time reduce the flow of electric current. Mineral water has minerals which have ions that could cause reactions with the H2SO4 hydrogen sulfate in the battery acid or upset the pH balance. The life expectancy of acid batteries will drop significantly and the batteries will be destroyed earlier by other than distilled water. Because we are so used to hearing about 12V automotive electrical systems, we tend to ignore the exact battery voltage. To charge the battery, the alternator voltage output has to exceed a minimum charging voltage that is 13.8 volts. This voltage will be enough to fully charge or maintain the battery, but the charging time will be very long at 13.8 volts. Charging voltages over 14.8 volts can prematurely dry the battery by boiling out electrolyte.
Much less than 14.2 at a fast idle is bad wiring, bad alternator or regulator, or a bad connection. Since the system must operate at about 14volts, electrical parts are designed for best performance and longest life when operating at about 14 volts. The more acidic we are, meaning a 6.6 pH or lower, the greater opportunity we have provided disease to flourish in us. H2SO4 is a molecular formula for Sulfuric acid, it is a strong mineral acid and it is soluble in water at all concentrations, electrolytes are produced against lead plates.
Once a Lead acid battery had been activated by adding the electrolyte to the dry cells; and ONLY distilled water should be added. Battery electrolyte levels should be just below the bottom of the vent well, about ? - ? inch above the tops of the separators.
We should never let the activated electrolyte level to drop below the top of the plates and that’s why distilled water is necessary to maintain the required concentration. I have noticed some taxi drivers are hitting hard on the accelerator prior to ignition off, keeping more current to battery.
Newer cars comes with alternator which helps in providing a constant output even in lower rpm.
The alternator need to give higher voltage to provide enough juice for the battery and for other electrical appliances. Originally Posted by Mathew As a general practice, we replace batteries to correct specifications.
Take note of the terminal diameter, it should be either 10mm or 20mm, and whether the negative terminal is located on the right or left side.
For the best possible results and longest service life, install a car battery with the CCA and RC ratings recommended by the car's manufacturer.
Using a car battery with lower capacity could shorten battery life and can occasionally cause electronic malfunction. Originally I wanted to write this in my primary thread - New Honda City in White – Meet My Albus! But I felt that this is a common issue applicable to every car owner and that brought me here to meet you all. Please do make a visit to my following threads and I am sure, you will find many interesting information which would be useful & applicable to your interest.
On that day, my colleague’s ANHC 2011 model parked always next to my ALBUS, refused to start. One word about that car, it is deprived of owner’s attention, runs hardly 15 to 25 kms per month and most of the days not even cranked. I have a handy tool- the Electronic Battery Volt Monitor which I purchased online and I could spare sometime in the evening to help him. I put the battery monitor into the 12V socket (cigar light) and switch on the ignition, it was showing 5 volt. We were discussing whether to jump start the car or removing the battery to send for external re- charging. I understood that whatever effort is taken, it is not going to serve him as he would again start and use the car only after 10 days or later.
I told him to go for a better battery and advised him a short run periodically to maintain it.
In the past, all those OE battery which came with the car used to last minimum 3 to 4 years and for Diesel cars it might be one year less.. Just wait, I will share with you not only more tips about batteries to make it on & on, and also about some useful gadgets. Some car battery also has a color indicator which displays battery status & it still requires distilled water to be added as the battery is not fully of zero maintenance.
Actually, Battery state of charge is often indicated by a float device built into the battery. If your battery is low, it needs to be recharged, not only to restore full power, but also to prevent possible damage to the battery. As sulfate builds up, it reduces the battery's ability to hold a charge and supply voltage. On sealed-top batteries that do not have a built-in charge indicator, the state of charge can be determined by checking the battery's base or open circuit voltage with a digital voltmeter or multi meter. I have both and give you here the pictures and the active gif images for you to note the reading and display. Ampere-Hour Capacity at 20 Hour Rate (AH) ? This tells you the amount of electricity that a battery will deliver during 20 hours before the voltage falls to 10.50V.
Ampere Hours (Ah) relate to the sustained electrical power of the battery or loosely speaking how much power it can supply on a constant basis.
For example - a 1.4 engine Fiesta with standard everyday equipment such as a radio, sat-nav, wipers, central locking, driving lights etc. By contrast a 1.4 engine Fiesta with more electrical equipment such as a media center, extra powerful speakers, car spotlights, powered windows, electric sunroof, cd changer, heated seats etc. Cold Cranking Performance in Amps (CCA) ? The higher the CCA the easier it is to start the vehicle.
Remember an older diesal car that struggles to start because the engine isn't as free turning as a newer version simply needs a battery with 5-10% more CCA than the previous battery! The charge that a battery holds can be likened to the usable amount of potential energy it has. Ordinary Lead Acid batteries such as car batteries need to be regularly charged and kept topped up by the vehicle alternator to keep them working properly.
The current that a battery can supply (in Ampere Hours - see above) is relative to the original design of your vehicle and the amount of current it typically needs. If you need more current or more Ampere Hours for additional electrical equipment then a sturdier battery compatible with the alternator would be more practical .
When the battery is discharged or drained and then recharged it has gone through 1 complete cycle.

An ordinary lead-acid car battery is kept topped-up all the time by the car alternator and never runs flat.
Ordinary 'Wet' Lead Acid Batteries have small 'breather' holes on the top to allow expanding gases to escape safely. This happens when the battery is being worked hard for example your Stereo, Amplifier, Lights, Wipers, SAT-NAV, Spotlights, Heated Seats and so on are switched on all at the same time while you drive down the motorway. The benefits or silver calcium batteries are improved CCA performance (better starting power), greater resistance to degeneration via corrosion, reduced electrolyte loss (another form of degeneration) with longer product lifespan as a result. The batteries for Indian cars (other than our industrial batteries) are usually 12 Volts (around 99%) the exception being 24 Volt units. Length, where vehicle batteries are concerned, relates to across the front main sticker side of the Battery and unless stated does not include the ridge around the top. 2.If early morning cranking is sluggish, or after driving for a 100 KM or more round trip, add distilled water to car's battery if water level is low. 3.Check the voltage when the ignition is ON and then check the voltage when you crank the engine. 8.Before leaving the car, just have a watch whether any bulb is powered up intentionally or accidently as your fingers would have touched the switches. Actually I wanted you all to look at the working of Electronic Battery Volt Meter in real time. Due to technical issue most of the animated ?GIF? pictures are inactive as on now, including mine posted in this thread. Originally I wanted to write this in my primary thread - New Honda City in White ? Meet My Albus! My rides three years old now, I will be more careful with the way I maintain the cars battery. Originally Posted by Dr MUDHAN 2.If early morning cranking is sluggish, or after driving for a 100 KM or more round trip, add distilled water to car's battery if water level is low. I would like to check the water level and add distilled water if necessary, however these Amaron batteries look different then standard, semi tubular or tubular batteries. It would be good if you provide detailed info on how to check the water level and add distilled water.
Also let me know, whether do we need to unplug battery terminals before checking and adding distilled water? However, it is a Maintenance free battery; there is no need to top up with distilled water for a very long period of time unless we notice some problems.
Try focusing a powerful flashlight on the inner side, and see if there is any drop in the water level. Fill to the maximum safe level—avoid over filling or flowing and make sure the cell plates are covered. Always do in the morning before you start the car and better run the car for appropriate charging.
No need to unplug battery terminals as we are not going to touch the terminals by metallic object. If required, always disconnect ground Cable first and connect it last to prevent dangerous sparks. I personally feel that the electromagnetic interference of lead acid battery electronic pulsar is another head ache. Good make batteries will have a quality components, proper maintenance is enough to take care of their life cycle. Heat up the water to about 66°C (150°F), mix 10 heaping tablespoons of Epsom salt into the water and stir until dissolved.
Originally Posted by Mathew I got an interesting incident on my 2 year old EXIDE inverter battery. Im asking you why because even thought the level exceeded was with the distilled water, what you have taken out is not the excess of water its the electrolyte of your battery.
I too observed that most of the indica cab drivers will hitting the accelerator very hard before off the ignition. I am not sure whether they followed this approach when their car battery is weak or for any other purpose. I was in a parking spot in a mall and was waiting for someone for around 45 mins.In this time I was listening to music ( hence consuming battery ). So, What are the periodic checks I can do before a long drive to ensure that the battery does not fail at faraway locations ? And why do I sometimes experience late cranking even though everyone says that the battery is fine ? Originally Posted by Petroholic And why do I sometimes experience late cranking even though everyone says that the battery is fine ? The car has only done 32k kms and the spark plugs are to be changed at 40k kms so the HASS guys recommended not to get it done now. If he replaced a blown out fuse, there is a logic behind it or otherwise simple rest might have re-energised the battery temporarily. The Battery life cycles range from three-to-five years depending on the battery .The battery can last well beyond three years but, at the very least, have its current condition inspected on a yearly basis when it reaches the three year mark. The difference is an increase in the number of plates and a subsequent decrease in the space between them.
Slow engine crank- : When you attempt to start the vehicle, the cranking of the engine is sluggish and takes longer than normal to start. Check engine light: The check engine light sometimes appears when your battery power is weak.
A weak, dying battery is always a risk, can damage other mechanical components of the car by a stressful start. This is completely unnecessary as long as you don't rev too high when the engine is cold you can start moving right away and use the ac as well. An alternator if the regulator is functioning properly will never overcharge the battery even if it is rated at 100 times the required output. It's very easy to make a very poerfull charger for car battery, uoy need a At or ATX Power supply with a especific power controller circuit: The TL494 or equivalent (DBL494, IL494, GL494, SL494, KIA494 OR KA7500). To make de caherger you need to wel de trim pot (or potenciometer) in the pin 1 of the 494 (or equivalent) and the 15K resistor in line witch the genative.
It does not matter how much you paid for your car or how advanced it is, but chances are that you are using a lead-acid battery. Given that a quality car battery is expensive, you will obviously want it to serve you for days on end. After every 5000km, it is important to have your battery tested for voltage, that is, does it still discharge the required 12 Volts?
Every few months, you need to give your battery terminals a rub down with a wire brush to keep them clean.
Ensure that you purchase one that comes with heating options, as it will go a long way in shielding your car battery from the effects brought about by freezing and sub-freezing.

If you are storing the battery, then you have to make sure that the charge always stays at optimum, that is, 12.5 volts. Since a 12 volts battery has six cells, any 12 volts lead-acid battery needs at least 13.8 volts to start to charge. In the case of olden cars it came with dynamo, in which its output varies with rpm and it works best with higher rpm. Mudhan, I am a fan and i know how much efforts go behind writing such articles - Kudos to you! Understand the measurements of the length, width and height of the battery you are replacing and use those physical dimensions to determine which replacement battery to order. A battery with higher capacity will not do any damage to the starter or electronics, but it will extend the battery discharge time and ultimate service life. The battery is already very week and the OE warranty of one year was over and it is almost 22 months by now.
The charge indicator only reads one cell, but usually shows the average charge for all battery cells. It contains a small green or other color ball that floats when the electrolyte specific gravity is within a certain range. This is done by touching the meter leads to the positive and negative battery terminals while the ignition key is off. Modern cars often have a lot of gadgets and electronics which use a lot of electricity, so you need to make sure that the AH is high enough to accommodate the needs of your car. If you go for the battery option with a bit more Ah, check whether your alternator can charge it.
If you have a diesel car, or live in a particularly cold area, it is a good idea to make sure that this has a high value. Silver Calcium Batteries work by using internal components that have been coated with calcium silver alloy. For ANHC wait to make the blue cold icon on the dash to disappear before moving out and then switch on the AC.
Many time this occurs with aftermarket fitment of fog lamps, sometimes due to switched on parking lights. They are ultra-low maintenance batteries and there is a provision to add distilled water if need be.
This treatment has been in use since the 1950s (and perhaps longer) and provides a temporary performance boost for aging batteries.
Its ok if you stored the stuff pumped out of the battery cells, so you can fill it up with the same electrolyte for the next time when is required. Once it is run for a few minutes, it might have temporally recharged and mislead as though everything is fine. However, the vehicle bad electrical conditions, driving habits, weather and frequent short trips can drastically shorten the actual life.
Instead of a slow decline in performance we are more likely to experience a sudden total failure due the reduced spacing and the tendency to short out a bunch of plates at once. You should prepare some baking soda paste, dip the wire brush in it and then scrub your terminals gently, of course after removing the connectors. To successfully shield your car battery from soaking in too much heat, use a battery wrap, which goes a long way with protecting your battery from the damages emitted by your car’s hood. It is not necessary for the replacement battery to match the dimensions of your current battery exactly but they should be close in physical size. A green dot means the battery is 75% or more charged and is okay for use or further testing.
If the battery is fine but the charge is not happening then the alternator could need attention. Especially you have to watch the gadgets those you have taken direct connection from the battery. It’s a stopgap measure because in most cases the plates have already been worn out through shedding. Avoid using too much salt because a heavy concentration will increase corrosion of the lead plates and internal connectors.
Those days low-end battery made 350 cold cranking amps; today a low-end battery makes 650 cold cranking amps and is smaller in size.
Granted, every battery has a lifespan, but many batteries go down before they have lived their full life. With that in mind, you will know when you need to recharge the battery when the lights start dimming or when the car fails to start. If you live in South Africa or other countries where they experience winters, you will need to protect your battery from freezing. Patrick admires the resilient spirit of the African people and would love to see all of Africa on wheels. Ionized Water Balances body pH because it is very alkaline as our diet is often extremely acidic; remember the amount of soft drinks, fast foods we consume.
No dot (a dark indicator) means the battery is low and should be recharged before it is returned to service or tested further.
When the ball is floating, it shows as a bright green dot indicating the battery is 80 percent charged. Chemical additives cannot replace the active material, nor can cracked plates, corroded connectors or damaged separators be restored with an outside remedy. It is better to use Srisms battery liquid along with Srisms pulsar with charger to charge the battery.
The inverter technician reported that one or two cells are weak, and hence it take more current. Usually, if the battery is, say, about 2 years old, you may need to recharge it if you have trouble starting the car. The indications of these letters such as L, MF, B, BL, R and etc may give more insights to different batteries. A clear or yellow indicator means the level of electrolyte inside has dropped too low, and the battery should be replaced. Boosting electrolytes by chemical additives or electronic pulsation is a very slow process and not seems to solve the acute problem immediately. Do not place un-dissolved Epsom salt directly into the battery because the substance does not dissolve well. The noise was because of the excess water level, and now working fine when the excess water taken out. Better read the battery specs before using this charger.This looks really great but I cant tell.

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