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The Stanley Cup playoffs wrapped up with the might Pittsburgh Penguins dream crushing the wily underdogs that were the San Jose Sharks. One of the biggest events in sports got underway as the European Championships for Soccer got underway. This huge concert that featured a variety of amazing country and rock band… and Nickleback, was huge. Victoria Park is beautiful, wedged right in between the tree lined North Saskatchewan River, and the back gates of the Valley Zoo, it’s the perfect vantage point to see the show, while you can also have a little fun beforehand tossing a Frisbee or some other fun physical activity.
Located at Groat Road & River Valley Road, this park will have one of the best views of the fireworks in the entire city. The Edmonton Ballpark is hosting a baseball game, and those that attend are welcome to remain and watch the fireworks after the Edmonton Prospects pummel the Regina Red Sox. We live in a world where luxury and interior features are no longer simply a digital clock on your dashboard or a 5-way CD player in your center console.
A comprehensive, all-in-one car app that offers such features as a music player, a phone keypad, interesting places nearby, contacts, GPS, Where Did I Park, and even a Parking meter app to reminded when your parking is done, all of which are there to take the stress out of your drive. A little further than Jasper, and while it offers a similar type of activities, they are very much not the same place.
No matter where you go, it’s clear that you can find something to suit your taste all within a short drive.
Whether it be a student blowing off steam after a long year of school,  someone looking back at their years as a student with nostalgia filled eyes, or even just people that are fans of this Alice cooper classic rock jam this song is the perfect start to any summertime road trip. Whether it’s taking him out to dinner at his favorite steak house (sorry vegans), or if you’re having him over, and trying your hardest at cooking him something delicious (most likely failing), Dad’s pretty much always appreciate a good meal.
Fishing – Take him onto the lake, spend all day there, bond, chat, drink, you know, what people do when they fish. Sangundo speedway – There’s a drag race just west of the city, which if you’ve got the need for speed (in a watching capacity), this is the place to take your Pa’. Unlike other financing companies, FC Auto is able to help you if you have a rate higher than 10%.
At FC Auto we understand that times can be tough, but we also know that it shouldn’t hinder your ability to own a vehicle.
We’ll leave it to you to decide which vehicle you should buy, but we will share a little new-car buying advice that could just save you some hard-earned dough. Those sites will help you determine which make and model is best for you, allowing you to compare safety performance with gas consumption and overall cost.
Salespeople have quotas, and while selling individual cars may not make a huge dent in their pay, hitting or exceeding a sales quota will.
As long as you’re not committed to buying a Tesla, which is sold directly from the manufacturer, there’s wiggle room built into nearly every vehicle’s price. That’s another reason to do your homework in advance – as an informed consumer, you’ll be able to confidently explain what you are and aren’t seeking. Many people have a visceral reaction to cars, and will fall in love with one just based on the looks or performance.
If you’ve ever walked onto a car lot looking for a specific model only to be told it’s no longer available, you’ve very likely been the victim of a common “bait and switch” tactic. Once you have an idea of exactly the kind of car you want, you also know exactly how much of a loan you’ll need to finance it.
This is easier said than done for some, but you have to bear in mind that too much emphasis on lowering your monthly payment will ultimately cost you thousands of dollars more in interest and will extend the life of your loan. Car dealers can smell desperation and will use it to their advantage to get you locked into a deal that may be all wrong for you, knowing your options are limited. Get the latest tips & advice from our team of 50+ credit & money experts, delivered to you via email each week. Rob Infantino is founder and CEO of Openbay, an online marketplace to cross-shop, book and pay for vehicle repair.
Comments on articles and responses to those comments are not provided or commissioned by a bank advertiser.
Please note that our comments are moderated, so it may take a little time before you see them on the page. How many miles a car gets per gallon is a good thing to know, but it is not the only thing users should be aware of before purchasing a new car.
Determine if leasing a car is going to be better for finances or if buying the vehicle is more appropriate.
The type of technology that gives the car the power it runs on will make a large impact on whether a user wants to purchase it.
Hybrid cars are vehicles that use both gas and electric energy to operate, and the technology was developed in the late 1990s.
Some jurisdictions may provide tax breaks or allow the use of carpool lanes, although buyers should find out if these benefits are available in their particular location. An electric car charging station may need to be installed in the ownera€™s home to charge the vehicle, but some gas stations have car charging stations.
The following chart provides an overview of some of the features that can be found on new cars. While budgets are often the largest influence on what car a user buys, a user should be aware that the initial cost of a vehicle is not going to be the only price factor to focus on. Other costs to prepare for are the cost of gasoline for gas or hybrid cars, or the possibility of installing a charging station for electric vehicles. Warranties are additional protection against issues with a purchase and usually expire after a period of time or a given mileage is reached. When you have decided you are ready to buy a car, there are a number of places you can find them. You can shop for cars by manufacturer, mileage, vehicle age, and engine type to narrow down the selection. Cars are a purchase individuals want to last for a long time, so the purchase of one is not a decision to be made lightly. Even if you have been lucky enough to avoid a car accident in New York at this point, you may be curious about how insurance companies and the police determine who is at fault in an accident. In the majority of car crash situations, it falls to the insurance company who insures each individual driver to determine who is at fault. Determining who is at fault in a particular car accident in New York can have a significant implication on your car insurance as well as whether you have the right to file a personal injury claim.
Filed Under: Accident, Cars, Injury, Motor Vehicle← Who can claim the child on taxes after a divorce?How do insurance companies value injuries? It’s the start of the summer season, and we’ve been getting pretty lucky with weather, though I’m about ready for those mosquitoes to just go away, please… A lot happened this past month, so if you’ve just woken up from a long, Rumpelstiltskin like sleep, or maybe you’ve been in a coma or for the past month, or you’re simply caught up in a whirlwind of business and need to catch up, here’s what happened in June that you might have missed. If you didn’t it’s probably too late and you’ve likely lost the chance at ever repairing that relationship. Syd the Kid adds another championship to his legacy and adds more fuel to the fire that he deserves to stand on the pantheon among the greatest to ever play the game.
It’s been an exciting few weeks, with plucky underdogs Iceland not only making it to the group stage but firmly smashing England in the round of 16 to advance to the final Eight. A great turned managed to raise upwards of 2 million dollars that will go to help the victims of the tragic Fort Mac Murray fires that destroyed parts of that fine city.
If you live in the downtown core, it’s just a short walk, and if you live further out, you can drive, or better yet, you can park your vehicle and ride and take the LRT right there. Also, nothing makes a ballgame a ballgame like having a good ole Hot Dog to go along with it. What we put into our vehicles, in a technological sense, has grown exponentially over the last decade (and it’s awesome!). This is an app designed to use GPS, your phone camera, and a variety of other sources to help you remember where your car is parked, whether you’re searching for it the morning after a night out, or you’ve lost it in the ocean of cars in one of the parking lots at West Ed, this car will ensure you save time, and a whole lot of frustration.
This app compares prices for repairs so that when something needs fixing on your car you know you’re not getting ripped off. I use Sylvan Lake as the base example because it’s one of my favorites and one I find myself going back to. We have K-days, a local expo that is fun for people of all ages, as well as A Taste of Edmonton to get a… taste… of… Edmonton… Or the Fringe, if the performing arts are your thing. Who would of thought that this cool, mellow track would lead to such cinematic masterpieces as I, Robot (I’m not even kidding. Even if I hear this classic in the dead of winter, it warms my heart and soul (but not my hands, which are freezing). While this song isn’t going to increase your street cred (depending what street you’re on, I guess), but is there a better duet? Now whatever that is, whether it’s sitting in his favorite chair, watching the game, or going quading out somewhere in the middle of nowhere, no matter how you feel about his favorite activity, just suck it up and do it.

No matter where they live, even if it’s just next door, call them, they’ll appreciate it, and it won’t take very long. If your credit rating isn’t the greatest, we also have the ability to help you acquire a $5,000 prepaid Mastercard to go along with your new vehicle. And while it was devastating and tragic we also saw the entire province pull together and unite to help those in need. If you have your heart set on a particular model before you walk onto a lot, that may help save time at the dealership, and avoid the risk of being talked into the wrong vehicle. That’s what your salesperson is telling herself when you cross the threshold into the dealership. You’re less likely to be hassled if you know what you’re talking about and can keep them focused on your goals, rather than suggesting pricey vehicles or options you don’t need or can’t afford.
But for those whose hearts aren’t set on a particular vehicle, a few lifestyle considerations will help narrow your search. Do you find yourself occasionally renting or borrowing a larger vehicle for big furniture or hardware store hauls?
For example, if all you know is that you want a small SUV that will drive long distances in poor weather, and that you like to occasionally haul things, focus only on all-wheel drive vehicles. Sometimes dealerships will advertise certain cars for killer prices to get people to come in, and then try to sell them on something else by claiming a magically vanished inventory. Before taking one step onto a car lot, visit your bank and get yourself pre-approved for a car loan. When you walk onto a car lot committed to a set monthly payment, you could be throwing away any opportunity you have to negotiate the actual cost of the vehicle down. If you think you’re going to be in the market for a new car soon, start shopping around now.
He has always worked on cars, including transmission replacements and engine rebuilds, and spent years working on a pit crew. Overall when I do this I feel like I am really on top of things and do not second guess when making a really important decision. This compensation may influence the selection, appearance, and order of appearance of the offers listed on the website. Any opinions, analyses, reviews, or recommendations expressed here are those of the author's alone, and have not been reviewed, approved, or otherwise endorsed by any issuer.
Cars are investments, so users need to make sure they are getting the right car to suit their needs. The best way to do that is to learn about cars to know which one will be best for the individuala€™s needs and take proper care of the vehicle. Owners may like to purchase books related to the vehicle of their choice or utilize their local librarya€™s book selection to get pertinent information on the vehicle.
Decide how many seats are necessary for the buyera€™s needs, and whether two or four doors are best. Some sellers and dealerships may accept trade-ins of old vehicles for a credit off the price of the new car. It will also determine vehicle performance, how much of an imprint the car may make on the environment, and may cut or increase any necessary expenses after the vehicle has been purchased. Because they burn more gas than electric or hybrid cars, they have a higher carbon imprint on the environment.
These cars can switch from one type of energy to the other depending on the demand being made on the engine. Some hybrids can plug in to charge so they will run on electric power, switching to gas after using the electric power stored in the vehiclea€™s batteries. Electric cars use rechargeable batteries which can hold the charge for up to 100 miles or more without needing to be charged. Some cars require special charging stations with higher voltage, while others may charge off a standard 110 volt outlet. Buyers should find out if a feature is considered standard or optional for the particular vehicle, as optional features may raise the price of the vehicle.
The cost of title and registration may be included in the total cost of the car, but buyers should verify this beforehand as that would be an expense to consider otherwise. Local vehicle dealerships will have a selection of cars available and may put picture ads in the newspaper to inform you briefly of what is available. Determining fault plays an important role in many different states across the country when it comes to life after an accident.
Insurance companies will usually do this by investigating a crash in an attempt to determine negligence.
An injured individual who has sustained damage as a result of someone else’s reckless behavior may be entitled to file a personal injury claim to fight for compensation.
He specializes in many areas of practice including divorce, bankruptcy, and personal injury.
If I remember correctly, the winner of the Stanley Cup, in lieu of an actual cup got a brand new 2016 Dodge Charger. It’s a great place to get to know the staff at the dealerships, and Bart Yachimec himself got a hole in one (fact check this).
If you’re not excited to be stuffing your face with hot dogs and hamburgers then, well… you probably don’t eat meat. With technology like Navigation and cellphone implementing software through Bluetooth, our drives have never been more customization, or enjoyable. Gas prices, even within the city, can vary by up to $0.20, and GasBuddy helps you find the best deal.
After all, we wait so long for gorgeous weather, can you blame us for wanting to celebrate?
You have the phenomenal Columbia Icefields, which is one of the most incredible extractions around the entire globe, let alone in Alberta. You’ve got the world famous Banff Gondola, the Bow Valley parkway, which offers a unmatched view into local wildlife. Take in the rodeo lifestyle, in all it’s… glory, or if that’s not what you’re into, the entire area converts into a wonderful bazaar filled with restaurants and bars. Because we don’t have the luxury of being on either cost, or near large bodies of water, Albertan’s are often desperate to live that beach life. Whether you’re taking a road trip with your significant other, your best friend, or even co-workers, there are few songs that will bring you together than belting this out shamelessly.
All the terrible family drama will melt away once everyone has consumed a few hot dogs and burgers. If you’ve got no idea what your dad really likes (not judging), here are a few examples of things you can do nearby that are a good ole dad time. It’s a touching thing to see during a time where politics and socioeconomics often keep us divided. Don’t rely on car salespeople to tell you what kind of car will suit your needs – remember, they’re salespeople.
The advantage for you is that they don’t necessarily mind if you negotiate the price on your vehicle purchase. Sure, your salesperson may be willing to give you a deal, but she knows that the only reason you’re standing in a dealership is because you’re ready to write a check. Do you like to pack your car with friends to head to the beach in the summer, or rarely have passengers? Avoid this by calling a day or two in advance to confirm that a particular model is still available, then informing the car salesperson that you’ll be coming in to check out that car. This also ties in with the aforementioned need to get pre-approved in advance so you have a “bottom line” figure that you can use to negotiate cost down to where you need it to be.
Having an operational set of wheels gives you the ammo to be able to walk away from a negotiation if it’s not working to your advantage. This will put you on the best footing to deal with the potentially costly tricks that car dealers often practice. Rob holds a Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering from the University of Connecticut.
This guide discusses where to find information on new cars and what type of car technology is available. Some of the car magazines are geared toward specific vehicles or general car manufacturers. Walking around local dealerships and test driving vehicles there can also help users get a feel for the right car regardless of where they plan to purchase the new car. If the vehicle uses gas, find out what type of gas as that can have an impact on expenses later.
Gas car buyers will want to make sure of the type of gasoline the vehicle runs on before purchasing.

Hybrid cars are considered a greener alternative vehicle because they do not burn as much gasoline. These vehicles are considered to have a lower environmental impact than hybrid or gas cars because they do not run on gas.
For owners where snow or salt is prominent, regular car washes can prevent rust from forming on the vehiclea€™s metal parts, extending the life of the vehicle. Frequently serviced items such as tires, windshield wipers, hoses, and oil filters are typically not covered under normal warranties.
If a buyer already has car insurance, some insurance companies will allow a small window from the time of purchase to when the new vehicle must be insured. This is a purchase you will want to take your time on, so make sure to look at as many resources as possible before making a decision. Be sure to check the sellera€™s profile for feedback from other customers as well as policy information on shipping and customer service.
The place to start is online through car blocks, vehicle websites, or through car magazines and books. You may be concerned about who is responsible for the accident so that you can plan ahead for the future. It is your responsibility through your insurance company to determine who, if anyone, was acting negligently. Make sure you consult directly with a personal injury lawyer to determine whether this applies to you. I’m just going to assume that nothing important happened on June 30th as this was written before June officially ended.
And if that’s the case, then you’ll be celebrating Canada’s favorite holiday with a salad (and that’s okay!). There’s the gorgeous Athabasca falls as well, and a number of fantastic tours, and trails to explore. Whether it’s playing around in the water, building a life-sized giant tortoise out of sand, or even just soaking in the rays, going to the beach, or lake is something that will always be popular. There’s also the Edmonton Heritage Festival which proudly displays diverse culture around Edmonton. It makes you want to head out to the beach and just play this song on repeat the entire time. The Beach Boys are a band that practically shaped the soundtrack of summer music for years later, even today you can see their influence.
It’s time to appreciate all the times dad has bailed you out of a jam, or changed your oil, or help you fix the shelf that you broke. So take him away from the weekend, spend some quality time and roast a few hot dogs over a nice fire. It always pays to comparison shop, and with so many sites dedicated to vehicle reviews, stats on reliability over time, information on the cost of vehicles over time, and even customer reviews of the dealerships, you can do your research from the comfort of your sofa. There are many traditional websites, like Edmunds, Motor Trend and Car and Driver, where you can do your research. That’s the concern of the sales manager, who will be able to approve or decline the final amount. For the most part, car dealerships don’t attract casual foot traffic, the way a big-box retailer might. So if you’re choosing between the BMW X1 and the Audi Q5, fuel economy is only slightly better in the BMW, and the Audi has 10 more cubic feet of cargo space. It’ll also save you from another common tactic: being told you’re approved for financing, then being called back in a few days down the road and informed the interest rate will be much higher than you anticipated. A noted authority on car repair, Rob’s interviews have appeared in BBC Autos, Boston Globe, The Economist and NY Daily News.
The website does not include all financial services companies or all of their available product and service offerings. New cars come with a number of new features, some of which are optional while others are standardized for the vehicle.
Additionally, this guide discusses various pre-purchase considerations, car features, and how to buy a new car. Look for inadequacies in the car such as cup holders that let cups tilt or if there is not enough storage or leg room. The type of gasoline makes a difference in price at the pump, and it may also affect the life of the vehicle. Regular vehicle maintenance such as oil changes and service checks can be costly, but can prevent owners from dealing with more serious problems down the road. In addition to local dealerships, you can find new cars online from Internet merchants and auction websites like eBay Motors. If you have any questions about the vehicle that are not already answered, contact the seller about it directly. If you have been seriously injured in a New York car accident, then you likely have growing medical bills and many concerns about how the accident will influence you long-term. If an individual is acting negligently, then he or she may be responsible for injuries you sustained that are serious. Speaking of Canada’s favorite holiday, someone’s got a birthday… Canada Day #149 (boy we’re old!) is coming up right away. Even just talking a stroll through the uniquely crafted downtown Banff is something to take in.
I promise if you do that, you will be beloved by all and no one will find it annoying at all. So whether you’re celebrating your husband, your dad, your grandpa, or any other fatherly figure in your life, here are things to do this weekend. West Side Acura has even vowed to donate a percentage of the profits from each vehicle they sell this year to the Red Cross, to help support not just the victims of the Fort McMurray tragedy, but those affected by future events. Do you want a “connected car” that would add to your productivity and perhaps increase resale value?
This can be especially grievous if you’ve already taken your new ride home pending completion of financing. If a dealer does offer you a deal and you decide to take a few days to think it over, get it in writing before you leave.
Individuals may find that some features are more important to them than they would be to others. New cars can be purchased locally from car retail lots or online from Internet merchants and auction websites like eBay Motors. Vehicles that require premium gas may not be able to handle unleaded gas and if switched, can negatively affect vehicle performance.
One negative point about hybrid car technology is that some drivers do not like hearing the shift of energy from gas to electric power while driving. Police reports can also be a determining factor in deciding who is at fault because the police are the first on the scene to investigate an accident and generate a report from this information. So we want to relieve some of that pressure.  FC Auto wants to make saving money through hard times easy.
Check out VroomGirls for expert advice from women who love cars, or TrueCar for a haggle-free experience.
If they’re unwilling to put their offer in writing, consider taking your business elsewhere.
Knowing what is available and what users want from the vehicle will help to swiftly eliminate unwanted cars. Some vehicles may be able to switch gas types but owners should only do this if the vehicle is able to do this.
Additionally, buyers should find out how much insurance will cost for the vehicle and factor this into their finances. Be sure to consider the price of the vehicle as well as any after-purchase costs that may be incurred.
Insurance is available through numerous companies, often bundled with other types of insurance for added savings, and can be charged quarterly, every six months, or annually.
Users will want to find out what features are standard, and what optional features they feel are important to them.
Lutzky offers free in-office consultations and, in the case of a serious injury, home and hospital visits. New cars can be purchased locally or conveniently online through Internet merchants and auction websites like eBay Motors.

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