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Mid America Motorworks, located in Effingham, IL, is an aftermarket supplier and manufacturer of parts and accessories for Corvette and Air Cooled VWs. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. If your main battery line goes through the switch then the alternator and the fuel pump go through the switch also, correct?
It doesn't make sense to me if you did that because if the only power line going to the battery is ran through the switch, once you cut the switch off everything loses power.
You are switching out your battery or performing maintenance on the battery and this provides a clean disconnect from the rest of the RV. If your RV is going to be stored for awhile, by disconnecting this switch, you’ll reduce small DC loads on the battery that will discharge it faster than its natural self discharge. I read about a CLEVER use of the battery disconnect switch ( actually a special switch ) to create circuitry so leveling jacks and slides cannot be moved, while the rest of the battery operated items in the RV would work very well. International shoppers now get the benefit of seeing product prices in their local currency, guaranteed order totals, cost-effective international shipping, and much more.
Note: AmericanMuscle only supports international shipping to those countries listed as options in the international link. It is not often that aftermarket accessories live up to their claims - but this Tuner is amazing. After owning several other Mustangs including 99 Cobra and a bunch of Fox body’s I finally decided it was time for a new car.

Or I have also used them on Drag cars for cutting the power during quick tune ups at the track. You can get all sorts of versions of these at any race shop, and in some race series you need specific non-sparking ones that are AHRA-approved or whatever. Patrickfw, mind explaining why killing an engine with a battery disconnect switch is bad for the alternator? Each year, Mid America Motorworks welcomes thousands of Corvette and Volkswagen enthusiasts for Corvette Funfest in September and Funfest for Air Cooled VW in June. Easy-install battery disconnect has a removable knob that lets you disable the battery and prevent power drain. Most batteries have around 500 cranking amps so wont it pop the breaker when you start the car?
I used 4 gauge wire for the alternator and I used 0 gauge for the wires ran from the battery. Things such as monoxide detectors, clocks, sensors in the convertor circuitry, microwave clocks, controls for hot water heaters and refrigerators – all will contribute to draining your battery unnecessarily. You can use the flag icon at the top of the screen to select your destination country and local currency if it has not been done automatically. It is also home to EffingHAM Music Fest, where the biggest names in music take the Funfest Amphitheater stage. Unfortunately not all products AmericanMuscle sells can be shipped to internationally, such as out of stock and pre-order or any other items which cannot be fulfilled immediately will be removed from your order once placed and an appropriate refund issued.

With the MY Garage Museum and Retail Store, a full-service mail order catalog and an ever-growing list of annual events, Mid America Motorworks is quickly becoming recognized as an entertainment destination. Go for it - you will never realize such a huge increase in HP & Torque for less than 400 bucks! AMERICANMUSCLE HAS NO AFFILIATION WITH THE FORD MOTOR COMPANY, ROUSH ENTERPRISES, OR SALEEN. THROUGHOUT OUR WEBSITE AND MUSTANG CATALOG THESE TERMS ARE USED FOR IDENTIFICATION PURPOSES ONLY.
If you are just using it as a quick disconnect while working on the car then it’s a perfect solution. Pass the switch through the hole in the panel and secure in place using the lockwasher and nut.
Removing the knob reduces but doesn't eliminate contact between the two sections, still allowing a minimum current flow.
Also, when I tried to install this per the instructions, the area where the negative cable goes is too small. Guess they saved on brass, but it requires shimming to make it fit, so I haven't installed my switch.

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